Where can you get the best deal on Honda Civic cars?

Where can you get the best deal on Honda Civic cars?You can get the best deal on Honda Civic cars in many places. Very first of all, it depends on if it is an old or fresh vehicle. If it’s fresh, then the best place to get it would be at your local Honda dealer.

How do you get the best car loan deal?

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Is a Honda Civic a good car to buy for your very first car?

In my opinion, Honda civic is good car to buy because it hasbeen designed to be compact and economical while being fairlyluxurious. .

One downside is Civics, at least my 2002, is expensive toinsure, as compared to the same policy on my 2001 Toyota Sienna vanand 1997 Mazda MX-5. .
A Corolla might be cheaper to insure based on the average age ofthe drivers who buy them, as it may be higher than the Civic. .
When buying a used Civic, or most any front-wheel drive car,there are several expensive items that you should ensure have beentaken care of: .
1. Timing belt & water pump: costs about 500-700 to substitute.Belt must be done every 60-90k miles, as I recall. The Corolla hasa timing chain, so it will most likely last the life of the car innormal circumstances. If the belt violates on the Civic, it can dodamage to the engine as it is an “interference” design. .
Two. CV boots and joints: these come out of the engine and to thefront wheels to turn the front tires and make the car go. Theyattach to the “half shafts”. The CV (constant velocity) joints dowear out eventually, and are protected by rubber accordion likeboots. If the boots are ripped, mess had most likely gotten into theCV joint, causing it to wear out early. I think CV joints costabout $300 to substitute for one axle, and there are Two axles on afront-wheel drive car. .
Trio. Front shocks: can cost several hundred dollars to do on anyfront-wheel drive car that has McPhearson Strut suspension, whichalmost all have. Bounce the front of the car by pushing on thebumper – if it bounces more than once or twice after you stopbouncing, the shocks are very likely going bad.

How do you eliminate the car stereo from a 2000 Honda Civic LX?

Reaction .
what you do is look on the sides of the stereo and look for like slots or fuckholes near the right and left side and there is a contraption that you will need to get to stick in their that will make it able to slide it out. if their are petite round pin slots attempt and stick paper clips in the fuckholes to release the lock. otherwise if that doesnt work you should take it to circut city or a stereo place and just have them pull it out for you for a coupla bucks.

What is the best motor exchange for a Honda Civic?

Best Honda Civic Exchange Response .
It all depends on what kind of driving you want to do; be it auto-x, road racing, or haul racing. My opinion would be (if you can afford it) a K20 transplant. The reason i say this is because this would be a good all around motor. (Especially in a Civic Hatch :P)

How much does it cost to repair a Honda Civic car window?

The cost to repair a Honda Civic car window is toughly $50. But if the harm is too excellent for repair you may have to go the replacement route. Your location also affects the final cost of car window repair or replacement. It seems like the further south in the US you go the cheaper the prices become. Not sure why but that just seems like the norm.

What type of Honda Civic is best for tuning?

For looks it has to be the 1.6 coupe but if it is speed u r after attempt the Two.0 sr turbo

Disable a 1997 Honda civic car alarm?

On the driver’s side inwards panel, under the dash and near the hinge of the door (lower left) you will find a petite button/switch (for the valet) this will disarm the alarm. Put the key in the ignition and turn to the “ON” position and then press the button. You should hear it chirp as it would with a remote. Pressing the button once will stop the alarm temporarily but it will most likely alarm again once you’ve stopped somewhere and restarted the car. Press the button 2-3 consecutive times instead to deactivate the alarm (note: it will be reactivated if your battery is detached or your car loses power even momentarily and you will simply need to do this again).

Compatible cars with a 94 Honda Civic?

Honda Civics and Acura Integras are all models of vehicles thathave interchangeable parts with one another. Acura Integra engines,such as the B18c5, can fit into 1994 Honda Civics.

Which is the best Honda Civic hatchback?

It depends on what you’re going for. The SI edition is considered Sport Injected. Generally it will have a slightly larger engine. My 1995 Civic Si has a 1.6 cubic liter engine with VTEC, along with four wheel disc cracks. The amenities are sometimes dealer options, my car does not have AC but some civic SIs do come with it. SIs should have tilt wheels, drivers and passengers side mirrors, etc. You can generally compare the differences at www.kbb.com

Which is best- Honda civic or Honda accord?

They are both excellent cars and there is no better. The Accord rails better, is quieter, and has more room. The Civic gets better mileage. Depends on your needs. Either car is a good choice.

The best car deal?

Well this questions is entirely opinion, but for the best deal on a vehicle that will get you to and from any two random points, I believe a 92 Toyota Pickup 4×4 cannot be hammer. It has decent gas mileage, an affordable price, and it will last a long time with minimal maintaince.

What is the best oil for a Honda Civic?

