CU put insurance on your car you were in an accident the insur. co is telling that it is totaled but the fee they said they will give the CU is what repair shops have quote to fix can we fight?

CU put insurance on your car you were in an accident the insur. co is telling that it is totaled but the fee they said they will give the CU is what repair shops have quote to fix can we fight?Single Interest Insurance

Single Interest Insurance is insurance that the lienholder, finance company, or lender will purchase to protect the lenders interest when the buyer/borrower fails to meet the obligation of the finance contract requiring the buyer to maintain insurance on the property being purchased until the note is paid. Single Interest Insurance cover the Lender, Not the Borrower

If the CU had to purchase insurance on your vehicle, then this means that you were in default on your finance note by failing to provide the insurance coverage you agreed to when you financed the vehicle. You gave them no choice but to protect their interest in the vehicle. Single interest is going to cover only them. The CU is Insured, You are Not Insured. They are covered, You are Not.

This means you have no claim and you have nothing to fight because you are not an insured. If you were at fault in the accident mentioned, then you also have no coverage on the lenders Single interest Policy to cover any harm you caused in the accident.

The CU does have a claim because they purchased insurance to cover their interest in the vehicle. Single interest insurance covers them, Not you. Recall, you were supposed to be insured and you were not.

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of course you can ‘fight’ anything…..please give me more info…such as year/make/model/mileage……cost of repair, (amount they are providing the cu)….what they say the actual cash value of your vehicle is etc……..

Must accidents be mentioned when shopping for car insurance?

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Insurance companies have a thing called Clue that they all report to. You can attempt leaving out that information, but 9 times out of Ten your fresh insurance company will find out about your history.

If you are in an accident and the other driver says you were at fault does this mean your car will not be repaired by your or their insurance?

No, if you have the right coverage (collision) your company will still pay for your car.

Can you repair your car if the insurance company announces it totaled?

Repairing a totaled carYou don’t mention whether or not it’s your own carrier or the carrier for another at-fault driver (i.e., a driver who struck your car and totaled it). So, you’ve got several options: If it’s your insurance, you can certainly keep the car because it is, after all, your property. As a total loss, however, your carrier will eliminate the total coverage on the vehicle as it no longer has any value except salvage value. After you finish the repairs, your carrier may or may not agree to reinstate the total coverage on the vehicle. This is something you might want to ask them before proceeding. If it’s your carrier, and you have a lien through a bank or a dealership on the vehicle, the total loss can be treated in a duo of ways. One, your carrier might pay off your loan very first, and then give you the remaining balance (or, if you owe more on your loan than what the car is worth, they might send all of the money just to the bank). If they do it this way, it’s unlikely you’ll have enough to finish the repairs. The 2nd method involves your carrier issuing a check with both your name and the name of the bank on it. You’d then have to work with the bank on getting the repairs done (again, this is something you’d need to look into before you proceed, because the bank may deny to endorse the check and insist that it be applied to the loan since the car is now considered a total loss). Either way, your carrier will still liquidate the total coverage on the car. If it’s another driver’s insurance carrier, you always have the option of just retaining the salvage since, again, it’s your property. Like your own carrier, the other insurance will liquidate a certain percentage of the settlement for the car’s salvage value (since you’re keeping it, they can do this because even a totaled car has some value). They will then issue you a check and you are free to do whatever you’d like with it. NOTE: Even if you’re going through another carrier, if your own insurance is already aware that the car is a total loss, they will still eliminate the total coverage from the car. See #1 for your options. You’ve very likely noticed that I keep mentioning how the total coverage will be liquidated from your car since it’s now considered a total loss. If you’re working only through another driver’s insurance, your carrier won’t do this if they’re not aware of the accident. But you still need to be very careful before you determine to keep a totaled vehicle and repair it. Why? Because most insurance companies have access to databases that flag vehicles deemed to be total losses. It’s also possible that the state you live in requires you to have your car’s title branded as “salvage” before you can receive payment for your damages. So, even if you want to keep your totaled vehicle and get it repaired, be aware that you might be putting a lot of money into a car for which the value has been drastically diminished due to its total loss status. If, for example, another driver hits you in the future and totals your car again, you might find that you’re suggested only half the regular value because of your car’s status. Logically, this makes sense, given that the typical consumer is much less likely to buy your pre-totaled car when others are available. The total loss status decreases its market value substantially. The repaired vehicle will always have a salvage-rebuilt title and will always be worth 40 to 60% less than an undamaged counterpart, so if you invest money in it and wreck it again, you have a real loss on our arms.

