Need auto insurance to be able to get a drivers license?

Need auto insurance to be able to get a drivers license?Car insurance is compulsory in order to take a drive test.

What happens if you have no auto insurance and no drivers license and you where in car accident but it was not your fault?

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Sorry to say, Eva, but an uninsured car is not supposed to be on the public streets and a person with no license is not supposed to be driving a car. Since you contributed to the accident by violating these laws, you are at least partially at fault. The other driver’s insurance company is going to deny any claim you submit..

Can you buy auto insurance in the US if you have an international driving permit but not a US drivers license?

Yes you can. I write auto insurance all the time, as well as property insurance for Foreign drivers, property owners and investors. Visitors to the U.S.A. commonly have a need for auto insurance while in the states, especially when here for extended periods of time where it makes little sense to buy it by the day from a rental car agency. Almost every major insurer in America and even smaller ones have no problem insuring a foreign driver. Just demonstrate the Insurance Agent your license issued to you in your home country or you can display them an international drivers license that is valid in all United Nations member States. Yes you can buy auto insurance using you international driving license. I know this because i have done it. Just call up an insurance broker, tell them your situation and they can usually help. As far as i know State Farm are the only ones that require a State License. We are from Norway and have insurance through Progressive for our automobile and our travel trailer. You can pack everything out on-line and receive your policy information, proof of insurance (card) and everything in the mail. (we have a U.S. mailing address)

What happens to your drivers license when you are at fault in an auto accident and you do not have car insurance?

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dl suspension for one year and your going to need an sr22 for Three yrs.. its not good.
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You most likely will be arrested and if you are incapable to pay the costs in total to the victim(s) you may be looking at some deep jail time, your driver license can actually be suspended for anywhere from 1- to TEN years depending on what state you live in but if the damages aren’t paid, leave behind about ever eyeing your picture on a license again..
By the way, the 3-7 period a SR-22 is required starts when you are released from jail and your license is reinstated, not the day of the accident..

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Can you have auto insurance in Boston with a international driver license?

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Depending on the Insurance Company, international drivers licenses are accepted at their discretion.

Do you need a driver license in order to obtain an Assigned non proprietor Risk Plan for auto Insurance?

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Yes, with most companies you have to have a driver’s lic very first. The high risk insurance companies will usually give you a time line (example 30 days) to obtain a Lic or they will cancel you. Hope this helps

Where can you get auto insurance and not have a valid drivers license at that time?

You can get auto Insurance without a license. This is very common. After all, You must have insurance on the vehicle you will be driving for your test at the DMV. Most insurers will require that you obtain your license within 30 days of policy issue, some will not. “United Auto Insurance Services” is a company that has a program especially designed for non U.S. licensed drivers and for fresh drivers..
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You will have to make some calls but should be able to find coverage. That, however, will not make it legal for you to drive. I hope you are attempting to do this in order to sate loan requirements on your financed vehicle or will let someone else drive that has a valid license..

How long do you need a drivers license to be eligible for auto insurance?

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You’re eligible (even required) to get auto insurance as soon as you get your license. SInce you are required by law to be insured to drive. What will matter in regards to the length you have your license will be be how much you pay for insurance as they will charge higher rates for freshly licensed drivers.

How is auto insurance coverage affected when your spouse has no drivers license?

Usually the Insurance underwriters would suggest the licensed driver what is called a Named driver exclusion. This should not affect the cost of your insurance premium. The u/w would need to know information about the unlicensed operator (why don’t they have a license? was it suspended, revoked, or are they just not licensed because of a handicap, or the person just does not drive) Once this is determined then he u/w would better know how to proceed in suggesting the NDE.

Do you need a Pennsylvania driver’s license to get Pennsylvania auto insurance?

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no you jsut need to be incognito everybody knows that>.>.
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noo you dont njsut need to be incognito

Can you put auto insurance on your drivers license?

