When do you have to get insurance on a fresh car if you already have insurance?

When do you have to get insurance on a fresh car if you already have insurance?It depends upon the terms of the policy. It can be anywhere inbetween 10-30 days. The insurance agent from whom you bought the auto insurance, or customer service at the insurer is the best source of information.

Do you have to have a drivers license when you get insurance on a fresh car?

Insurance without a Drivers LicenseYes, You can buy and insure a car without a Drivers License. Youjust can’t drive it off the lot. Most states now require Auto Dealers to verify your drivers licenseand liability coverage before a customer drives off the lot with apurchase. This is to protect the car buyer as well as the rest ofthe public from the consequences of an accident with an uninsureddriver. One of the times that we as drivers are at higher risk of beinginvolved in an at fault accident is after the purchase of a vehiclewhen we may not yet be familiar to the subtleties and handlingcharacteristics of a recently acquired vehicle. State law requires that you have the minimum liability and medicallimits required in order to operate a vehicle on public roads.Private roads and off road is another matter. A vehicle can be purchased and shipped where insuring arrangementsare being made elsewhere before operation. Some vehicles arepurchased stringently for off road use or Farm use and may never needa license or insurance. You can certainly buy property insurance without a drivers license,other valid ID is sufficient . Most insurance companies willrequire a drivers license to buy Auto Liability Insurance, otherswill let you buy it and then go get the license, they may requireyou obtain the license within 30 days. After all, you need theinsurance in order to take the drivers test. Glad Motoring____________________________________________________________________More input from other FAQ Farmers: .
I am unaware of a company that sells insurance to peoplewithout a drivers license number very first on file. This is usuallynecessary to check for tickets and / or accidents. Check with yourlocal state DOI (Dept of Insurance) for state specific laws andregulations that you & the insurance company may be subjectto. .
My company would insure you, but if there was a claim we wouldnot pay it.

If you buy a fresh car on a weekend is your fresh car insured if you have insurance on the old one?

Replacement or Extra VehicleGenerally, if the vehicle substitutes another vehicle already insured, it will have the same coverage as the one being substituted. However, for comp or collision to proceed, you must notify the carrier/insurer within 30 days of acquiring the vehicle. If it is an Extra vehicle (not substituting one already shown on the declarations page), you will automatically receive the broadest coverage presently on the policy for any vehicle listed in the declarations page. NOTE that that means if you have insured only vehicles that are older, with no outstanding loans, and you carry only Liability coverages for that vehicle, that is the only coverage this newer vehicle will have. The evident problem with that is if you are in an accident and the fresh vehicle is bruised before you can contact your insurance company, there will be NO COVERAGE for the damages TO THIS Fresh VEHICLE. MOST auto policies provide coverage for a ‘fresh’ (extra) or ‘replacement’ auto, when you already have the same coverage for the prior car. For example: Let’s say I own a 2003 Honda. I purchase a 2006 Toyota on a Saturday afternoon, or for that matter, on a Wednesday morning. If I trade it in, the ‘fresh’ car will automatically have the same coverage as the vehicle I traded in, for up to 30 days.

Are you insured to drive your fresh car if you part exchange your old car on which you had comprehensive insurance?

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In North Carolina, if you trade in a vehicle and purchase another, you have 30 days to report the transaction to your insurance carrier. You will have the same coverage on the fresh vehicle that you had on the old vehicle during that time. No more, no less.

Can you insure a fresh car before purchase?

Yes .
In most states it is legally required that you have insurance on the vehicle before driving it off the lot.

In California is a fresh car insured if you already have insurance?

If you have an existing auto policy on your own vehicle (to be soldor traded in), then the freshly acquired vehicle will have identicalcoverages as your existing vehicle on the auto policy for 30 daysfree. You must add the freshly acquired vehicle before 30 days is up.Otherwise, you have no insurance. More information you can visit: Raisinsurance

How do you get an insurance quote for a fresh car?