If the other party’s insurance says that your car is totaled can it be repaired?

Yes. Here’s what will happen: The insurance company will still total your car, but since you own the vehicle, you have the option of retaining the salvage. You can then take the settlement money and repair your car with it. If you have a lien on the car, however, the carrier might send some or all of the total loss payment to your lienholder. Of course, if you car is a total loss, it’s unlikely that the settlement amount will cover all of the repairs. That’s why it’s considered a total loss. In every state, once a vehicle’s repairs reach a certain percentage of the vehicle’s actual-cash-value, it’s considered a total loss. The actual-cash-value is all an insurance carrier would owe you. Your best bet? Review the insurance company’s total loss suggest very cautiously. Make sure their valuation of your vehicle considers all the options, the correct mileage, and any refurbishments (fresh engine, transmission, etc.) that you’ve had done in the past year or so. Don’t count on getting the retail book value for your car. That value is based on the exaggerated price a dealer rams on a vehicle, and as we all know, only a very misinformed person would walk onto a dealer lot and pay utter price for a vehicle (specialty vehicles notwithstanding). Also, once a vehicle is a total loss, your own carrier will likely liquidate the total coverage on it. You’d have to have it repaired and explored — sometimes by the state — to have it considered roadworthy again and to have your own carrier put the utter coverage back on. And, depending on the valuation service that the other carrier uses to determine the value of your car, it’s likely your car will always be considered a total loss because it’s marked as a total loss. This can affect is value if, say, you have another accident in the future and total the vehicle again (because, let’s face it, would you pay the same amount for a vehicle that had been deemed a total loss in the past?). Your state might even require you to obtain a salvage title on your car, which is no joy when you’re attempting to sell it. My recommendation: Review the carrier’s total loss suggest as I mentioned, and go get a fresh car. You’ll be glad you did.

If your insurance company says your car is a total loss but you want to have it immovable can they charge you a salvage fee to keep your own car?

Any vehicle, whether a total loss or not, has a value. A totaled vehicle, of course, has a significantly lesser value (assuming the actual total loss has already been lodged with the vehicle possessor). This value can be anywhere from Five – 25% of the pre-loss value of the vehicle. If you determine to keep a totaled vehicle after lodging with an insurance carrier, they can legally liquidate the salvage value from your settlement. It shouldn’t be much, and you can request that they actually get a salvage quote from a salvage yard. The idea behind this is that you can’t legally profit from a loss. In your case, if your totaled vehicle has a salvage value, and you’re keeping the vehicle, the insurance carrier must deduct that salvage value. Otherwise, you will get a utter settlement, and still retain a vehicle with some value. But…attempt working with the carrier on what that salvage amount is going to be. Sometimes they’ll adjust it to get the loss lodged, since you never “truly” know what the salvage value is going to be until the vehicle is sold at a salvage yard auction.

If you were involved in an accident and did not have utter coverage but the bank had put compelled insurance on the loan will that insurance cover the totaled car?

That insurance will most likely cover the BANKS interest in the vehicle and any liability that may be assigned to it, but little or nothing for you.

Does the insurance company have the right to total your car even if their insured was at fault for the accident?

Your car being deemed a total loss does not have anything to do with the liability of the accident. Your vehicle becomes totalled when the repair cost exceeds the local market value of your vehicle.

What can you do if your insurance is cancelled the same day you get in an accident and total your car?

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Depends on when it was cancelled. Before or after the accident? When did you get the cancellation notice? If you were cancelled before, then obviously you were uninsured. If the accident was your fault, then any costs are yours alone and not the insurance company’s..

