Is mg zr insurance high for 1st car and youthful 17 year old driver?

Is mg zr insurance high for 1st car and youthful 17 year old driver?don’t no i am 17 and just bought 1 i hope it isn’t to bad… provisional was 1k if that helps

If a 17-year old driver with Allstate insurance causes a Four car pileup resulting in about Ten thousand dollars worth of harm how much will his insurance go up?

In dollars it is hard to estimate. Be assured that it will be big bucks. And it is fairly possible the insurance coverage will be cancelled or the teenage’s parents will have to obtain a security bond.

Can a 17 year old drive your car if they are not on the insurance policy?

Response .
Unless they have their own insurance or are on your insurance, it’s illegal for them to drive. Please don’t let that happen. If they get into a wreck (Assuming you’re the parent/legal guardian). YOU become liable for damages. Not the minor in question.

Whats an estimated car insurance cost for a 16 year old driver in Ohio?

When obtaining an estimate for the cost of auto insurance there aremany things that will help the company determine the rate. Thethings that will determine the rate is how often will you bedriving, what area do you live in, do you have good grades inschool, do you have any current tickets or tickets in the past. Youwill need to be added onto a policy with your parents until the ageof Eighteen, in which you then can retrieve your own policy.

Can a 17 year old in Delaware get their own car insurance for their car?

Should be able to contact Delaware’s dept of insurance, or an agent they will be able to tell you for sure.

What is the average cost of car insurance for a 17 year old female in Toronto?

The average cost for car insurance will be around 100 dollars amonth in Toronto. The price can vary depending upon policy andfactors like good grades.

Can a 17 year old with a valid Wisconsin drivers license register a car in Wisconsin?

Yes, of course. Also, I’d like to conculde, that when you are 16 you can get a valid drivers license and register a car.

Where can you get the cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old in England?

at 17 my insurance was £97 a month – on a 997cc micra ls (white Trio door manual).
and it was as an unnamed driver on my dads policy. (this also permitted anyone to drive the car with permission – useful when youre 17…).
Zurich, Zenith, LocalBroker, CIS used to have some cheap policies – best to look and look and look again and then repeat in 3-7 days – insurers are switching ther way of “calculating” risk all the time so you could be fortunate* – Classic (F reg and before 89′).
cars carry low premiums and joining the owners club will also get a reduction.

Car fuses and wiring questions MG Zr?

dont buy a car with electrical problems its that plain !!! or buy a bike ??? or you could just walk u lazy bone goes !!!!

What are car insurance rates for youthfull drivers?

It depends on the drivers age, driving history, type of car, and type of coverage. Generally they are fairly high.

How much would insurance cost for a 17-year old driver on a 1998 pickup?

Factors that go into determining auto insurance premiums include, but are not necessarily limited to the following: 1. The age and gender of the primary driver; Two. The driving history of the promary driver and any other persons who have permission to drive the vehicle; Trio. The primary location where the vehicle will be garaged (because sometimes insurance rates, which determine premiums, are sensitive to the zip-code level); Four. The make and model of the vehicle and how it is tooled; Five. The prospective insurer (rates, and therefore premiums, differ inbetween and among insurers); 6. Whether the driver has successfully ended a driver’s ed course; 7. The prospective insured’s GPA, as some insurers give discounts for high GPA’s; 8. The coverage(s) that will be obtained (for example, collision and comprehensive coverage will raise the overall premium–but having those coverage may be required or at least significant); 9. Whether the same insurer insures other vehicles in the household, as sometimes multi-car discounts will be suggested.

Car insurance for a 17 year old masculine?

I believe, but it may not be true, that you need to be eighteen years of age before you can get car insurance. But, like I wrote earlier, I am not entirely sure..

Cost of 17 year old on own car insurance?

When my son was old enough to drive solo and have his own car at age Legal, the cost of auto insurance was about $290.00 per month. That figure may be lower or higher than other parts of the country.

Is mg zr insurance high for 1st car and youthful 17 year old driver?

How much would car insurance be for a 17 year old?