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call an insurance agent. If you already have one that’s a good place to commence. If not, see if you can get on a policy with your parents (if you still live at their home). Sometimes you’ll need to pay a higher premium for insurance if you’ve never had insurance before.

Can you drive an insured car if you have no insurance?

Driving another persons insured CarIt is always best to ask the proprietor loaning you the vehicle if you will be covered under his policy. If he is not sure then he should contact his Insurer and verify before you drive. It never hurts to have your own operators or non owners policy in place for extra security if your an occasional driver without a car right now. Each US state regulates it’s own insurance needs through it’s state legislature. Insurance for a loaner would depend on the type of Policy that the Vehicle holder presently has in place as required in that state. It could also depend on the nature of the vehicle loaned or hired. If the Possessor has a Limited Liability or a Named Driver Policy then no other drivers may be covered even with permissive use. If the proprietor has purchased a Broad Form Auto Insurance Policy then generally permitted drivers are covered. It is a common misnomer that Auto Liability goes after a vehicle. In Fact, Auto Liability Insurance covers and goes after the named insured(s) (usually the vehicle holder) and the named insureds legal liability that may arise out vehicle ownership and operation. Most liability coverage will even go after the defined insured to a replacement vehicle, When on a standard form auto insurance policy, liability coverage is afforded even when tertiary or third party through an accident of a permitted driver. This point of concept of vicarious legal liability of a property possessor and the contracted liability of the Specific Policy Form suggested by an Insurance Company is where the misunderstanding arises. Limited lines Policies however economic can leave gaps in coverage so it’s best that all drivers even non owners carry financial responsibility. The Concept definitions of Legal Liability of the proprietor of a property and the Financial Responsibility of all vehicle operators on public roads is determined further in the US by the regulations of the individual state of registration. ReactionAccording to law if the proprietor of the vehicle has insurance on the vehicle, and “loans” you the car, and you are listed as an occasional driver of that vehicle, then you are covered. Otherwise, you will have to purchase your own policy. Dependent DriversBe careful. The response to your question varies from state to state and you need tocheck the laws in your state. In the state where I live, an under 25 driver who lives with you must be insured on your policy to drive your car and it’s very expensive. Insurance coverage is different if someone who does not live with you uses the carfor your convenience . It can get very complicated. Insurance companies are doing more and more to mitigate rising costs of repairs, medical treatment and their liability.

How soon do you have to get insurance on a fresh car?

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Depends on where you live. There are states that you have to acquire it before you can even get behind the wheel.

Can they charge for insurance on a car when you have insurance?

Are you talking about car insurance for a rental car? They can suggest it but most companies won’t for you to have it. You will just be liable for any accidents you get in while in the rental car. Some car insurance policies even cover any accidents you may get into while you driving the rental car, even tho’ you only have your individual car insured. I’m presuming you are talking about rental cars. Well, some auto insurance companies suggest this and others don’t. It also depends on how through the coverage is. The response truly lies in your policy, just check the details and see if it includes rental car insurance. If you don’t find your reaction there, check with your insurance agent.

How can you reduce high car insurance rates on a fresh car?

Obviously, shop around…some companies are cheaper than others. You can also cut the coverage suggested, such as extra medical coverage, road service, rentals, and/or you can raise your deductible.

My car was totaled. it already has a salvaged title. what will the insurance pay?

It depends on many aspects, however since it already has a salvaged total it will be significantly lessened than if it didn’t already have a salvaged title. Your insurance company should be able to give you specifics as to why they are suggesting what they do.

If the car you bought already have insurance?

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When do you have to get insurance on a fresh car if you already have insurance?

If an insurance company totals your car can you get a fresh car?

Totaled means that the cost to repair it is more than what its worth…they will most likely give you something below KBB …

How much will insurance cost on a fresh car?

That depends on many factors. Where you live, your age, what type of car, the amount of coverage, your driving record, etc.