Can you fix damages to your car that still has a bank lien on it yourself with the insurance claim money or must you take it to a shop for repairs?

i will assume you are the claimant and the draft is made payable to you not you and shop or lien holder…in that case you can do whatever you want, fix it don’t fix it, have your mate fix it, …but understand should you have another loss, or total, and this harm is unrepaired or the vehicle is repo’d the amount of this unrepaired harm will be deducted, from the fresh repair (if in the same area) or from the value of the vehicle in a total…or in the repo example they will add this to what you owe….

How does an insurance company determine the amount of money to give you for your car when it’s totaled in an accident?

The insurance company will only pay the ‘book’ value of the vehicle as if it were in ideal condition unless harm prior to the accident was discovered and that harm will be deducted from the ‘book value’.

If you are in an accident and you have no insurance what will the bank do when they find out your car is totaled?

The lender has several options but the one you will be worried with is: SUE YOU for the money. Depending on how long you didnt have ins. the lender had very likely placed ins. on the loan that covers them but NOT you. You will still be looking at a Balance DUE. If ya cant ins. it, ya cant AFFORD to drive it. Good LuckIt’s a little more serious than Roosta’s opinion. The vehicle ruined was the collateral which officially established your loan as a SECURED LOAN. That is the condition you signed upon completing your buyer’s contract which is to maintain at minimum Comprehensive and Collision coverages however most of them specifically state such coverage does NOT substitute for bodily injury/property harm liability required by law to even Stir the car without a towing truck in all 50 states and most Canadian territories. Many lenders will like she said add insurance that ONLY covers the repair/replacement costs of their precious investment and they do it almost instantaneously. If by some chance it’s totalled and they haven’t done so you might be brought up on criminal charges unless you are able to produce the entire remaining balance instantly. Unless of course you’re not at fault, in which case the other person’s insurance must pay. These possibilites are going to be the least of your problems if you’re in a crash, at fault with no liability coverage. You’ll very likely spend time in jail not to mention get stuck railing scummy filthy low life busses for the rest of your life, or however long you’re in North America (USA, Mexico, or Canada) They are right. The best thing you can do is keep paying your payments, and hope they don’t find out. ok thank you for your answers but the accident definitly was her falt problem is her isurance doesnt want to cover of coarse she denies!being there at all so what can i do for now as far as the payements and what is ussually the out come? (ive never been in an accident)?

How can you get the insurance company to say your car is totaled when they claim they can fix it?

You can’t. Usually it is up to the insurance company’s discretion. They have the right to lodge their insurance claims for as little as possible without litigation.

CU put insurance on your car you were in an accident the insur. co is telling that it is totaled but the fee they said they will give the CU is what repair shops have quote to fix can we fight?

What happens to a totaled car after the insurance co pays you for it?

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Some insurance companies will sell the car back to the proprietor. Others sell the totaled car to a salvage yard.

What do you do if your car was totaled in an accident and the insurance company doesn’t want to give you what you have found on the internet for comparable vehicles they say they can find it cheaper?

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Keep in mind that the insurance company will compensate you for the actual cash value of the vehicle. This means the amount of money that it would take to substitute the vehicle. Insurance companies do not use advertised prices to determine actual value. When was the last time that you actually paid “sticker” price for a vehicle?

How much insurance will you receive for a car that was totaled in an accident?

Most of the time they will give you retail (plus tax) and minus your deductable.You can go to to find the value of your car. depends on coverage, usually the value to substitute car (includes any remaining payments and getting a car comparable to the one you lost, if that fortunate)

Will car insurance pay for a car totaled in a DUI accident?

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It should. If the “at fault” vehicle is insured, it’s supposed to cover the victim’s vehicle 100%. If the “at fault” vehicle has comprehensive and collision insurance that insurance is supposed to cover the at fault vehicle up to the deductable amount.Note that the tipsy driver will liberate his insurance and be required to get the VERY expensive DUI “insurance endorsment” since he/she is now in the highest risk bracket..
BTW, when a toasted driver causes a collision it’s not called an “accident”. Accident is when things just happen. Driving buzzed is the CAUSE of the collision and as such the collision is not called an accident. Call it a wreck, crash or just about anything else that takes away the implication of a random act.