I have my car listed as recreational and i pay 55 a month. I’m 16 and have a 97 trans am with a v8

We have Trio older vehicles insured with you. Our 17 year old daughter just got her drivers license. I want to get a fresh car which she will not be permitted to drive. Can you give me an insurance rate?

I’m Not sure who you insure through but any minor over the age of 15 MUST be added as a driver on the policy. It does not matter if she will drive the car or not, she still must be stated on the policy and be insured for all cars. at least that’s the law where I live.

Can a 17 year old get their own car insurance in ga?

No. An insurance policy is a kind ofcontract , and a contract cannot be enforced against aminor . An insurance company would be foolish to issue a policy whose conditions could not be enforced.

What is the least expensive car insurance for a youthfull driver?

I think one of the best ways to find the least expensive car insurance would be to do a search online There are many insurance websites online which suggest price comparisons and quotes. This is the easiest way to research what each company offers and the various types best for youthfull drivers. Parents also place their their teenage or adult on curfew which can drop their insurance rates. Parents who keep stringent on youthfull drivers help in decreasing the amount of accidents that occur. Getting cheap car insurance can come in the form of few extensive driving tests because the insurance companies think they will be good drivers. So after passing these tests, there are chances the insurance companies can lower the cost of insurance for youthfull drivers. Blessed to help you.

Can a 17 year old driver have passengers in the car?

In Canada yes, but not in Vancouver. you can only drive with 1 or Two passengers

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Why is car insurance higher for youthful drivers?

there are certain reasons behind the costly car insurance for the youthfull driver1.the main reason is the less practice of driving,youthful drivers do not have more practices of driving the car decently,there are lot of chances for the accidents by the youthful driversTwo.youthfull driver do not have a good driving record ,,they dont find time to get good driving company can give insurance on the past record of driving,if person is youthfull and don’t have good experienced past driving records,,

Can you buy a car for Nineteen year old insure it then just list him as a driver?

Yes, but he/she should not drive the car until after his/her name has been added in the event your insurer requires it. If he lives with you and your insurance company requires you to list all household drivers, the Nineteen year old should already be on your policy. Even tho’ he/she has not previously had a car purchased for them, they have access to your keys and your cars in the event of an emergency insofar as the insurance industry sees it.

What cars are cheapest to insure for 17 year old masculine?

In the UK, cars with low insurance group numbers. (1 to Three approx) Generally puny cars lacking in power.

How to get cheap car insurance for a 17 year old masculine?

Looking around for the best deal is the beginning point, as there is usually significant competition among insurers, especially in the US. Insurance premiums are determined according to risk factors. Right off the bat, a 17 year old will be more costly to insure just due to age. However, you can skimp on some non-mandatory coverages to save some money. For example, if you paid cash for the car and are in the position to absorb the cost of its harm or destruction, you may be able to forego collision coverage. If the car is financed, however, the lender very likely will require that coverage. Do not attempt to save money by foregoing uninsured motorist coverage. This pays for anguish, suffering, and disablement if the boy is hurt by an unisured motorist and the collision was not his fault.

What is the cheapest car to insure for a 17 year old?

Consider looking at a vintage car as these frequently have a special insurance rate that applies.

How do you find cheapest car insurance for youthful drivers?

it depend where you live, your city,state,country, you can get information online via internet,search about different insurance company which is situated in your city,compare their quotes ,then you can get better information about cheapest car insurance for youthful driver,

Does a 17 year old driver have to give a statement to the insurance company if he was not at fault in an accident?

Yes, It’s part of your insurance contract that you signed when you applied for coverage. All insurance contract terms require that a statement be given by any and all parties regardless of age so that the Insurance Company can determine who is at fault. Refusal of a statement can cause you to be found liable by default of your insurance contract. It makes you sound guilty as you seem to have something to hide. It’s usually the at fault party who is is afraid or rejects to give a statement. In these circumstances you will generally be determined at fault and will be entered in your insurance record and you insurer will have to pay the other party for all damages up to your policy limit. Refusal to honor the terms of your contract by not providing an accident statement can also cause your insurer to cancel your policy and you may have difficulty finding another insurance company in the future as your driving record will indicate that you are uncooperative and you have violated the terms your previous insurance contract.