The question isn’t fully clear. A license is needed to operate a vehicle. Driving skill is needed to get a license as there is generally a written test plus one to test actual driving capability. It is often required that the drivers license applicant produce proof of insurance that conforms with the state’s financial responsibility laws. If the applicant possesses a vehicle, it must be insured according to the state’s requirements, and that proof of insurance must be shownIf the applicant does not own a car, he/she may obtain “non-owners coverage”. It generally pleases the requirements of state financial responsibility laws. In that sense, I suppose, you are “putting auto insurance on your drivers license”.

Do you need a drivers license to get car insurance in California?

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I think you need to get a driver’s license in any state to get car insurance period. An insurance company will not supply you with insurance if they don’t have proof that you are licensed to do so. My suggestion to you…get a license!

Do you need auto insurance when you have a G2 license and you are driving your parents auto?

yes, and if you are put as an occasional driver on their car it’s cheaper.

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Need auto insurance to be able to get a drivers license?

Do you need auto insurance when have a license but you don’t own a car?

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The smartest thing to do is to call some insurance companies in your area to get a finish reaction to thins, as all states/provinces have different laws..
To reaction this question, no you don’t need auto insurance if you have a license but no car. You can still drive other peoples cars as long as they have insurance and it is a uncommon occasion (like he had too much to drink at the bar, and your driving him home.) It cannot be part of a regular routine however, such as borrowing the car every Wednesday to drive to work. If this is the case, then you will have to have your own coverage, or be put on someone else’s coverage as an occasional driver.

Do you need auto insurance as soon as you get your driver’s license?

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Yes, If you plan to drive with your fresh drivers license, this is after all the reason most people get a license. All Drivers are required to carry verifiable Financial Responsibility while operating a Motor Vehicle.

What kind of licence do you need to be able to quote auto insurance?

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All states have different laws, rules,regulations, and licensing requirements etc. Contact your states dept of insurance (or check their web page) and they will be able to assist you by providing you the requirements.

Do student drivers need auto insurance?

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The reaction to this question is YES the student driver needs auto insurance because it is a requirement by the law that every driver, whether student or not, needs insurance. If you contact your insurance agent you will find out for the most part that the student driver needs to be listed on the insurance policy but they arenot charged any feesuntil they become a total licensed driver. This was the advise that I had received from my insurance company, which is Met Life.

Do i need auto insurance with a license but no car?

you only need auto insurance if you driving. upon buying a car, you should get insurance.

Do you need insurance if you have a drivers license?

yeah you must have insurance,… it is the law or you could go to jailif you do not have it.
Yes. If you do not have insurance and you get in an accident, then you have to pay a Entire bunch of money. Especially if you get in an accicnet with some one who does have insurance. So go get insurance! :]]

Do you need U.S Drivers license to buy car insurance?

Yes, you will need a driver’s license in order to purchase a car.An insurance company wouldn’t accept the risk of insuring anunlicensed driver.

Do you need auto insurance in Texas if you are not a primary driver?

Yes, All drivers in all 50 states are required to provide proof of financial responsibility when operating a motor vehicle on public roads..
Whether you are a primary or secondary driver is not pertinent.

Will your auto insurance company cancell your policy if your drivers license expires in ca?

I am not sure on the exact law in CA but, driving without a liceance is a criminal offense and I think it would be a safe guess that there is a clause in your policy that in order to be covered you must have a valid drivers liceance. This means that while your policy is not “cancelled”, your insurance company will not cover you if you have an accident.

Can you get auto insurance without a drivers license?