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If you only have liability and your car is totaled in an accident will your insurance pay for it?

Car insurance:liabiltityNo. Because liability only covers the damages to the other persons car in an accident. “Three. Property Harm LiabilityThis coverage pays for harm you (or someone driving the car with your permission) may cause to someone else’s property. Usually, this means harm to someone else�s car, but it also includes harm to lamp posts, telephone poles, fences, buildings or other structures your car hit.” See the link below for more information on coverage. ResponseNo. Liability takes care of the other driver and his vehicle only. ResponseNo. Unluckily, liability only covers the OTHER fellow’s car. If you do not buy the “comprehensive and collision” coverage, YOUR car is only covered if the OTHER boy is at fault. ResponseIn the UK there are three main types of car insurance: 1. third party; Two. third party fire and theft and Trio. comprehensive. The very first type will not pay for harm to your vehicle in any event; the 2nd will pay if harm to your car is caused due to fire or theft and the third will pay in any event for harm to your vehicle. If however harm is caused by the user of another vehicle you will be entitled to claim compensation from the other driver’s motor insurance for your vehicle harm and if no insurance is in place form the Motor Insurers Bureau. See the related link entitled “car accident claim” to see how to display legal fault for your car accident.

Can you fight your insurance company in a your fault accident after they stationary your car when it should have been totaled?

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Absolutely! Regardless of fault, if you carry sufficient coverage (collision/comprehensive) you are entitled to have your vehicle either repaired to a “safe” standard, or a write-off payment received. The difficult part of proving such is in the time boundaries. DO NOT wait too long to seek a claim for a total loss. There is always the cargo of proof in this case, where you may have bruised your vehicle “after” the fact, and after such repairs were made. Note any demonstrable harm, (eg. Doors not opening decently, engine problems) and have a certified figure shop/mechanic inspect the vehicle RIGHT after the initial repairs are made..
Generally an insurer will have an appraiser re-evaluate the damages to see if indeed, they were caused by the accident.

What would you do if you have no car insurance and got into a car accident but havent embarked paying off that fee and then got into another car accident where the car was totaled and it is your fault?

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You should stop driving instantaneously. It is illegal to drive any vehicle without meeting your state’s Financial Responsibilty Requirements..
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Stop driving! If you still didn’t have insurance when you got into your 2nd accident, they’ll most likely suspend your license and if you’re then caught driving they’ll throw you in jail. If you can’t afford insurance you can’t afford to own a car!! Based on your driving record thusfar you need total coverage!!

If you are in an accident and at fault will the insurance company repair your car?

It depends on what company you have insurance with, where you live, and how much coverage you have been paying for. I have The Hartford Insurance. I was in one, I was at fault and they paid for repairs on the other stud’s car and my car. It all depends on how much coverage you pay for in your premiums..

If a police report says its your fault for a car accident can your insurance fight it?

Can they fight it for you? No. Can the attempt to bargain with the other insurance company on how much they are willing to pay? Yes.

Insurance company feels my car is repairable after accident?

In the event of an accident you would take the car to a repair shopapproved by your insurance company and then they would determinewhether or not your car is worth fixing or to payout the “Kellyblue book” value of your vehicle.

What to do if you have a car accident and no car insurance?

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In the UK it is an offense to drive a motor vehicle without a valid policy of motor insurance. If however the car accident was caused by the other vehicle driver you would still be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries and vehicle harm from the other driver. See the related link entitled “car accident claim” for a description of how to prove who was at fault in a car accident. If you caused the accident – the Motor Insurers Bureau would meet the compensation claim for the other driver under the Uninsured Drivers Agreement but the MIB might seek to recover any compensation paid directly from you. See the related link entitled “accident car insurance” for a utter description of motor insurance and the MIB. Same script in The United States. In the State Of Fresh Hampshire , there is no requirement of the state to have insurance. If you have a car financed, the financial institution will require that you have total coverage but other wise, you can drive loosely withou5t insurance. But if you have an accident and you are the cause and have no insurance, you can be cited for no insurance, and the financial ramifications can be ruining. Be clever, at least carry the minimum of liability.

