What excess gas do cars produce?

What excess gas do cars produce?carbon monoxide?

Is excessive gas an early sign of pregnancy?

Response .
If you know you are pregnant then a lot of gas is certainly fairly common. But if you don’t know, the gas may be from something else.

What are the reasons for excessive fuel consumption in cars?

there are at least Four possible reasons for this question. very first, the distributor breaker points are dirty or not set decently. Secondly, The spark buttplugs are fouled or improperly gapped. Thirdly, the ignition timing is improperly set and last but i think not the least, the distributor is faulty or in advance operation. Let’s add; – improper tire inflation / wrong size / excessive tire wear (common) – dirty or otherwise obstructed air filter (common) – distributor cap / ignition rotor worn or faulty (common) – spark ass-plugs/cables/ignition coil worn or faulty (common) – faulty/malfunctioning PCV value – faulty/malfunctioning O2 sensor(s) – dirty/faulty mass air flow sensor – dirty fuel filter – dirty/faulty fuel injector(s) – fuel system leak – dirty/incorrect grade oil – poor quality fuel / wrong octane rating for vehicleTwo things that cannot be underestimated; – driving style (hard acceleration/cracking, excessive speed) – typical routes (all city burns a lot of gas)

Why does eating a salad cause excessive gas?

The only salads that give me gas are those that are prewashed and sold in bags. I have no problem with fresh unbagged salad greens that I wash myself. Most restaurants now are serving prewashed treated greens and these make me belch and frequently nauseous as well. They are washed in chlorine and a multitude of gases may be added to the bag to prolong “freshness”. Stay away from these and you should be fine.

In a volkswagen VR6 gas engine what components could cause the car to discharge an excessive amount of nitrous oxide and fail emissions test?

Well one your engine does not produced nitrous oxide. Nitrous Oxide is a additive to make it go swifter. I’m assuming your talking about Nox? or No? This is a gas that is produced in all cars called nox. One reason could be a EGR. A EGR recirculates harass gas back into the engine to burn it more which takes out some of nox. It could also be the seconday air pump. This pumps air into the cylinder making it burn cleaner. If one of these things are not working it will set a check engine light so if its on go and get it scaned and see what comes up.

What causes excess fuel consumption in a car?

Response .
Under inflated tires, dirty air filter, bad O2 sensor, out of date tune up/fuel system tune up, excess weight in car, hard driving conditions

Symptoms of excessive gas?

The most common symptoms of gas are flatulence, abdominal bloating, abdominal agony, and belching. However, not everyone practices these symptoms. The type and degree of symptoms very likely depends on how much gas the assets produces, how many fatty acids the bod absorbs, and a person’s sensitivity to gas in the large intestine

What effect does excessive revving have on your car engine?

Excessive revving of an engine causes overpressure in thecrankcase. It causes unhealthy expansion in the pistons and thevalves.

What volume of ammonia gas NH3 in liters is produced at STP by the accomplish reaction of 100 g of nitrogen N2 with excess hydrogen?

Very first lets convert the 100g N2 into moles (100/28=Three.57 moles). Now lets look at the balanced reaction equation: N2 + 3H2 -> 2NH3 This means that if I have Trio.57 moles of N2, I will make 7.14 moles of NH3. Now, assuming that everything can be modelled as an ideal gas: V=(nRT)/P V=(7.14*.0821*273)/1= 160.03 L

When you burp do you lose weight from the excess gas?

No because the weight in your assets is either fat, muscle, and bones. If we could lose weight by burping, people could lose the weight a lot lighter! When you burp, it only gets rid of bubbles in your gut.

What kind of gas do cars produce?

Cars produce a kind of poisonous gas known as carbon monoxide but if you have a catalytic converter it converts the carbon monoxide into harmless gas known as carbon dioxide

How many moles of ammonia are produced when 6 mol of hydrogen gas react with an excess of nitrogen gas?