How do you transfer car insurance when you buy a fresh car?

Contact your insurer and let them do it for you.
You go to your insurance company and tell them you want to switch vehicles albeit they can switch your premium since you’re switching cars. You could also go to your broker and look up a fresh insurance company for you and you can get several quotes to choose from..
The normal procedure is your insurer comes back a pro rata amount on your present insurance policy, if not expired, then a fresh policy is taken out for the fresh vehicle.

How much is the car insurance in Fresh Jersey?

It depends on your Age, Driving Record, Your Zip Code or Region, Individual Credit Rating and the vehicle type. I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies: mycheapinsurance.net

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If you buy a fresh car how long do you have to get it insured with your insurance company?

If you have a loan againest the car you need to contact your insurance company with information about the car before you can drive off the lot. If your insurance company is closed, you will need to contact them the very first thing the next business day. Most insurance companies will cover you on the car your are buying but need all the information right away to give you a quote and have you send them monies for the premium.

What is the cheapest car insurance for fresh drivers?

EsureAlso I would consider calling Allstate as the average driver saves over $396 with them. You can call them for a free, no obligation quote.

Do I need to purchase GAP insurance or is that already part of the package when you buy a fresh car?

GAP insurance is normally suggested to you when you buy a car. If it was purchased at all, that is up to you. If you do not have it then you can find someone else that offers it. A few insurance carriers suggest this as part of their plan. Progressive and Unitrin suggest that with their auto insurance policies.

Can you use current insurance on fresh car?

Yes, just contact your insurer and have them endorse your fresh car onto the policy.

What kind of insurance in needed for a fresh car?

This is somewhat complicated. Each state has laws designating minimal liability insurance. Liability insurance pays for the other vehicle if you were in an accident. Some states are “no fault” which basically means it doesnt matter who is at fault each driver just takes care of the others. .
This is the legal required insurance. .
If you finance a fresh car the lender will most often require you have comprehensive coverage to cover the value of your car. This protects the money they lent you. .
So you need to look up your state’s liability requirements and possibly meet the lender’s requirements as well.

When to get car insurance for fresh child driver?

Check with your Insurance Agent/Company to be specific. Definately as soon as they receive their license. At the very least, the insurance company should be aware of the fresh driver as soon as they get their permit.

Can you drive a car that is not insured but you have insurance?

No. Generally, your policy covers you and your own car. It is illegal to drive an uninsured vehicle in almost every state. If there is an accident, there will be no coverage, the car will be impounded and you will be arrested. However, insurance laws vary from state to state. You should speak with an agent who does business in your state.

If you are already insured with one car insurance can you be insured with another insurance with out it affecting your very first insurance?

This question is not specific enough, but from my interpretation, the person posing this question is asking if numerous policies can be taken out on the same vehicle at the same time. In Ontario, this would NOT be permitted as this would void all policies that have the described vehicle listed. Insurance is to indemnify the insured (who has insurable interest in the vehicle) and not permit for profit of the insured. Indemnification means to put the insured(s) and any harmless third parties in a position (financially and health wise, if possible) back to moments before the loss. If Two or more policies exist on a vehicle, and the possessor/operator is involved in an accident, then neither policy would react, since the insured has attempted to profit from his/her misfortune. Even if the claim was legit (which would be questionable since there are more than one policy) as a prudent measure all companies insuring the vehicle involved would deny the claim based on misrepresentation. On the application of insurance for automobile (OAF 1) would ask the applicant if he/she has already an existing policy for the vehicle described. If the reaction is yes the underwriter would then reject the application as the vehicle has a policy already existing. The only time an application with an existing policy would be accepted is if the previous policy was expiring and a fresh policy is required, not with the same insurer. I hope this answers the person asking this question.

Do you have to be on the car insurance if the car is already insured?

Auto Insurance provides coverage for losses and liabilities of the drivers named as covered on the policy.

When do you have to get insurance on a fresh car if you already have insurance?