Does a 17 year old need car insurance in NJ?

Youthfull Driver and InsuranceYes, all drivers are required to carry financial responsibility. There is no exception of law because you are a teenager. You can obtain your own insurance or you or you may be eligible for coverage under your parents or another existing auto policy but you must have coverage. If you are under age, due to the limitations of contract law, you will need your parent or other legal guardian to countersign your application for coverage. It is usually cheaper to be added to your parents existing policy. Glad Motoring. ResponseIn most states, a person must be Eighteen in order to get an unrestricted license. Persons junior than that can often get a learner’s permit and drive under limited circumstances. Infrequently can a 17 year old buy, register, and insure a vehicle. All of that said, if the minor will drive, for example, a parent’s car, and has a learner’s permit, he/she must be added to the parent’s auto policy in order for the coverage to apply to the minor’s use. Likewise, in order for coverage to apply, the minor must adhere to the confinements on driving that attend a learner’s permit or similar restricted license.

Is mg zr insurance high for 1st car and youthful 17 year old driver?

Is a 17 year old driver permit to have a 14 year old passenger on her car?

Yes. As long as the 17 year old does not have anyone else under the age of 21.

Does a 17 year old have to pay for car insurance in the state of Wisconsin?

All operators of a motor vehicle on public roads are required by law in all 50 U.S. states to carry “proof” at all times of at least the states minimum required Financial Responsibility. There is no exception of law for minors. You can obtain insurance through your parents or through the vehicles owners insurance policy. You can even obtain you own auto insurance as a minor through some companies with a countersignature from your parent or legal guardian but in any event you must be insured. Blessed Motoring.

Where can you find car insurance for youthful drivers?

Attempt and shop around for the best quotes. Attempt very hard to stay away from smaller agencies and places such as Safe Auto. They usually don’t give the best coverage.

Why is car insurance for youthful drivers so expensive?

Car insurance is more expensive for junior drivers due to the fact that their lack of driving practice makes them a higher risk. Insurance companies charge based on a number of factors that contribute to your overall risk as a customer.

Where do people get cheap car insurance for youthfull drivers?

Car insurance companies can vary greatly on the insurance rates they quote for yound drivers. If the youthful drivers are minors and living at home, the best bet would be to contact the parents’ insurance carrier. Many times they will suggest multi-driver/car policies, which make this a more inexpensive option than other companies.

Where can youthful drivers find a good rate on car insurance?

It depends on where you live. Shop online or visit different insurance companies and ask them about their insurance policies.

What is the average cost of car insurance for a 30 year old female fresh driver?

Call and get a quote it varies a ton, allstate would be a good place to embark 877-834-0398

How much for car insurance for 17 years old boy?

A forum like this is not the way to estimate insurance premiums on any type of policy. There are far too many factors that go into rating an insurance policy no matter what type of policy it is. One of my auto insurance companies has 44 classification just for the driver of the vehicle on an auto policy. Address, zip codes, credit scores, fire protection classes, driving records, prior claims, etc. are just some of the factors that go into rating insurance policies. I recommend that you contact an independent insurance agent that you like and trust and let them shop with the insurance companies that they represent to find you the best rates for your particular situation. Independent Insurance Agents are not employees of an insurance company but represent many companies so they can do the shopping for you. Direct writer agents work for the insurance company and have no choices while the Independent Agents works for the client only. The main thing it to be truthful with them so they can find the best coverage and rates for you.

Is your 17 year old licensed daughter covered if she drives your cars covered for insurance?

If your teenage is a Licensed Driver and a member of your household or a minor ward and you have failed to disclose (Concealed Drivers Fraud) by adding them to your insurance policy, then she is not a covered driver under the terms and definitions of your auto insurance policy. However, Since parents are liable under the law for the acts of a minor child, Your insurance company may be required to pay for the accident as a negligence claim against the insured parent. If your insurer determines fraud on your part, they are not required to pay any claims arising out of fraud. In fact the law prohibits the insurance company from paying known fraud claims. Depending on the internal operating policies of your insurer, they may or may not cancel the policy if concealment and negligence are determined.