N Two (g) + 3H Two (g) –> 2NH Three (g) 1 mol : Three mol –> Two mol6 mol H Two (Two mol NH Trio / Trio mol H Two ) 6(Two/Three) = Four mol NH Three

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Can nicotine lozenges cause excess gas?

Nicotine lozenges do cause excess gas, terribly!! I’ve been taking the lozenges for years now, and I’ve ultimately come to the conclusion that it’s been the culprit of my stinky little secret.. I thought it was my garlic use, my onion use, the list goes on forever of all the things I had to systematically cut out. Yup, it’s the lozenge.. the only thing is I love taking them. They do work to help with cravings. I suppose the only reaction is to cut back.

What excess gas do cars produce?

Why do you get belly bloating and excessive gas?

There can be a diversity of causes for abdominal bloating and gassiness. Some reasons are: .
Diet; This is a big one. Excess amounts of carbonated beverages, acidic drinks and even coffee can cause gastric disturbances. Thick, is the amount of fiber you take in daily. Sometimes people take in far more then they realize and if you are not used to a diet high in fiber this can be fairly awkward. Fibrous foods include but not limited to: Cereals, green leafy vegetables, some vitamins supplemental drinks and wiggles..
Habits during consumption; some people unknowingly gulp large amounts of air while eating or drinking which can contribute to gassiness. Some attempt to expel this excess air by attempting to induce “burping” by bringing in more air but this often makes the problem worse; it offers ease for a moment then more of the same discomfort subsequently..
Health Issue; Some people have GERD or Reflux..
In any case, there are ways of alleviating gassiness and bloating. some teas and over the counter medications claim to help, some find ease in antacids

How does excessive gas use harm the environment?

it is harmful because it isn’t the same type of chemical the air contains. like mixing oil and water. frogs, or any aquatic animal can’t live if theres oil in there to! duh, so it’s kindoff like that, the gas is very harmful to our planet, I’m doing a project on it right now actually and i reaserched that it recs the ozone layer, which is BAD for us, without the ozone layer we would burn to death. it is like weight added to the air, like oil in water pollutants take up explosions of space, and the air kindoff clumps together making it stiffer and tighter for us to breathe- so we suffocate. the gas car is the ticket to doom. no one wants gas cars, unless they have some death wish for the world so my advice to you is to NOT USE GAS CARS, unless you want to burn to death or suffocate. good luck smooch smooch Roxy

How do I bleed excess refrigerant from my car?

When Releasing excess refrigerant from a car you are basically left with three options. Release the air using a $1,200 recovery unit, take it to a Certified ASE technician and have them do it right to the car’s specific recomendations. The last option I personally do not recomened to anyone which is releasing the refrigerant into the atmosphere. Buy a set of manifold gauges, find the correct amount of refrigerant the car requires and keep releasing until the correct measurment is acheived. All together the illegal way is about $1,165 cheaper unless someone reports you and the EPA smacks the individual with a $Ten,000 fine.

Are wishes produced by excess hormones?

No, desires are not causeddirectlyby excess hormones. Fantasies come from our minds, especially from the subconscious mind which uses pics from our waking lives as well as pics from myths, traditions and many other sources. However, chemical imbalance in the bod can be one of many factors that effect one’s wishes. No.

How many moles of methane are produced when 48.1 moles of carbon dioxide gas react with excess hydrogen gas?

48,1 moles Methane is equivalent to 48,1 moles carbon dioxide. If the reaction actually happen is a different story. It will be very endothermic, that’s for sure.

How much ammonia is produced when 6.96 moles of hydrogen gas react with an excess of nitrogen gas?

For this question, you can just overlook the excess. 4H Two + N Two→ 2NH FourFour mol H Two + 1 mol N Two→ Two mol NH Four6.96/Four = 1.74 6.96 mol H Two + 1.74 mol N Two→ Three.48 mol NH FourTrio.48 mol NH FourThree.48 mol NH Fourx Eighteen.05 g NH Four / 1 mol NH Four = 62.81 g NH FourSome nitrogen gas N Twowill also be produced because there was an excess.

