Do you need car insurance on a car you do not drive?

Do you need car insurance on a car you do not drive?No. Except if you want to think about the possibility of that car
being stolen. If it is not on a home owners policy, then you should
have some sort of theft insurance on it. But if the car is not
being driven on the road you do not need insurance on it.


A homeowners insurance policy will not cover your vehicle; you have
to have a separate auto policy for it. But if you have a car that
you are not using and don’t plan to use, you can turn the license
plates in to the DMV and then cancel the insurance on the car.

Another take: actually, this depends on the state. I lived in
Oregon for many years, and according to state law, all Oregonians
are required to have car insurance on ALL CARS THEY OWN, even if

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the car is not used. Granted the majority of people who have cars
they never drive don’t bother to insure them (I wouldn’t), but if a
car does not have insurance, even if not driven, it can be towed.

Check your state laws on this. The response varies by state.

ONE MORE THOUGHT: If the vehicle is financed, the contract you
signed with the bank or finance company most likely requires you to
have physical harm coverage on the vehicle as well. I agree with
the “Clarification” and “Another Take” in that laws vary from state
to state so check your state laws. Homeowners policies specifically
exclude coverage for any self-propelled vehicles other certain
types such as lawn mowers. In most states you cannot have tags
without proof of insurance. In Georgia one day with an active tag
but no insurance will get you a fine. Continuous disregard will
result in enlargened fines, registration revocation, impoundment of
the vehicle, and cancellation of your drivers license.

If your particular state requires it and the vehicle is registered,
then you most likely need to insure it.

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If you are storing the car in a garage, you may want to insure it
with a private property insurance plan. Those are pretty cheap and
only insure something to it’s total value. Many car collectors have
invested literally thousand upon thousands of dollars in their cars
so they unassured them for their value in case of fire or other
unforeseen damages. Home possessor’s insurance may cover a vehicle if
it is garaged if the car is listed as an asset on the homeowners
policy as a individual property investment but that is a very gray

Do you need to be added to your parent’s insurance in order to drive their car?

Yes. Reason why you name should be listed in insurance policies of yourparents it’s pretty standard rules for every insurance policies to say if avehicle is provided for your regular use and you are not listed onthe policy then the insurance company can deny coverage of yourvehicleinsurance companies have their own rules. They put every rules whatthey want by insurance for any vehicleJunior drivers are considered Higher risk, especially fresh drivers.If you want to drive your name should be listed with your parent’sname in the insurance policies you can driver the car with outhaving to pay the thicker insurance premium. The law does not careif you do that. However, the insurance company does and you risknot being covered in the event of an accident. This means both youand your parents turn out to be personally responsible for justabout all harm/injuries a person result in. Your very best self is usually to expect to have a career and alsopay out your folks to the elevated insurance plan high quality.They may list you on a policy.

Does the car that you are driving regularly need to be insured in your name?

Not necessarily. Insurance carriers require that you list the primary driver of the vehicle for rating purposes. If you deliberately omit a high risk driver in order to save on premiums they may decline coverage if there is an accident.

If you are a minor in need of car insurance do you have to be under a parent or guardian’s insurance plan to drive?

As long as you hold a valid drivers license, you usually can obtain motor vehicle insurance as long as meet the insurance companies underwriting requirements, such as no tickes, no accidents, no suspensions, and do not ow any insurance company money. If you are youthfull, usually the premium is high. The idea behind letting a minor come in in to a insurance contract is one of the few contracts a minor can come in in. Because if you have a license to drive, you need insurance.

Do do you need commercial insurance on the vehicle you drive as a pilot car?

No. You can not. Private auto insurance policies state veryplainly that the policy does not cover you if you are involved in acommercial enterprise. Additionally, in many states if you arefound to be operating pilot car without the required minimum of$1,000,000 coverage you can face thousands of dollars in fines andpossible jail sentences with fresh and upcoming legislation..
In some states, if you are operating as a pilot car you areresponsible for damages. If you are escorting a high geyser and thatload hits a bridge, you are the one responsible to bear the cost ofrepairs. If there is an accident that results in death or injury,you are the one who may be held responsible. Case in point: anaccident in Washington a while back resulted in a bridge collapseand deaths. In operator had a $Trio million dollar judgment againsther. Other lawsuits resulting in that are pending. .
A commercial auto insurance policy is not even enough for theprofessional oversize geyser industry. The commercial auto policycovers only the auto. You also need a GL and PL policy in theamount of $1,000,000 each to have minimum coverage. .
Expect to be paying at least $Four,000 a year for insurance with aspotless driving record and more if you are needing insurance forhigh pole, route survey, or other specialized services. Expect tobe paying more if your vehicle is financed and much more if youhave any moving violations. .
(I am a professional Oversize Explosion Escort – Pilot CarOwner/Operator.)