Trio car accident car was shoved in to me by speeding driver who has no insurance will middle car who was shoved into me insurance cover repairs to my car?

If you have collision coverage on your policy insist that your insurance company pay to repair your car, subject to your deductible. This will assure a duo of things: 1. The repairs are done quickly. Two. Most insurance companies will ensure the repairs for the life of the vehicle. So if something goes wrong down the road, you’ll be able to deal with your own company. Three. Your insurance company will seek to recover their payout as well as your deductible through a process called subrogation. If you do not have collision coverage then you can ask the middle car (the one instantaneously behind you) to pay for the harm. Technically this car was stopped too close to you and had they given more distance they would not have hit you. If neither of these solutions work, then you should obtain an attorney and sue the speeder. Any time you are not at fault in a car accident you should certainly seek out legal counsel. The primary reason you purchase insurance is to protect you from financial catastrophe when you are at fault. Car insurance is truly not designed for you when you are not at fault.

You were in an accident and the other party was at fault Their insurance company is paying to fix your vehicle but their insurance co wants to give you next to nothing for your med ache and suffering?

See a Lawyer who specializes in private injury and auto claims. Be wary if the lawyer wants more than 25% of any recovery as a fee. Most states have a cap on what percentage a lawyer may be paid in the event any monies are recovered from the other insurer. NO matter what, DO NOT sign any release forms until you have consulted a lawyer.

CU put insurance on your car you were in an accident the insur. co is telling that it is totaled but the fee they said they will give the CU is what repair shops have quote to fix can we fight?

What if my car was totaled in an accident the insurance pay off the debt?

Only if you carried GAP insurance will it pay off what you owe to the Lienholder. If not then they will only pay what they valued your car to be worth which may or may not be enough to pay off the loan.

What if you are insured on a car but a named driver has an accident will it effect my private insurance quotes in future if i get insurance of my own?

Hi; The reaction in Ontario Canada, is yes. I believe the Canadian AND US insurance industries are united within this circumstance. The policy holder is responsible for everyone he/she accepts as 2nd/subsequent drivers. If however YOU are the 2nd driver named on a insured policy, and you opt to carry your own coverage, then it will not affect you as you are not the policy holder. A word from the wise. If you do not own the vehicle involved in the collision, then you are not held responsible as such. If you truly want it from the horses mouth, call your provincial/state insurance association. They have ALL the rules, and will most likely be glad to send you a brochure of the r and r’s. Best regards, Unidrv.

If you are in an accident where other driver is at fault and their insurance is covering car rental what can you do if insurance stops paying for car rental but car is still in shop being repaired?

Ask the insurance company why they are no longer paying the rental bill. If they have accepted liability the only reason they would stop paying would be due to the repair shop taking excessive time to accomplish the repairs. (In the insurance company’s opinion). Albeit you will be roped into this, it should be inbetween the insurance company and the figure shop. If the insurance company won’t budge ask the repair shop to pick up the remainder of the rental bill until repairs are accomplish. This is common in this industry.

If a car accident was considered the other persons fault how long does their insurance co have to approve the repairs to your car?

Not sure I understand the approve part because the car must be immobile. I would either contact your insurance company for help or get a assets shop that will automatically bill the insurance company.

What if one insurance company mine not at fault said the car is a total loss but the other insurance company the at fault said they can fix it?

As far as i know the not at fault Insurance decision will prevail over the the one at fault. Besides there are certain “rules” that all insurance companies goes by when they take a determination whether or not a car is totaled. If by any chance the insurance companies can’t agree they go to an arbitrary service provided by state for insurance companies and they can come to a decision.

What if the insurance company won’t give you what it takes to fix the car?