If you can afford it, utter synthetic. I use valvoline synpower, but any total synthetic would be good like mobil 1 or royal purple, but utter synthetic indeed isn’t necessary. especially for a daily driver. synthetic blends are the best of both worlds because they are cost effective, but better than conventional.

Where can you get the best deal on Honda Civic cars?

How do get the best deal on a car?

think brainy and play along with there game give them your best suggest all they can say is yes or no if they dont like the suggest walk away they mignt come out after you and say “wait” maybe we can work something out. Just think theres allways another dealership out ther that wants to help you.

What does it mean when car lights flicker on a Honda Civic?

Possible liberate battery cables..make sure they’re decently fastened..liberate cables can restrict electrical flow to car. Also a bad or Goin bad alternator..check belt as well before substituting alternator. Make sure no faulty wiring or connections.

What is the average lifespan of Honda civic car tier?

It dependes on your usage same thing with tranny and engine and what condition you bought it and your use if you use it cautiously it can go around 80-90k third party good quality tires and may b even bit more

Will a 1999 Honda Civic car door fit on a 2001?

will parts from 2001 honda civic Four door fit a 1999 honda civichatchback, such as front doors, fetish mask, muffler

Which car is better Mitsubishi eclipse or a Honda Civic?

mitsubishi eclipse have more torque and more power but is not socomfortable, the Honda Civic have less torque and power, they arehalf convenient but if something get cracked you can find thepieces swifter than the eclipse.

What car dealships sell Honda Civics in the Atlanta area?

Ed Voyles, Honda Carland, Nalley Honda, and some used car dealerships sell the Honda Civic in the Atlanta Area. The most popular dealship company seems to be Ed Voyles.

What is the best car loan rates for a fresh Honda Civic?

this depends on who you choose as your lender, and it also will depend on your credit score and how much of a down payment you will put down; there is no vapid rate.

How much are car batteries for a 2006 Honda Civic?

The price of car batteries for a 2006 Honda Civic depends greatly on where you purchase it and where you live. Battery Outlet usually has the cheapest car batteries if you have one in your area.

Is a pre wielded Honda civic a reliable car to buy?

It depends on how the possessor cared for the car. Ultimately, it is the buyer’s choice to get a Carfax or some other report on the car. However, judging by the millions of people that drive the car, it is reliable, as long as it is taken care of.

Is a Pre Possessed Honda Civic a Good Family Car?

That depends on the size of your family. It is generally considered to be a safe, reliable car, but it is not terribly big, so if you have more than Two children, or often take your kids friends along, it may not be big enough to hold everyone securely.

Are civic cars better than other honda models?

Honda has a good line of cars, of which the Civic is only one. The Fit car is also a very good model. The model purchased would depend on what the buyer was looking for and the price point. The features of the Civic and the Fit, as well as the other models, are comparable and one could not be said to be better than the other.

Is the civic one of the most popular Honda cars?

The Civic used to be one of Honda’s popular cars. According to Consumer Reports, they no longer see the Civic as a dearest because of the current 2012 model.

What kinds of safety ratings does a Honda Civic car receive?

The Honda Civic has received very high safety ratings since its creation. It is safe, child friendly, up to date, modern, and takes you were you need to go. I very recommend the Honda Civic.

Where can you get the best deal on Honda Civic cars?

Do honda civic deals include used cars?

The Honda deals included both fresh and used cars, so you can get a good price and a lease. They also include hybrid cars, compact cars and other kinds of Honda you might also consider.

Where can a good Honda Civic deal be found?

Any car forums can give good deals on a good Honda Civic. Even wesites like AutoTrader have some fine deals on a good Honda Civic.

Are Honda Civic deals better than Ford Concentrate deals?

Yes, Honda Civic deals are better than Ford Concentrate deals. Honda civics are much more cheaper and reliable and have lower monthly fees than Ford Concentrate deals.

Is a used Honda Civic a car or a truck?

A Honda Civic is a type of car that can be found used. If looking for a truck, this is not the vehicle for you. If looking for a car, then a Honda Civic is a step in the right direction.

How much is a car starter for a 2002 Honda Civic?

120$ then take you old starter in for a for core charge and u get 50 dollars back.

Why wont your Honda Civic begin after a car accident?

The ECM will not power the PGM-FI main relay (Fuel pump relay) after it detects an accident.

Is the Honda Civic the best car for a college student?

There are several good choices for reliable inexpensive to operate cars for college students. This is a good one. The best? that would be an opinion that I would disagree with, a 1941 jeep with no wheels would be best remembering my college days.

When did they very first commence selling Honda Civic Cars?

Honda Civic was very first sold in 1973. This is known as very first generation. The cars are now known for being reliable, compact, and getting good gas mileage.

How do Honda Civics compare with other cars in their class?