If you leave the country and no one is driving the car does it need to be insured?

Yes, depending on the following factors; The value of the automobile; lost to theft, vandalism, or fire. The fact that insurance is a criminal enterprise in itself, where in, if you permit your insurance to lapse or cancel it you will face significantly higher prices when you again insure an automobile; They treat you like a very first time driver in most cases. No, the car isn’t worth enough to worry about the loss. Your going out of the country for one or more years; therefore, the cost of enhanced prices to insure the vehicle on your come back is more than off-set by not insuring it while your gone. Check on this significant factor before reaching a conclusion. Caution: Any insurance company will tell you that the vehicle must be insured as long as you own it, running or not, and there is the following to consider:You are always responsible for a vehicle you own. Millions of vehicles are running around that are registed in the names of people who no longer know where the vehicle is or who possesses it. You can find them on eBay all the time; Things like, no title but comes with a bill of sale. If the bill of sale is from an original registered possessor, then, that will usually work to obtain a fresh title in the purchasers name. If not, the last registered possessor is the legal holder of the automobile, halftrack, airplane, helicopter, zepplin, moped, ect., and, as such, they incure a certain amount of liability for the machines deeds. How much? I have no idea, but I have used this on several occassions to woo a previously registered proprietor, who had sold the car and forgotten about it, to send me a bill of sale so I could re-register the vehicle, become the legal proprietor, and re-sell said vehicle. In one particular case, some years ago, I ultimately resorted to telling the suspicious legal possessor that the car could roll down a hill and maybe crash into the police station? Accidents can happen you know…well, I guess it worked, I finaly got a bill of sale for that vehicle.

You recently sold your car and you are driving your fiance’s car you cancelled your car insurance Is his car covered if you get into an accident or does your name need to be on his policy?

Reaction .
yes his car is still covered as long as he gives you permission to drive it..
Response .
I would suggest you get rated on vehicle. The reason is that when you go back to your own vehicle, that you want prior insurance. Insurance companies use prior insurance as a discount.

Do you need to have Canadian insurance to drive your car into Canada?

Car Insurance for Driving in Canada .
I can’t say officially, but I truly don’t think so. We live about Two hours from Canada, and everyone in my office has looked at me cross-eyed when I ask this & said “no” like I’m crazy. I’ve never been asked about my insurance at all when crossing the border, & I’m usually doing it from NH, a state that doesn’t even require insurance if you own your car. If you want to be sure, call your car insurance company, & make sure you’ll be covered while driving in Canada..
Reaction .
You do not need insurance from a Canadian company but you DO need insurance and proof thereof..
KeVin Toronto

Can you drive an insured car if you have no insurance?

Driving another persons insured CarIt is always best to ask the possessor loaning you the vehicle if you will be covered under his policy. If he is not sure then he should contact his Insurer and verify before you drive. It never hurts to have your own operators or non owners policy in place for extra security if your an occasional driver without a car right now. Each US state regulates it’s own insurance needs through it’s state legislature. Insurance for a loaner would depend on the type of Policy that the Vehicle holder presently has in place as required in that state. It could also depend on the nature of the vehicle loaned or hired. If the Possessor has a Limited Liability or a Named Driver Policy then no other drivers may be covered even with permissive use. If the possessor has purchased a Broad Form Auto Insurance Policy then generally permitted drivers are covered. It is a common misnomer that Auto Liability goes after a vehicle. In Fact, Auto Liability Insurance covers and goes after the named insured(s) (usually the vehicle holder) and the named insureds legal liability that may arise out vehicle ownership and operation. Most liability coverage will even go after the defined insured to a replacement vehicle, When on a standard form auto insurance policy, liability coverage is afforded even when tertiary or third party through an accident of a permitted driver. This point of concept of vicarious legal liability of a property possessor and the contracted liability of the Specific Policy Form suggested by an Insurance Company is where the misunderstanding arises. Limited lines Policies tho’ economic can leave gaps in coverage so it’s best that all drivers even non owners carry financial responsibility. The Concept definitions of Legal Liability of the proprietor of a property and the Financial Responsibility of all vehicle operators on public roads is determined further in the US by the regulations of the individual state of registration. ResponseAccording to law if the proprietor of the vehicle has insurance on the vehicle, and “loans” you the car, and you are listed as an occasional driver of that vehicle, then you are covered. Otherwise, you will have to purchase your own policy. Dependent DriversBe careful. The reaction to your question varies from state to state and you need tocheck the laws in your state. In the state where I live, an under 25 driver who lives with you must be insured on your policy to drive your car and it’s very expensive. Insurance coverage is different if someone who does not live with you uses the carfor your convenience . It can get very complicated. Insurance companies are doing more and more to mitigate rising costs of repairs, medical treatment and their liability.