You can sue them for the balance inbetween what has been suggested and the reasonable cost of repair. In that sort of a lawsuit, it is necessary that you retain an “accomplished” witness, such as an experienced auto bod repair person to prepare an estimate of the cost of repair. Unless the case is lodged before trial, that person would have to brought to court to testify within the scope of his/her expertise. It is then the judge’s job to determine whether your pro or the insurance company’s (usually an adjuster) is more reasonable/correct in their assessment of damages. When a matter goes to trial, however, it is often useful to get a lawyer to assist, as there are rules of evidence that a layperson may not be familiar with. In turn, this may become complicated and costly than the amount in controversy justifies. All of that said, most states require that an insurer announce a vehicle to be a “total loss” when the cost of repair exceeds a stated percentage of its “actual cash value” (ACV). The ACV is harshly equivalent to the market value of a vehicle of like kind and quality, similar mileage, equipment, and other characteristics. If the vehicle is required to be totaled, the insurer will pay the ACV to the insured; if there is outstanding financing on the vehicle, it will pay the lienholder’s interest, with the balance going to the insured. The insurer will apply the policy collision deductible to whatever is paid. In comeback for the payment of the ACV, the insurer generally gets to keep the remnants of the vehicle (salvage). It then sells the salvage for what it can get as a means of recouping part of its payment. The insured may have the option of keeping the salvage; in that event, its value reduces the payment made by the insurer to the insured.

If you are in an accident in Texas and it is your fault will your insurance cover your car repairs?

Yes, if your policy has adequate coverage. If you have total coverage insurance, your car will be repaired downright and your portion of the repairs will be whatever your deductible is.

How long can an insurance co take to pay for your totaled car?

The general reaction, absent a contractual or statutory requirement is, “a reasonable time”. When a car is determined to be a total loss, it essentially means that the insurer has determined that the cost of repair exceeds (usually, some statutory) percentage of the actual cash value of the car. In that example, the law requires that the be announced to be a total loss. The time consuming part of that process can be in determining the actual cash value of a car of like kind, quality, and other features. While there are commercial guides to help in that determination, often there is a period of negotiation with the possessor as to the final value. Many States provide that once a claim has been resolved by agreement as to the value, and all necessary documents have been signed (in this case, proof of claim, title certificate, and other documents that the State or the insurance company may reasonable require), payment must be made within 30 days. However, the period may be shorter or longer and State law will govern.

Can you get car insurance on a car after the accident?

If the car has not been repaired but the harm is cosmetic they will most likely insure it for liability onlyIf the car has been repaired it will be no problem to get insurance. If the car is deemed salvage or rebuilt, you can get utter coverage, however keep this in mind. A branded title makes the car worth 35% less than average retail. The coverage AFTER the accident , of course would not caver any claims concerning that accident.

Car accident and insurance paying for damages-deductiablewill they send the check if I don’t put the car in the shop?

That depends on the insurance company. Some will send you a check, and others will only pay the shop.

Is a car insured when it is the repair shop?

Standard auto insurance covers what happens while you are driving unless you add on other protections (and pay more money.) If something happens to it in the repair shop, the shop should be responsible. Make suretheyhave insurance to cover you.

Do your car insurance cover your car when it in the repair shop?

The vehicle is likely covered for the same risks while in the assets shop as when it is under your dominion and control. However, in addition, the bod shop likely has garagekeepers coverage which would also apply. It is different from your own auto coverage and essentially covers negligence by the repair shop while it has custody of your car. You are well advised to confirm the existence of that coverage prior to entrusting your car to the repair facility.

CU put insurance on your car you were in an accident the insur. co is telling that it is totaled but the fee they said they will give the CU is what repair shops have quote to fix can we fight?

Can you force the other driver’s insurance pay to fix your car instead of totaling it when the accident is their fault?

No, The law does not require an insurer to pay more than the value of the loss.