Based on most scoring, the 2012 Honda Civic is a much better car than others within it’s class. The one exception to this is the Hyundai Elantra which is the only vehicle to score better than the Civic. It should be noted that Consumer Reports has determined to stop recommending this car, while Cars.com states it is still a very viable and reliable automobile.

Who has the best deals on a used Honda Civic?

The best way to find this car used would be on craigslist or perhaps a local used car dealership. Craigslist may have cheaper deals, however there is risk that what is advertised is not what you are getting. Dealers on the other mitt have more paperwork and car history which may raise the price a bit more.

What were the best Honda deals of 2010?

The best deal of 2010 was the Honda Accord. It was a vehicle priced inbetween $21,000 and $29,000 depending on what options were on the vehicle. The vehicle could be a four door or a two door.

Where to buy used Honda Civic cars?

Any Honda dealership should have some used Honda Civics. Since the Civic is such a popular model, it may also be found at some independent dealers such as Auto Trader and Carmax.

Where can you get the best deal on Honda Civic cars?

Which months are best for getting Honda Civic deals?

Generally the end of the year, Novemeber, and December are the best times to buy fresh cars. Most dealerships will be selling off all of last years stock to make room for the current year stock and suggest deep discounts in order to stir their inventory.

What is the best deal on Civic Cars?

A good way to get a good deal on Civic cars is to go to a used car dealer. Enterprise is also a good dealer for cars and Gulliver, if one lives in California is a cheap way to get cars.

How can you get the best deals out of car insurance?

My recommendation is to visit several different independent insurance agents in your area and talk with them including getting quotes from the agents. This permits you to not only get prices but you are basically doing a mini interview to find out which agent you feel more comfy in doing business with and which you feel will give you the best advice about your insurance needs. I warn everyone to not only look for price only but to also choose the best agent in order to find an agent to advise you about your insurance needs as well as getting a good value. Value not only includes not only getting the best price on your insurance but also the best agent to advise you. An independent insurance agent will represent several different insurance companies who have good prices and good service for your area. Often times it is very hard to find an insurance company that provides good auto, home, life, and health insurance for a particular area of your state. Hopefully the agent has already done this job for you and have selected a good selection of companies to suggest good coverages for your area. If you do business with an agent that represents only one insurance company the agent very first works for the insurance company and not for the client. An independent insurance agent works for the client and represents many different companies. This permits him or her to search different companies to find the best combination of policies for you at the best price.

What would be the price for a 1992 Honda Civic car?

Presently you can purchase a 1992 Honda Civic inbetween 200 and 2000 USD. The cost depends largely on the condition the car. On average a good condition model will cost $1000.

Where are the best fresh car deals?

Carbuyer is a very good place to go. There you can search many different types of cars. The site will also give a lot of information regarding the cars spectacle and other features.

Where can one purchase used Honda Civic cars?

Used Honda Civic cars can be purchased at Honda dealerships nationwide, large used car franchises or bought privately through advertisements in the local press.A main dealer or franchise may suggest more choice and the benefit of a warranty but will most likely be more expensive.

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What are the car specs of the Honda Civic VTec?

The 2013 Honda Civic VTec comes with 201 pony power, a Four cylinder engine, and a aluminum permit engine block. It has a one touch moon roof feature Five inch LCD screen, and has a combined gas mileage of 25 mpg.

What are the car specs of the 1995 Honda Civic?

The 1995 Honda Civic is blue book valued at around $1500. It gets 40 city miles per gallon and 45 highway miles per gallon. It has driver and passenger airbags. It seats five people.

Where can one find a used Honda Civic car?

One can find a used Honda Civic car online via the Auto Trader website. There are numerous cars for sale, across the country, and one can also visit the Cars section of the eBay website.

What kind of car is the 2006 Honda Civic Si?

The Honda Civic Si itself is a sport compact version of the Civic. However, the 2006 version is different due to the significant switches. It includes a Two.0 liter engine and a 6-speed manual transmission.

What are some features of the 2013 Honda Civic sedan car?

Some of the features of the 2013 Honda Civic sedan car is a super swift powered air conditioner, heater, Bluetooth, usb port, high spectacle speakers and a powerful all season engine.

Is the Honda Civic Mugen a reliable car?

The Honda Civic Mugen has been rated as a reliable car on a few websites, including Edmunds Consumer Reviews. Car and Driver magazine also gave the Honda Mugen good marks.

Is the 2013 Honda Civic a good car?

I personally think that it is a fine car. I have it. It has good mileage, and a indeed nice back camera, for when you are backing up the car. It has indications, and they help you park your car facing forward correctly. It also has the digital speedometer, which I find cool. There is a petite display that shows temperature, mileage, How much further you can go with the amount of gas left and much more. One of the best features is that there is the HandsFree feature, which lets you connect your smartphone to the car via Bluetooth. You can call or play music without even taking your palm of the steering wheel. Overall, it is one of the best cars, that is within reasonable price.

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