Can you drive a car without car insurance?

In most states it is unlawful to operate any motor vehicle without carrying some form of insurance that please the minimum financial responsibility requirements for your particular state. Most states also have severe penalties for people who drive without insurance with the Two most common penalties being a 1-year license suspension and impoundment of your vehicle, in which you have to pay a HEFTY fine to get it out. Also, if you were to have an accident with no insurance, not only could you be penalized as described above but you could be sued Powerfully and be financially screwed for a long, long time.

A teenage driver does not have a car does he need to be insured if he cannot drive the parents car?

Response .
If he’s not driving the parents car then he should not need to be insured for it. He should however be insured for whatever car he “Is” driving. All drivers are required to carry financial responsibility, regardless of who’s car they are driving. This can be accomplished by being a scheduled driver on the car proprietor’s policy, or in some cases by a non owners policy..
Also nude in mind that parents and legal gaurdians can be held financially liable for the acts of minors.

Your sisters car that you’d driving have insurance do you need to get non holder insurance?

You need to have your sister schedule you as an covered driver on her auto insurance policy to be covered. .
Non Owners Insurance will not cover you in any vehicle to which you have regular access.

Do you need car insurance if not driving car?

Response .
if you have tags ont he car you need to have insurance or you will rack up fines with the mva

Do you need car insurance on a car you do not drive?

Do you need insurance to drive someone else’s car?

The car is insured not the driver however many policies have limitations as to who may drive the insured vehicle.

Do you need insurance to test drive a car?

i think yes,you need insurance if you want to test any kind of car, weather it is for test drive or permanent drive, i think you should take brief term makeshift insurance, which will help you

Do teenagers need insurance to drive the parents car?

yes, the premium will be astrononic, and some insurance firms will not add children to the exsiting parents policy, they will only insure the teenager in their own right.

Do my children need to be listed on my car’s insurance to drive my car?

Depends mostly on two things… 1. do they reside in your home? Are they minors or full-time college students? And Two. How often do they operate your vehicle and do they have their own policy and vehicles?If they are grown-ups and sometimes drive your car while visiting, and have their own cars and insurance elsewhere, then they don’t usually need to be added. They are just ‘occasional operators”If they are minors and/or utter time college students under the age of 25, and drive your car on a regular basis (ie. 2x per week or more..), then they truly should be added. Once again, they’d be listed as “occasional driver”s, and their driving record etc… can effect your rate, but nominally.Hope that helps.

Does a wifey need an insurance to drive hubby’s car?

In most states, anyone who drives a car needs to be listed on theinsurance. If an accident were to occur then the spouse could beliable for permitting the car to be driven without insurance.

Car insurance your dad is visiting US Can he drive your car with his international driving permit Will he need a fresh insurance?

Call your agent and have your father added to your policy during his visit, you can liquidate him when he leaves.

Do you need to have car insurance in order to drive and why?

yes,right now in many countries, insurance is compulsory at all, because it may help you in many situtions, like any type accident, cover the cost harm car, if someone steal your car, only a buy car is not significant, the safety of a car is also significant factor,so if person buy a car ,then he should take insurance,everybody knew that it take extra money for insurance ,it is not good for person’t to pay .but at the end ,person get advantage of that insurance at some time,

Do you need auto insurance to drive your own car?

Yes. It’s as much for your protection as someone else’s. If you’re financing the car, the lender usually requires proof of insurance. The state also requires proof of insurance when you renew your license plate tabs or submit the car for inspection (whichever your state requires)..
Most states have a minimum level of coverage that’s required that is pretty affordable.

Do you need car insurance without a car?