You can’t legally drive without a driver’s license. But assumingyou own a vehicle that you still want to cover for physical damageyou should be able to get coverage. If you have someone else thatyou want to permit use of your vehicle then you could list them as adriver on the policy. Don’t drive without a valid license tho’.People do go to jail for being habitual traffic offenders. Obtaining Auto Insurance without a Drivers LicenseHere is some input from several contributors: The way to do it is over the phone. All you need is a check orcredit card, and a fax machine! Make sure you have all theinformation on your car available including the vehicleidentification number, the license plate number, year and make ofthe vehicle, and a Dl number (an ID number should work). Theyshouldn’t ask you to fax a copy of it. I have moved more than five times in the past Trio years and all todifferent states and none of the insurance companies asked if I hada valid drivers license. They just desired some money for thepolicy. Don’t tell them you need it to get your license back. Youhave to have it even if your roomy uses it, or a granny, sister,etc. They will check your social security numbers to see if youhave had any accidents or have filed any claims. I don’t know if itshows up on a computer if the license is revoked. Just call around and check on some prices and see what happens. Allthe companies I write policies with (with the exception of one)require an MVR (motor vehicle report) before the policy is boundunless it’s an international license. In that case they will addpoints against the license since the MVR can’t be run. After thepolicy is strapped a copy of the license needs to be faxed in. If notthe policy is in danger of being cancelled or not renewed. A valid driver’s license will be uniformly required in order to getliability insurance. This is a type of insurance that protects youas the driver from liability to a third party for damages caused byyour own negligence while operating a vehicle. Insurers require alicense so as to ensure some minimal level of familiarity withoperation of a vehicle. That said, you may be able to get physicaldamage coverage for the vehicle even if you do not have a license.This includes losses due to collisions and those that come underthe comprehensive coverage, such as violated glass, hail harm, etc.In this respect, the insurance would insure your ownership interestin the vehicle, rather than fault from operating it. In fact, ifthe vehicle is financed, the lender may require that physicaldamage coverage be obtained so as to preserve the value of thecollateral. Yes you can. As long as your license hasn’t been permanentlyrevoked. You will have to get a non-standard policy however. Someless than reputable firms will issue you insurance withoutverifying your DL (as long as they make a copy). The problem comesif/when you ever attempt to make a claim on said policy. Automobileinsurance issued in your name is only valid if you have a validdriver’s license. Read the fine print. There are lots of reasons why someone would need insurance withouta drivers license. Say if you have a car, but cant drive it, andrent so don’t have homeowners insurance, you would want the carinsured if you were compelled to park / store it in an area where itwas likely to incur harm. Also, for people with revoked licenses,you have to send proof of insurance in to the state to get yourlicense back, so need to get insurance Before you can get yourlicense. Yes, you can get insurance on a provisional license and without anyas long as you state it when your getting quotes. Not necessarily, Most carriers will require you to have one but others can insureyou if you don’t or have had one suspended. Independent agents that suggest policies through numerous carriersare your best bet to obtain coverage.

Do you need a drivers license to get car insurance?

No, Not necessarily, There are many insurance companies that will issue auto insurance coverage to you without a drivers license. It just depends on the underwriting requirements of the insurance company. Most of the larger national companies will require a drivers license very first but many local and regional insurers will have no problem with it.

Do all drivers need auto insurance?

No, but if you wish to actually drive a vehicle, you will needto have insurance on that vehicle. A driver must also have a validdriver’s license. Anyone who wishes to drive a car on a publicstreet needs to have that vehicle registered and licensed as wellas having liability insurance on that vehicle.

What license do you need to sell auto insurance?

In general, a Property & Casualty license is required. States may differ on the precise requirements for obtaining such a license, but all have a testing procedure and require continuing education at stated intervals.

Need auto insurance to be able to get a drivers license?

No car but have a Florida drivers license do i need to carry insurance?

No. You do not have to carry insurance in Florida if you dont own a vehicle.

Do you need a driver’s license to buy auto insurance?

Not to buy an auto insurance policy necessarily but you must haveone to be listed as a driver on the policy and to legally drive thevehicle.

Do you need insurance to get a drivers license?

SR-22, or state by state variants, is the only reason you would have to get insurance to get or renew your license or vehicle registration, except for the state of Fresh York, which all vehicles must be insured to be registered.

