What is the minimum coverage for bodily injury liability for Two people?

What is the minimum coverage for bodily injury liability for Two people?That would depend on the state where you live minimum liability coverage.

What is the difference inbetween a Bodily Injury claim and a Liability claim?

A bodily injury claimisa liablity claim. Most auto policys have three (could be many more) liability coverages; Bodily injury (pays for injuries you cause to another), Property harm (pays for damages to property of others), Uninsured motorist coverage (pays for injuries caused by an uninsured motorist). The bodily injury coverage is one coverage under the liability section of your auto policy.

How is bodily injury calculated?

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doctors bills, loss of wages, special service- if you can’t take care of yourself and you hire someone to cook, clean, drive, etc.

If you have a low bodily injury cap can you be sued?

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Maybe. The individual states enact laws concerning private injury claims. Some states have “caps” which do not permit a person to sue above the maximum coverage. Which means if the defendent has less than the maximum bodily injury coverage, the insurance company will pay what the policy terms dictate and the insured can be sued for the difference.

What is the bodily injury statute of limitations in Hawaii?

The statute of limitations for private injury in Hawaii is two years with the discovery rule.

What is Bodily injury Liability?

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I personally carry 100k/300k meaning thelimitthat can be paidper accidentfor an injury that I cause is 100k per person and 300k per accident. You will need to determine what you are convenient with, I tend to be a little paranoid, and having been an adjuster for 21 years and seen a lot of stranger than life accidents, I tend to want a lot of coverage just in case.

What is the statute of limitation for bodily injury in Oklahoma?

The statute of limitations for individual injury cases in Oklahoma is two years with the discovery rule.

Is attack with bodily injury a felony?

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The classification of the felony (determines the severity of the crime which will affect the penalties linked) depends upon the actual circumstances of the event.

What is the statute of limitations for bodily injury in Texas?

The statute of limitations for private injury suits in Texas is two years with the discovery rule.

What does liability coverage mean?

Liability coverage covers you if you are found liable or at fault for damages. In the case of auto insurance, for example, this coverage pays for damages you cause in an accident that is you fault. This coverage will NOT cover your car harm, however. Just the other drivers car, medical bills, & other property harm.

What is liability coverage?

LIABILITY COVERAGE Refers to coverage for liability that an individual has if he or she should negligently injure another person or another person’s property.

What limit is most advisable for UM coverage same as limit of Liability or take the state minimum?

It is customary to have the same boundaries on UM as you would have for your own liability thresholds.

What is liability coverage on auto insurance?

This means that if the accident was your fault, your insurance will pay(up to an amount that is on your policy) for the other property and persons involved in the accident. Liability insurance does NOT cover your vehicle harm..

What is the minimum coverage for bodily injury liability for Two people?

An insurance policy with bodily injury coverage covers?

the injury to or death of each person as a result of any one accident

What is the price range for liability insurance for corporations seeking Two million dollars in coverage?

That all depends. What type of corporation? What is your risk exposure? What is your loss history. There is not enough information to response. Could be 100 dollars or could cost you a million dollars.

What is the statute of limitations on bodily injury in California?

Two years from the date of the accident or two years from the minor’s 18th bday (if injury occurred to a minor).

What is the Statute of limitations for bodily injury in Nevada?

The statute of limitations for individual injury suits in Nevada is two years with the discovery rule.

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When to file a bodily injury claim?

You should do it as soon as possible so you can receive help from processionals and reduce your losses. You can use a claims management company or go directly to a solicitor. We recommend to use a hard like a claims management company as they will look after you on a daily basis, plus the solicitors of course too. So you receive an extra service free of charge. The other advantage of using the Claims Management Company is that they know who isa good solicitor ! If they are unhappy about the service you receiving they will stir you to other panel of solicitors. If you had an accident very likely you will be using such service very first time… a claims management company do this on a daily basis and knows who is good. If on the end you still want to go direct to a solicitor make sure your claim handler is someone who had an practice in such cases. Trainees solicitors do sometime mistakes and if they are not spot by a Claims Management Company or you it may cost you time, money and health.

What is the statute of limitations of a bodily injury in Montana?

The statute of limitations for private injury lawsuits in Montana is three years with the occurrence rule.