Can i add a fresh car to my fresh car insurance policy?

The policy you have will be specific for the car itself but you should be able to roll over your record with yourauto insurance companyto ensure you get all the bonuses and discount you have earned, for your fresh car on a fresh policy.

Is auto insurance cheaper for a fresh car?

Hardly … the cost to fix a fresh car is far greater than an older one. The insurance must also cover accomplish loss, payable to the institution who possesses it (has the title) … that is not usually required in an older car purchased for cash.

How much is car insurance on a fresh vehicle?

Your insurance can vary based on fairly a few variables, not just the fact that it is fresh.

How long do you have to insure your fresh car?

If you paid cash and bought it outright, without financing, you don’t have to have ANY collision or comprehensive insurance on it if you don’t wish. If the car was financed you will have to insure it against harm until such time as the loan is paid off.As far as liability insurance is worried most (all?) states require proof of liability insurance before you can legally operate on the public roads.

Where can you get the cheapest car insurance for a fresh driver?

It depends where you live, but you might have to check with a local independent agent (look in the yellow pages or online.)

Can fresh car insurance co’s access past car insurance claims?

yes, of course, and they can access more than that. This is done by getting a CLUE REPORT. C.L.U.E. (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) is a claims history database created by company called ChoicePoint that enables insurance companies to access consumer claims information when they are underwriting or rating an insurance policy. So if you made claims for stolen vehicles, vehicles bruised by water or fire, or claims made under your policy while your vehicle was being used by your 16 year old relatives, all of those will showcase on the CLUE report.

When do you need to insure a fresh car if you have current insurance on a different car?

It depends on the state that you live in and on how your policy for the older car is written. With my policy, in my state, the fresh vehicle would have the same coverage as the old one for 30 days. Your best bet is to not mess around with that and protect your investment…just add the fresh vehicle to the policy.

Does the fresh driver of a car have to have insurance the day they get there liceance if there is insurance on the car they are driving?

The in force policy on the car covers all legal drivers however parents should inform the insurance co. of the fresh 16 year old driver it very likely will raise your rate.

When should you buy car insurance for your fresh car?

Instantly! Most insurance companies will extend liability from your existing policy, but most won’t cover any harm to that fresh car of yours. Get insurance before you drive off the lot, most times it just takes a phone call to your insurance agent.

Can you get your own car insurance even however the car is already insured in the owners name?

Yes, You may have more than one Auto insurance Policy on a vehicle. You can have Two or even Three policies on the same vehicle as well as an Umbrella Policy. It is not uncommon and is flawlessly legal to do so. What you can not do however is receive “Dual Indemnity”. That would be insurance Fraud and a felony offense in the United States. in other word you can’t seek dual payment from a covered loss or more simply, “you can’t get paid twice”. Here is the established Legal precedence on Insurance Policies of all types on all types of property in the United States. Policy 1 as PrimaryWhen a covered loss occurs and more than one policy exists insuring the same risks. The policy with the broadest scope of coverage is considered the primary Coverage and will invoke to cover it. Policy Two as PrimaryIf the loss incurred is not covered by the very first policy and is covered by a trailing policy then that policy steps up to Primary coverage for that particular loss. Policy Two as Secondary coverageIf and when the boundaries of the primary policy are reached or exceeded, the next active policy with the broadest scope of coverage will then invoke and act as Secondary coverage if coverage is afforded for the specified risk of loss. Policy Trio trailingIf a third policy exists then it will do so in the same order in consideration of coverage scope and specified risks. If an Umbrella Policy also exists, and this too is common, then it too will go after the exhaustion of any and all previous coverage afforded by active Primary or Secondary or even Third Place Coverage. It is permitted, It is legal and Court precedence has been well established more than 100 years ago as to which policies will apply and in what order. What you can not do is seek “Dual Indemnity” for any covered loss. That would be illegal and a felony offense in the United States.