Do you need car insurance to get your drivers license?

In VA you must provide proof of insurance before you get your license if you own a vehicle

Do you need insurance to get a drivers license in Texas?

I am pretty sure you need insurance in every state except Wisconsin to get your license. In Wisconsin it is only illegal to have an accident without insurance (how bimbo is that!?). In ANY event, you should always have insurance to drive.

Do you need Insurance if you have a valid driver license?

yes because there might be a toasted/reckless driver and you need insurance if you’re in a crash to cover damages

Do you have to have car insurance to be able to own a drivers license?

You don’t have to have a car insurance at all. It’s only your option but it’s better for you/ if you have an accident the insurance company will pay it for you

Can you get a drivers license without auto insurance?

This reaction depends upon the country the driver is in. In the United States, Financial Responsibility laws exist in all, or in virtually all States. For the most part, these require a form of “no fault coverage”, which is designed to pay a portion of the medical bills and lost wages of those who were in the car at the time of the collision. That said, the “no fault” law of the state in question likely creates categories of covered persons who are, or are not, entitled to coverage under the policy. When one is entitled to coverage of this type, it is payable without regard to fault for the collision (hence, the name). Financial Responsibility laws may also require the maintenance of liability coverage, albeit sometimes, only property harm liability (not bodily injury). This type of coverage pays the third party who may have sustained loss or harm as a result of the collision if the insured was negligent. In cases where Financial Responsibility laws exist, it will be necessary for the driver’s license applicant to present proof that he/she has a policy of his/her own, or is otherwise covered under a policy issued to another person (such as a parent).

My wifey doesn’t have a drivers license can that stop me from getting auto insurance?

That shouldn’t keep you from getting auto insurance as long as she is not listed as a designated driver of your vehicle. If your uninsured wifey should drive and be involved in an accident with another driver, your insurance will not pay.

Does every licensed driver in a household require auto insurance on a policy?

No. Consider the case of roommates who each own their own car and do not drive the other person’s car; there’s no reason for them to be insured on the other person’s policy just because they live in the same house.

Does your foreign wifey need to be added as a driver to your auto insurance?

All members of the household need to be listed on the policy, if she is not licensed then she will need to be listed but excluded.

Does every licensed driver in a household require that they be on the same auto insurance pollicy?

Not necessarily. But all household members must be disclosed to the insurance company, and from there they either must be included or excluded. I would recommend everyone go on the same policy, that way you take advantage of multi-car, multi driver discounts.

Need auto insurance to be able to get a drivers license?

Do you need auto insurance if you have a drivers license?

Only if you plan to drive a vehicle. This is generally the reason people get a drivers license.

Do you need auto insurance if you have a car but no driver’s license?

Unlicensed Drivers and Auto InsuranceYes, All drivers of a motor vehicle on Public Roads are required to carry your states minimum liability coverage. There is “No Exception” for unlicensed drivers. It’s the Law. Without a valid license you will not be able to obtain coverage through the standard carriers as most of them will consider you ineligible for the programs they suggest. You will need to contact an Independent Insurance agent that has access to non-standard markets. One company that will still suggest you coverage is United Auto Insurance. there are others as well that will extend coverage to you. You will likely be paying a higher rate however as you will be considered high risk. ReactionI had a car back in my home town, I used to drive it without license. Now I feel it was wrong . You can not get auto insurance if you do not have a valid drivers license because you can not legally operate a motor vehicle on a highway. The definition of a highway is “any” street for public motor vehicle travel. You can lie and attempt and use a state ID card or something to actually buy auto insurance but as soon as your agent finds out you do not have a license your policy will be canceled and they may deny you in the future for that reason. If you get into an accident and you attempt to use that insurance you will find out that somewhere in the puny print is a statement that says they will not be required to cover you in the event you operate a motor vehicle without a valid operators license.