Can schizophrenics get professional liability coverage?

If you are competent enough to hold a professional license then Isee no reason you could not be insured while practising yourprofession.

What is the definition of bodily injury liability?

“Bodily injury liability” It’s cost associated with bodily injury, usually medical that you are found liable for.

What does assault-bodily injury mean?

It’s sort of self-explanatory dont you think? An brunt is an unlawful touching or strking and it resulted in physical injury to the person who was struck.

What is the Statute of Limitations in Ilinois for bodily injury?

The statute of limitations for individual injury lawsuits in Illinois is two years with a modified discovery rule.

Insurance bodily injury covers?

It covers bodily injury. I am a little confused with your question… It covers injuries to others if you are held or considered at fault for their injuries ex. you are held at fault in an auto acc.

What is an insurance policy with bodily injury coverage?

The question can be answered in a duo of ways: 1. Third-party coverage is sometimes called liability coverage. It provides benefits for third-party who sustains harm or injury due to the carelessness of the insured. In this context, bodily injury coverage within the liability protection will provide benefits to the injured party for his/her injury. Note, tho’, that it will pay only upon a finding that the insured was legally responsible for the injury, and that BUT FOR the act or inaction of the insured, the injury would not have occurred. This is the concept of proximate causation. Two. Bodily injury coverage can exist in a first-party policy as well. This is a policy under which the insured is him/herself insured. Examples are the uninsured motorist and individual injury protection coverages of an automobile policy.

Can the driver at fault file a claim to his own insurance for bodily injury under his uninsured motorist portion of his policy if he was driving a friend’s vehicle who had no insurance coverage?

No. Insurance goes after the vehicle primary, driver secondary. Since the driver is at fault and there is no coverage under the vehicle itself, the drivers policy would pay for any bodily injury or property harm he may have caused. Therefore uninsured motorist coverage would not apply. The only way that driver would have coverage for himself is if he already had Med Pay coverage on his own policy.

What is the minimum coverage for bodily injury liability for Two people?

Statute of limitations for Missouri on bodily injury?

The statue of limitations for private injury lawsuits in Missouri is five years with the discovery rule.

What is the statute of limitations for bodily injury in Oregon?

The statute of limitations for bodily injury in the case of a negligence case and a medical malpractice case would both be the same-two years with the discovery rule.

What is the minimum amount of insurance coverage you can have?

This depends on the state you live in. In some states it is 15/30/Five. In other states it is more. You should check the DMV’s website for the state you live in or check with a local insurance agent.

How do you find out the at fault driver’s per person bodily injury liability insurance coverage thresholds?

The insurer is only responsible to pay up to the policy thresholds fora covered loss. If your accepted claim is below the policy thresholds then you willreceive utter compensation, in this case the policy boundaries is a mootissue since your loss was fully covered. If your accepted claim exceeds the insureds policy boundaries, then theamount of the check, would presumably reflect the policy boundaries. Or you could just ask the claims adjuster. ResponseHire an attorney

What type of insurance coverage includes bodily injury and property harm coverage?

Auto insurance includes: liability, collision, comprehensive. Liability covers what you do to someone else’s property and figure. Collision covers your car when you are at fault in a collision. Comprehensive covers uninsured motorists, theft, vandalism. natural disasters and the like. theresponse is liability coverage

Can you claim bodily injury in mothers vehicle?

Yes, you can. If she was in fault for the accident and you been hurt or injured you can make a claim and other passengers too.

What is automobile liability insurance coverage?

Automobile liability insurance coverage is one of several types of autobile coverage. It is required by the law of most US jurisdictions in order to register a vehicle for operation on public highways. It is often also required to be shown as a condition of obtaining a driver’s license. Automobile liability insurance is intended to cover the negligent acts or omissions of a driver in the operation of the covered motor vehicle. Depending upon whether it is property harm liability coverage, bodily injury liability coverage, or both, it generally covers the correlating kind of harm sustained by the person who was not at fault. In that sense, it is considered to be “third-party” coverage in that it does not pay for the damages sustained by the insured person. Another aspect of automobile liability coverage is that if the aggrieved party makes a claim against the insured, such as by filing suit, the liability insurer defends the insured by retaining an attorney to defend the insured. The insurer pays the attorney, but also has the right to control the defense, including by lodging the claim.