You need car insurance if you drive a car. If you want to drive amates car but your already insured you also need to have insuranceto drive your mates car. However, if you do not plan to drive thecar you do not need car insurance, if the car is not going to bedriven you could also take the car off road and their will be noneed to pay road tax for it, as long as the car is not on the road. The penalty’s for driving without insurance is 6 points, £120 fineand you could also get your car impounded as well as, getting yourlicence revoked by the DVLA. I think all user used only reliable service for Car Insurance tocover all your auto insurance and no hidden policy. i am also aauto car insurance provider so if any user want car insurance withreliable company visit my website any concern my

If you have no car insurance can you drive a car?

If you have a valid drivers license and permission to drive the car, then yes, you can drive the car as long as the possessor of the car has insurance on it. Unless the person is part of the household and has been deemed a non-covered driver by the car proprietor’s insurance company. Let’s say father has insurance on car. Son live’s in house, however has been revoked or has a horrible driving record. Son has permission by father to go to store. Gets in a wreck, doing injury and insurance company had son named as not a covered driver. No coverage then.

Do you need car insurance to buy a car?

Are you leasing a car or buying it? Private fleet is one of the renowned car buying service providers in Australia and could prove very handy in your decision making. Buying a car on lease is an old practice. Novated leasing is getting enormously popular these days with more and more Australians taking car on novated lease. Novated Lease is identically beneficial to the employer, employee and the auto company. It is Three way agreements inbetween the employer, auto finance company and the employee that permits employers to provide company car to its employees at a very little cost to the company and plasticity to both the parties.

Can I drive my parent’s car if they are in the car when I am not insured but they are?

Everyone in your household must be listed on your insurance policy if they have a license. For example, if you live with your parents, you may not be covered if you are not listed on their insurance policy. On the other arm, if you live separately you could use their car with their permission and be covered.

Do you need extra car insurance driving from BC to USA?

You are not required to purchase extra auto insurance coverage when driving your private use BC registered vehicle into the United States. ICBC will provided the coverage stated in your insurance contract provided you are conforming with the laws of that state. However, most insurance brokers will recommend enlargening your third party liability limit to the $Five,000,000 maximum as claim amounts tend to be higher in the United States and the claim amount paid will be in Canadian dollars, so the exchange rate is a factor in the total amount available for claim payments.

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Do you need car insurance on a car you do not drive?

Do you need car insurance on a rental car?

When renting a vehicle in the United States or Canada the rental companies require you to have insurance on the vehicle that is being rented. Most rental companies suggest insurance which can be purchased through them, however it can be fairly expensive. The best way to insure a rental vehicle is to speak with the insurance provider for your own private vehicle as many companies suggest packages which can be added to your individual auto policy. These packages are usually much cheaper, suggest higher thresholds of coverage and can also included added benefits such as a theft deductible waivers or road side assistance reimbursement. Previous Reaction: You will need to consult your private agent. He will tell you if you are covered. If you do not have one, or, they do not cover you, then you may want to consider it. Most states have some sort of mandatory insurance laws.

Can you drive a car that is not insured but you have insurance?

No. Generally, your policy covers you and your own car. It is illegal to drive an uninsured vehicle in almost every state. If there is an accident, there will be no coverage, the car will be impounded and you will be arrested. However, insurance laws vary from state to state. You should speak with an agent who does business in your state.

If your child has a learners permit and does not drive your cars do they need insurance?

If they’re not driving anything of yours, they don’t need to be insured for your vehicles. However, if you have a child with a learner’s permit, your insurance rates will likely be affected, regardless.

Do I need Car insurance with no car?

Please think about it. It iscarinsurance. So you wont. While the previous reaction is correct, if you want to be able to drive another persons car, either YOU need insurance, or the possessor of the car must have it insured for all drivers. I only say this because growing up I knew people without cars who would drive a friends car, and they had car insurance only so they could drive their friends car.

Can you drive car without insurance?

Yes, if you have a drivers learners/ permit you do not need to be on insurance in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, And North Carolina. But, you need to be driving with a 21+ year old in the passenger seat.

Do you need car insurance to drive cars belonging to others?

Broadly, the reaction is “yes”, if the point is to be covered in the event of a collision. The coverage can be provided by means of the driver being named on the application for insurance, and designated as an authorized user of the vehicle. A premium will be calculated based upon the risk factors attending the use of the car by all authorized driver, the type of vehicle, and other factors permitted by law to be considered by the insurer. The driver can also obtain “non-owner’s coverage” which will generally provide coverage regardless of the vehicle being driven. This is often obtained by someone who does not own a car. Eventually, some commercial policies cover a range of people on a range of vehicles, but the vehicles and the authorized drivers have to be identified to and approved by the insurer.