Do you put a teenage on your auto insurance when they get their permit or drivers license in N.C.?

Call your agent on this one. Different companies have different policies on this. Most of them do not charge for them until they have a driver’s license but want them listed on the policy when they have a permit or some even ask that you list all children over a certain age such as 13 so they can ask about them later. For total disclosure, I own and operate a puny Independent Insurance Agency in Central Georgia and have for the past 22 years. I worked a an agent with a direct writer for Trio years prior to that.

What types of coverage do most drivers need for auto insurance?

This is not a question that someone can response for you over the internet. I recommend that you find a local Independent Insurance Agent that you can do business with. Very first you might want to educate yourself a little on what coverages are suggested in your state. This you can do on the net. Be fair with the agent concerning your driving record and claims history and anything else they ask. They will work with you to tailor the insurance to what you want and will quote several insurance companies to find the best rate and service. For utter disclosure, I own and operate a petite Independent Insurance Agency and have for the past 22 years. I also worked for a direct writer for the Trio years before that.

Do you need to display a drivers license for an auto rental?

To rent a car from any rental company includint moving trucks you will need to demonstrate a valid driver’s license at the time you pick up your rental.

Can a 23 year old as a licensed driver be covered on parent’s auto insurance policy?

Sure, The policy proprietor can add any driver to their auto insurance policy, In fact, If you are a regular driver the possessor is required to disclose such and list you as a scheduled driver, otherwise the insurance company could deny coverage in the event of an accident involving an unscheduled driver. It does not matter if your related or not.

When your child gets his or her drivers license do you have to add them to your auto insurance plan?

You can add your licensed child to your Auto Insurance Plan or you can get the child their own Auto Insurance Policy. The choice is yours but it’s usually cheaper just to add them to your existing policy. Your Auto Insurance contract requires that you notify your insurer of any switch in household drivers that effect the risk associated with your policy. In any event they must be covered to serve with the law. Bear in mind that all drivers who operate a motor vehicle on public roads are required to maintain proof of financial responsibility at all times. There is no exception of law for a child driver. Additionally if your licensed child is still your minor dependent, then parental responsibility still applies and you are financially liable for their deeds. This is why many insurance companies require that they be added as soon as they commence driving.

Will your auto insurance cover someone with an australia drivers license?

Sure it would as long as you live in Australia. If you live in the US then they would very likely not recognized as licensed. Be very careful. Most insurance policies state that if you permit an unlicensed driver to drive your vehicle and you know or should know that they are not licensed you have no coverage. Don’t take a chance. Call your agent and have them make sure of the response if he says no problem. Get the name of a person at the company who states it is alright.

Had auto insurance other driver had no insurance and no drivers license and is sueing?

Sorry, but just because the other driver had no insurance or license doesn’t mean they were at fault in the accident. Anyone can sue for anything, it does’t mean they will win. Turn over any suit papers you get served with to your insurance agent instantaneously and they will treat it. Your insurance company will pay for any damages and will pay for your defense.

Do you need a drivers license in a state to get auto insurance in that state?

This is a question that depends on the policies of individual insurance carriers. Some companies require you to have a license in the state but most do not. Most companies will let you keep your current license until the license renews then you must get a license in the state where you live.

What do you need to get an auto insurance license?

Texas residents who own a registered vehicle in the state are required to purchase car insurance before they can apply for a driver’s license. When it comes time to apply for a license, the applicant will need to demonstrate proof of an automobile policy. Proof must also be shown when renewing a driver’s license.

Which drivers need to buy state auto insurance?

Presently, all drivers in the United States are required to have some form of auto insurance. The minimum requirements vary by state, but there is a universal requirement to have some coverage.

Should you lose your license for no insurance if you are listed as a driver on your spouse’s auto insurance policy?

The question is a little confusing. If the spouse or person is listed on the insurance policy as a driver of the vehicle then they are indeed insured and should not be subject to being penalized for that specific issue.

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