What are some cheap car insurance places for a Legal year old unlicensed driver?

You cannot get car insurance if you do not have a license because you cannot legally drive.

What is the average cost for a 17 year olds car insurance?

There is no average cost for any age groups auto insurance. There are far too many factors that go into the calculation of auto insurance premiums to randomly come up with the numbers. In addition to the age of the driver, you have marital status, good student discounts, driver education discounts, make, model, year, of vehicle, discounts and surcharges for type of vehicle, coverage thresholds, multi-car discount, use of the vehicle, distance driven daily, physical harm deductibles, and many other factors that have to do with the price.

How do i get youthfull driver car insurance?

if you are youthfull driver, means you have began to drive the car almost, and want to take own car,then you need to take youthful driver car insurance,for that you have to check online for the information about car insurance ,because it totally depends where you live,check online insurance for youthful driver then compare their or call insurance agent for more information, Good Luck

Is mg zr insurance high for 1st car and youthful 17 year old driver?

Where can one purchase an MG ZR car?

One can lightly purchase a MG ZR car at a website called SmartAutoSavings or AutoTrader. Now a days it is effortless to find any car you want through the internet.

Can a youthfull driver have car insurance?

Generally yes, they can. If you want your own insurance you are likely going to have to get set up with a sub-standard carrier but those usually cost a bit of money for inexperienced drivers. If you are still living at home you could ask your parents to be added to theirs.

What car insurance companies take 17 teenage year old drivers in?

Most insurance companies will not sell a policy to a 17 year old. It is also not a good idea to have a vehicle titled in the name of the 17 year old. The reason for these are that an insurance policy is a legal contract and a person 17 years old is not a legal adult and therefore not able to sign a contract. .

Where can one find a good youthful driver car insurance?

The best method is to search all the comparison websites, and also websites for companies who are not on the comparison websites. This way one may get quotes and find the cheapest one. Opting to have a box installed on the car which monitors how safe a driver one is can also lower the quote, and is a good option for youthful drivers.

Can you cancel your 17 year old off your car insurance?

If the insurance company agrees you can sign an exclusion which would be a legal document stating that you will not permit your 17 year old to drive any vehicles in your home or possession and that if they do drive such a vehicle you agree that the insurance company is in no way liabile for any harm done and that no coverage applies from your insurance policy.

Where can one purchase car insurance for 17 year olds?

Almost all car insurance providers will sell car insurance to teenagers. The difference inbetween a 17 year old and an adult will be the price, as junior drivers are much more expensive to insure. One could attempt getting a few quotes from places like Geico and State Farm.

Where can car insurance for youthful female drivers be purchased?

Major insurance companies such as Liberty Mutual, GEICO, State Farm, Allstate and Nationwide will provide automobile insurance to youthfull female drivers. The cost will vary based on the type of car driven, driving record and age.

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Where can one get car insurance for a 17 year old?

Depending on where you live, most insurance companies suggest car insurance for people of all ages from the time they are legally able to drive, until the time they are too old to drive. Some examples of insurance companies are Jevco and Wawanesa.

Which companies provide car insurance for youthful Drivers?

Most insurance companies have special insurances for student and youthfull licensed drivers. Among them are State Farm, Nationwide, Progressive, and Geico.

Where can youthfull people obtain car driver insurance in the UK?

Quinn Direct is one of the largest providers of very first time car driver insurance in the United Kingdom. They have very competitive rates that youthfull drivers can afford.

How can one obtain car insurance for a 17 year old?

One can obtain car insurance for a 17 year old by looking on Progressive, a company that specializes in pairing consumers with car insurance providers. Progressive has an option for minors and youthfull adults.

Where can a youthful driver find the cheapest car insurance?

Car insurance is the bank breaker for youthfull drivers and the only way to get the best deal is to search the web and make any phone calls until you have the deal that fits your pocket.

Where can one find the cheapest car insurance for a youthfull driver?

A person can find inexpensive car insurance for a youthfull driver from several different places. Some of these places include Safe Auto, State Farm, and Nationwide.

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