Are passengers in your car covered by your bodily injury liability insurance?

passengers in my car should be covered since the california car insurance law requirement does not distinguish as to which person is covered by bodily injury liability insurance

Does liability pay for injuries?

It should to others, but if you have liability only, you may have only the minimal coverage req’d.

Does car insurance cover bodily injury liability?

It depends upon the coverage that you purchase. Normally, when you buy liability insurance, you get both property harm and bodily injury liability coverage. In fact, many states require that such insurance be maintained for the protection of others who may be injured due to your negligence. The failure to do so can result in the suspension of your license and tags under Financial Responsibility Laws. The nature of liability insurance is such that it pays damages to an virginal third party to whom you cause injury. In that sense, it protects you from private liability up to the policy thresholds that you have bought. If you are sued as a result of the incident and fault is contested, the insurer also provides you with an attorney to defend you. The insurer pays the attorney’s fees and related court costs (such as, but not limited to, court reporter expenses).

Homeowners Insurance Policy-Section Two Private Liability Coverage?

Can a homeowner get a third party liability insurance covering ONLYvisitors who might have an accident while on the premises (not thehouse itself and its furnishings and belongings) Thank you Elie

How are insurance bodily injury claims treated?

This is not a question that lends itself to a brief reaction, here is an outline: 1. After the incident, either the policyholder or the claimant (or his/her/its representative) must report the incident to the insurer. A timely report is usually a condition to coverage under the policy (if coverage is found to exist). Two. The insurer will commence an investigation of the occurrence. This may be done by in-house adjusters, or the insurer may hire outside adjusters to investigate. Trio. Depending upon typr pg occurrence, elements of the investigation will include police reports, photographs, diagrams, witness statements, statements of the insured and as many other people as may have skill of the “who where, when, why, and how” factors. Four. Assuming that the claimant was injured, the adjuster will want to collect medical records of treating practitioners, therapists, and others. These will be assessed for objective and subjective complaints of injury, indicia of preexisting conditions, prescriptions, and other types of medical care and therapy. Five. The adjuster will also need to know how the injury has affected the claimant. Work records, including lost time/income, inability to perform work-related functions, etc. will be significant. The adjuster will also want to know how the injury has affected other aspects of the claimant’s life–participation in activities, etc. Age of the claimant will also be a factor, because (1) a serious, permanent injury will adversely affect a junior person longer; (Two) a less-serious injury to a junior person is likely to heal better; (Three) an injury to an older person will affect the person for a shorter time, but is less likely to readily resolve. 6. The adjuster will need to determine if there is any fault om the claimant. Depending upon the jurisdiction involved, the rule of law may be such that recovery of damages is precluded or diminished depending upon the fault factor (based on “comparative” or “contributory” negligence). 7. Most insurers have ranges within which they lodge claims, based upon the above factors, and others. They also look to jury verdict research to determine what similar injuries are “bringing” when suit is filed and the cases go to trial. For the most part, the aim is to resolve a claim amicably if it is possible to do so. In fact, insurers have the obligation to lodge a claim within policy thresholds (the maximum amount payable as liability benefits) if it is possible to do so, rather than subject the policyholder to suit and to the risk of a verdict against him/her/it that is in excess of policy thresholds. Insurers also consider the expenses that they incur in defending a lawsuit (defense attorney fees and court costs) in making the decision.

What is the minimum coverage for bodily injury liability for Two people?

What is the minimum amount of liability insurance coverage required for puny businesses in the state of Florida?

If you are speaking of non-auto liability insurance for your business, the state imposes no requirements. That said, if you lease business space from a third-party, the lease may prescribe minimum insurance boundaries, and will generally require that the landlord be named as an extra insured. The amount of non-auto liability insurance that it is prudent to have is another question. It depends upon various factors, not the least of which is whether your business is open to the public (such as a store). If it is not, you will still want liability insurance to cover potential risk exposures relative to the products that you produce or sell. Overall, you have to look to the risk factors attending your business, and assets that you wish to protect. Your best bet is to consult a licensed commercial insurance agent/broker.

Is battery resulting in bodily injury a misdemeanor?

Yes, unless it causes permanent disfigurement. In that case it’s Aggravated Battery which is a Felony.