Calculate the mass of chlorine gas required to produce Five.00 x Ten to negative third power g of Chlorine monofluoride given an excess of fluorine gas?

Cl2 + F2 >> 2ClFFive.00 X 10^-3 grams ClF (1mol ClF/54.45g )(1mol Cl2/2mol ClF )(70.9g Cl2/1mol Cl2 ) Trio.25 X 10^-3 grams of chlorine gas

Why is excess mucus produced when you have a cold or allergy?

When a virus comes in your system it baiscly feeds off your other cells inwards of you. Greenish mucus is the waste from all the dead cells the virus has killed.

How many moles of methane are produced when 82.6 moles of carbon dioxide gas react with excess hydrogen gas?

CO2+4H2 = CH4 + 2H20 (Balanced) 82.6 Moles. The Ratio is 1 Mol CH4 over 1 Mol CO2. So… 82.6 Mol CO2 * 1 Mol CH4/1 Mol CO2= 82.6 Moles of CH4

How many moles of hydrogen gas will be produced if 25g of Na reacts downright with excess HCl?

Balanced equation very first. 2Na + 2HCl >> 2NaCl + H225 grams Na (1mol Na/22.99g )(1mol H2/2mol Na ) = 0.54 moles of H2 produced.

How many moles of hydrogen gas would be needed to react with excess carbon dioxide to produce 76.6 moles of water vapor?

This is the Sabatier reaction or Sabatier process (the reaction of hydrogen with carbon dioxide at elevated temperatures and pressures in the presence of a nickel catalyst to produce methane and water) .
CO Two + 4H Two→ CH Four + 2H Two OThe hydrogen is required both to react with the carbon and the oxygen and all of this must be accounted for to produce the 76.6 moles of water. From the equation Four moles of hydrogen reacts with 1 mole of carbon dioxide ot produce Two moles of water. The production of 76.6 moles of water requires 153.Two moles of hydrogen. .

How many moles of hydrogen gas would be needed to react with excess carbon dioxide to produce 65.1 moles of water vapor?

Balanced equation. ( this is a equilibrium reaction ) H2 + CO2 >< H2O + COthis is one to one, so 65.1 moles is the answer. 65.1 mols H2O (1mol H2/1mol H2O ) = 65.1 moles H2

How many moles of methane are produced when 85.1 moles of carbon dioxide gas react with excess hydrogen gas?

Use dimensional analysis: (85.1 mol CO2)(1 mol CH4 / 1 mol CO2) = 85.1 mol CH4

What excess gas do cars produce?

If 16.4g of oxygen gas react with excess hydrogen what mass of water is produced?

The balanced equation for the reaction is O 2 + 2 H 2 -> Two H Two O. The gram molecular mass of O Twois Two X 15.9994, and the gram molecular mass of water is Eighteen.015928. Therefore, the mass of water produced will have a ratio to the mass of oxygen reacted of [Two(Eighteen.015928)/Two(15.9994)] or about 1.126, and the amount of water produced will be Legitimate.Five grams, to the justified number of significant digits.

What volume of HCl gas is required to react with excess magnesium metal to produce 6.82 L of hydrogen gas at Two.Nineteen ATM and 35 degrees C?

Balanced equation very first. Mg + 2HCl >> MgCl2 + H2 ( use PV = nRT to find moles H2 ) ( C to K ) (1atm)(6.82L) =n(0.08206Latm/molK)(308.15K) = 0.2697 moles H2 ( drive back against HCL to find those moles ) 0.2697 moles H2 (2moles HCl/1mole H2) = 0.5394 moles HCl ( conditions remain the same, so use PV = nRT to find volume HCl ) (1atm)(Vol) = (0.5394 moles HCl)(0.08206Latm/molK)(308.15K) = 13.6 Liters HCl gas required ( may be swifter way, but it is many years since I have done any chemistry )