Ecar insurance is able to give you a phone quote for car insurance. Contacting the helpdesk advisors on 0906 736 6522 would be a good place to commence. Yes they can give you a quote, its an 0906 number at £1.02 pence per minute, you will very likely be put on hold & cut off a number of times. What you may mistakenly pertain to be saving on the insurance quote you will not only lose out on this reip off phone system but also on an unpresidented cancellation rate of 25% of policies taken out and then hit with enormous cancellation fee’s. Review the company they are part of the Brightside Group PLC, avoid any insurer in the group they are all operating under the same terms. Australia banned them for their practises, it has now been passed to Trading Standards, FSO, FSA, Home Secretary & Mr Cameron too. Observe out for the comparison sites they have broadened insurance fraud to the corporations now. Review cautiously any company you get a quote for, 1000,s bad reviews as this company have walk away, Ten to 15 bad reviews is about normal. BE WARNED RUN FROM THIS COMPANY AND ANY OF THE EIGHT INSURERS IN THE BRIGHTSIDE GROUP.

Do all car insurance plans provide a loaner car when your car is in the shop after an accident?

Not all car insurance plans provide loaner cars when your car is in the shop after an accident. This is a convenience which may or may not be suggested. Check with your insurance company to see if this service is provided.

Does axa car insurance give you quotes online?

Yes, AXA car insurance provides insurance quotes online. They also provide insurance quotes on the telephone.

When a person is at fault for harm to my car and their insurance co gives me the money to get car immovable do i have to use that money just for that purpose or is it mine to keep?

As long as you do not have a lien on your vehicle (still owe money on the car or truck) then you may do what you wish with the money. It is not required that you repair the vehicle and is your decision.

Does auto direct give car insurance quotes?

“Yes, you can get car insurance quotes from Auto Direct. Either visit their company web site, or make a call to one of their agents. You can find your local agent by going to the yellow pages in your phone book.”

Should you get your car repaired at your insurers recommended bod shop?

Yes because the insurance agent should know inexpensive and reliable places to repair your car.

Can an insurance company dictate where you get your car repaired after an accident?

Most insurance companys want you to go to a certified repair shop to make sure you are not frauding them some will even send out their own inspector to check you car out before they approve any repairs

Do you have to get your car motionless at the shop where your insurance quote was done?

Insurance fraud. Do not attempt to make a profit from a claim. Most states have laws that prohibit it and make it hard to do anyway. In Georgia, any claim over a petite amount must have the leinholder name on the check or the bod shops name on the check. Be truthful with your adjuster or you will regret it. If you get your brother to fix it and halfway through he finds more harm than he thought. This is a normal occurrence that is treated inbetween the adjuster and the shop and the customer never even knows that a supplemental check was issued for $2500 to the bod shop. If the adjuster catches you attempting to commit fraud not only will you not receive any more help but you will very likely be charged by the District Attorney for fraud.

What companies can give a swift car insurance quote?

Companies which can give a prompt and affordable car insurance quote are companies such as Aviva, 123, Quinn insurance and AXA. These companies can be reached on their on line websites.

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Is there a fee to close car insurance?

If you are referring to canceling a policy there shouldn’t be unless you still owe money in it.

Can insurance company stir a car to a repair shop without car possessor permission?

No, the car is your property not theirs. The insurance companieshave made special deals with bod shops that give the insurancecompanies deep discounts. If you ask the shop to display you theagreement inbetween them and the insurance, they wont. And for goodreason, it would make you, “the CONSUMER” very angry! They usuallyagree to a lower labor rate and the use of cheap aftermarket parts,or used parts. The aftermarket parts have NOT been crash tested,but hey it’s not their family in that car! the only problem I havewith used parts is the insurance chooses used suspension, and theydo not microflux the parts or do any kind of test for cracks, orother malfunctions. The reason the part is used is because thevehicle it came off of has more than likely been totaled. Justremember you are the property possessor and you have a contract withthe insurance company for reimbursment of damages or replacement,which ever is less.

What companies give free car insurance quotes in the UK?

There are many companies that give free car insurance quotes in the UK. Some of those companies include Direct Line, Churchill, Aviva, Money Supermarket and Go Compare.

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