What is the statute of limitation of bodily injury in washingtion?

The statute of limitations for private injury lawsuits in Washington state is three years with the discovery rule.

What is the minimum on general liability insurance?

Do you mean minimum price? Usually $500 for a one year policy, fora company with almost no risk and very little sales. Policy pricingis based on tons of different factors. Check out the intro to GLinsurance link I posted onto this discussion.

What is the correct minimum coverage that you must have for Bodily Injury Liability for two or more persons?

The minimum coverages are set by the state legislature of each state and it varies from state to state as well as other required coverages and policy features. The good thing is that when you travel from state to state, if you have minimum coverage it will adapt to the higher of the coverage you have or the minimum for the state you are in and at no cost to you. In Georgia the minimum is 25/50/25 which means $25,000 per person for Bodily Injury with no more than $50,000 per accident for Bisexual and $25,000 property harm. Usually it doesn’t cost much to increase your coverages so it undoubtedly pays to carry higher thresholds. For total disclosure, I own and operate a puny Independent Insurance Agency in Gordon, Georgia and have for 22 years. I also worked as an agent for a direct writer for Trio years before that.

What is the liability coverage for intentional harm?

Liability coverage is for harm caused where the driver is at fault in the accident. It specificall excludes intentioal acts. If you intentionally harm another vehicle or other property there generally is not coverage. This is because liability insurance of any type, not just auto coverage, is intended to cover only accidental occurrences. That said, there are circumstances where the linsurance may cover what might be considered intentional acts, but this relates mainly to self-defense.

What is the minimum liability insurance coverage for Florida dentists?

There is no minimum. They can buy whatever insurance boundaries they want, or they can buy none at all.

Does private liability coverage of a home owners policy in Washington state cover accidental no fault injuries to non-insured injured handymen working on covered property?

No, your homeowners insurance does not provide coverage for injury to hired workers. It is the responsibility of the contractor to carry the decent insurance to cover himself and workers for injuries and losses incidental to the line of work contracted. This is why one should always check out a contractors credentials and verify they carry the adequate insurance before any work is performed.

What insurance covers bodily injury?

In order for one to have insurance cover bodily injury one would have to have bodily injury insurance. This is good insurance to have as it would cover injuries to any persons that one injures in an accident. This liability insurance would cover any amount one is obligated to pay for injuries sustained and related costs.

Where can one find a list of lawyers specializing in bodily injury liability?

There are various websites and resources that suggest information on lawyers specializing in bodily injury liability. Some of these websites that suggest information are the Attorneys website and various law firms.

What is minimum amount of car liability insurance coverage required?

The minimum amount of coverage permitted varies inbetween states or jurisdictions. In Georgia the minimum limit is 25/50/25 which means a liability limit of up to $25,000 per person with a max of $50,000 per accident for bodily injury and up to $25,000 for property harm. It was switched some years back when it was 15/30/Ten. For most people both of these boundaries are very low if you think about what medical costs and vehicles now cost. Just because you have minimum thresholds does not make your liability any less. If you are at fault in an accident you are still responsible for the harm done to the other party, their passengers, and their property. The boundaries on your policy is what you determine to purchase. The cost is minor to increase your boundaries and I suggest that you ask your agent to display you different thresholds and coverages before determining on the lowest permitted by law.

What is the minimum amount of liability insurance for injury or death of one person does a driver must have in Texas?

The State of Texas has a minimum liability boundaries of 25/50/25 in order to drive in Texas. This limit of liability means that there would be $25,000 liability per person for bodily injury and a policy maximum of $50,000 per accident and $25,000 maximum payable for property damages per accident. The reaction to your question is $25,000.

What is the minimum liability insurance coverage in Delaware?

The minimum liability insurance requirements for any vehicle in Delaware is 15/30/Ten and you must also have PIP coverage. 15/30/Ten means the most the insurance company can pay is $15,000 liability per person for bodily injury, up to a maximum per accident of $30,000, and a maximum of $Ten,000 property harm per accident. This is utterly low. You can do more than $Ten,000 on a fresh vehicle in a minor accident. You are responsible for any more harm that occurs over these thresholds. If you have a job or a home you certainly don’t won’t to purchase minimum boundaries in Delaware.

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