Is there affordable car insurance in Fresh York?

Affordable car insurance can be found in every state. Safe Auto is a company that specialises in mininum coverage, so it will be cheap and legal. But it may not cover as much as you would like.

Are car dealers responsiable to add your fresh car to your insurance?

Car dealers often do this for you but I would say that it is your responsibility to make sure you notify your insurance company of freshly purchased vehicles. I would assure that your policy states this in the policy language. Even if the car dealer says he will do it, it will be your responsibility to make sure you have insurance. Its not a phone call that you want to leave to someone else.

When do you have to get insurance on a fresh car if you already have insurance?

Can you register a car with out insurance in Fresh Jersey?

To register a car in Fresh Jersey you needCertificate of Title Proof of Fresh Jersey insurance Proof of your Social Security number or exemption The current odometer reading Your driver’s license or, if you don’t have a Fresh Jersey license, adequate identification. So no you cant register a car in NJ without insurace.

Why do insurance company want a 16 year old to get insurance when the car is insured already?

That doesn’t make sense. You may have misunderstood. The 16 year old driver would have to be listed on the policy as a driver. Most companies will not even permit a 16 year old to purchase insurance in their name because they are not a legal adult and an insurance application and policy make up a legal contract.

Is there a grace period to buy car insurance for a fresh car?

Read your policy. Some companies and policies suggest a grace period and some don’t. Call your agent not the car dealer to find out.

When do you have to get insurance on a fresh car?

You need insurance on a fresh car BEFORE you even drive it off the lot. Get a quote before purchasing the vehicle and have it saved by your agent. Then the day you purchase the vehicle, have the VIN in palm, and purchase the insurance before picking up the vehicle.

Can you insure a car in Fresh York with a permit?

Yes. In the US you can get a one month permit in NY or any other state. I would infer that the person goes to DPS online to make sure that the driver and vehicle can be permitted to drive in that state.

How much does car insurance cost for a fresh car?

That depends on a number of variables, including: .
Amount of the deductible .
Value of the vehicle .
Amount of coverage .
Age of the person(s) driving the vehicle .
Your own driving record

How long do you have to get auto insurance for a fresh car?

This is an issue that you need to make certain of before you drive off the lot. Different policies are all different and you need to make certain with your agent as to whether or not you have automatic coverage. Sometimes it depends on the coverage you have on your other vehicles on your policy. .

What insurance should get for a fresh car?

Seven types of insurance should get for a fresh car as like: Liability InsuranceCollision InsuranceComprehensive InsuranceMotorist ProtectionPersonal-Injury ProtectionNo-Fault InsuranceGap Insurance

Where can a fresh driver obtain car insurance?

Car insurance for fresh drivers can be obtained in many different ways and places. One could visit a local insurance agent and get a quote and purchase a policy directly from the agent. Online sites are another popular place to purchase insurance.

Where can a fresh driver get cheap car insurance?

It is very difficult to get cheap car insurance for a fresh driver. One could check out insurance comparison websites such as CompareTheMarket. One can also check out local insurance brokers to see if they can give a better price.

Where can someone get a free car insurance quote for a fresh car?

One can obtain a free insurance quote for a fresh car from most car insurance companies. Some of these companies include Geico, Allstate, Progressive, and Liberty Mutual.

Why are car insurance amounts different for a fresh and used car?

Because it is usually more expensive to repair newer vehicles sincethe parts are more expensive.

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What if my current car insurance policy is already expired?

No worries! You can renew your car insurance policy. But insurancecompany will add more premium on your policy if its expired 45 daysbefore. The insurance company maybe report loss of insurance to your statemotor vehicle department. and they may revoke your drivers license. In an accident, you will not be covered by your insurance and ifyou are responsible for the accident, you may be financiallyresponsible for any damages. If stopped by police they may ask to see proof of insurance,without it you will be ticketed, fined, be incapable to drive your carand it would be towed at your expense.

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