Do you need car insurance to drive in Florida?

Yes, you need private injury protection as well as property harm to drive a vehicle.

Does a car need to be insured to drive if you have a non possessor’s sr22?

If it is your car then it should be. Your non owners policy would cover you in most occasions tho’.

Do you need insurance to drive parents car if they are in the car with you?

Sounds like you have a permit. If so your parents policy will cover you and you will need to added their policy when you get your drivers license. Some companies require for all people in the household 14 or older to be listed. Contact your company for more details. As long as you don’t live in the household, and you can borrow their car, their insurance policy will go after the vehicle.

Does the possessor of the car need insurance on that car if they are not the one driving the car?

Yes. The possessor takes out the policy and adds on people who drive the vehicle. The proprietor can be listed on the policy as a non-driver which might make the policy cheaper.

Do I need car insurance to drive my parent’s car?

yes, you need insurance to drive any car ,it is likely compulsory for all, but in some countries, if you have licence and parents give you permission ,then you can drive,it’s depend on laws of insurance ,which switches from state to state

Do you need car insurance to drive my parent’s car?

Drivers Financial ResponsibilityYes, All jurisdictions in the United States require that all drivers of a motor vehicle on public roads carry proof of Financial responsibility at all times. No state has an exception for a drivers Financial Responsibility Requirements due to age or familial relationship. ReactionThe response will depend on some factors: 1. What state do you live in? Insurance laws vary by state but some do not permit vehicles on the road if they’re not covered. Two. Do you have your own vehicle and insurance coverage on it? If you do, you’re likely already covered. Trio. Are you already on, or can you be added to, your parents insurance policy? Most insurance companies will permit this. It may, however, increase the amount of payment.

Do you need car insurance on a car you do not drive?

Do you need insurance car for a car inspection?

It doesn’t need acar insurance anymore since it is just an inspection, nothing to worry about.

Is your beau insured driving your car?

You need to add him to your insurance or he must have his own. Your bf is not automatically insured.

Do you need car insurance in MonaghanIreland to drive a car?

In most states you will need car insurance in order to legally drive and Monaghan, Ireland seems no exception. There are agencies which can help you will all your overseas paperwork, setting up your insurance policies in advance or you can even talk directly to an agent in the area you will be visiting or are moving to.

Do you need insurance to drive your car home from an auto auction?

If you are looking to drive a vehicle home as the winning bidder then the vehicle must be insured. All vehicles must be insured to drive legally on our roads.

Do you need insurance to drive sons car?

Yes. The vehicle must be insured. This is not to say that you have to carry a separate policy. As long as your son have coverage you can be added as a driver on his policy and it most likely will not cost anything to add you as long as you have a clean driving record. The policy must be in name of the person who wields the vehicle. This is very significant. Insurance laws vary from state to state so you want to verify that no extra requirements exist in your state.

Do you need Two forms of driving license for car insurance?

You may need two forms of identification, your drivers license being one of them. Check with your insurance agent.

Do you need auto insurance if no one is driving the car?

If the car is on the owners property (rented property counts) NOAnywhere else, Yes

Do i need to have car insurance before i can drive my car?

Of course you do. Most likely it is required by your state law but even if it is not a state law, you need the coverage in case you have an accident.

Do you need car insurance on a car that you do not drive in the state of Delaware?

If you have plates on it, and you intend to keep those plates, then yes.

How much car insurance do you need to drive in MN?

Minnesota is a state that requires a minimum of liability insurance. The minimum amount of coverage permitted to drive in Minnesota is 30/60/Ten.

Which car insurance is needed for driving a cab in Fresh York?

Standard automotive insurance is required for driving a cab in Fresh York City. The driver must also have public hire insurance and have a medallion which can be very costly.

Do you need insurance on a car you don’t drive in fort Collins Colorado and do you need to regisiter it there?

If you’re going to have your car registered and plated, it needs tobe insured. That law exists in pretty much every state.

Does the car you want to drive with learner insurance on it need to be insured elsewhere before you can drive it?

There is no such thing as learner insurance. Any vehicle you wish to drive must be insured if mandated by law in your State, Province, etc.

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