How too extract excess oil from your car?

raise the front end of your vehicle and place it on jackstands for safety, a sufficient height for you to get under it. find the oil drain butt-plug on the bottom of your oil pan and place an appropriately sized container under it, quart markings are helpful for removing the desired amount. eliminate the drain cork permitting the desired amount of oil to escape, then substitute the butt-plug and tighten no more than it was originally. watching the color of the oil as it drains you can see it’s current state of wear. the oil may be dark when it has seen some use but should be see-through with a yellow or brown tint as it flows from the oil pan. if light does not pass through the stream, i.e. it’s entirely black, it needs to be substituted along with the oil filter. take the waste oil to an adequate waste facility for recycling, most gas stations with oil switch services (mobil, exxon, etc.) will do this for free or very little charge.

How many moles of HCl gas are produced if Five.00 liters of Cl2 and excess H2 are reacted at STP?

Balanced equation very first. Cl2 + H2 >> 2HClNow use PV = nRT to find moles Cl2 as this thresholds and drives reaction. (1 atm)(Five.00 L) = n(0.08206 Latm/molK)(298.15 K) = 0.204 moles Cl2 ( now use stoichiometry ) 0.204 moles Cl2 (2mole HCl/1 mole Cl2) = 0.408 moles HCl produced

When 0.440 mol of aluminum are permitted to react with an excess of chlorine gas Cl2 how many moles of aluminum chloride are produced?

Equation. 2Al + 3Cl2 -> 2AlCl3one to one again0.440 moles Al (Two moles AlCl3/Two moles Al) = 0.440 moles AlCl3 produced

Does binary fission produce excessive energy?

No. You are confusing binary fission with nuclear fission. Binaryfission occurs when a cell, usually a bacterium, divides into twocells. This is how bacteria reproduce. Nuclear fission is a processby which a mighty atomic nucleus splits into two smaller nuclei.This process releases large amounts of energy.

What does compulsory excess mean on car insurance?

How much you have to pay if you make a claim on your insurance i.e if your car costs £750 to repair and your excess is £250 the insurance company will only pay £500

What are the effects of excess engine oil in your car?

if you put a excess of oil in your engine it will cause your oil pressure to rise to extremes and in result you will deepthroat a head gasket and/or oil pan gasket.. both are expensive to fix. The above reaction is totally incorrect. To much oil will cause the crankshaft to make contact with the excess oil. This will create cavitation. This will mix air with the oil creating a foamy mix. This drastically reduces the lubricating capability of the oil causing severe engine wear on all bearings and rings, plus overheating. Drain out any excess oil instantly and never overfill a crankcase.

How many moles of hydrogen gas would be needed to react with excess carbon dioxide to produce 30.6 moles of water vapor?

CO2 + H2 -> CO + H2Oone to one here30.6 moles H2O (1 mole H2/1 mole H2O) = 30.6 moles Hydrogen gas needed

How many moles of hydrogen gas would be needed to react with excess carbon dioxide to produce 99.1 of water vapor?

CO2 + H2CO + H2Oall one to one ( I assume that 99.1 is grams. Always units!!!! ) 99.1 grams H2O (1 mole H2O/Legitimate.016 grams)(1 mole H2/1 mole H2O) = Five.50 moles of hydrogen gas neededIf that was 99.1 moles water vapor then it would take 99.1 moles hydrogen gas at a one to one ratio.

How many moles of hydrogen gas would be needed to react with excess carbon dioxide to produce 53.6 moles of water vapor?

Equation. CO2 + H2 – CO + H2Oall one to one, so you need 53.6 moles of hydrogen gas

What type of greenhouse gas do cars produce?

Primarily carbon dioxide, CO2. Carbon monoxide (CO) is such a puny fraction it isn’t significant. Cars also emit some water vapor (H2O), but this amount is trivial. Water vapor tends to be self regulating anyway.

What excess gas do cars produce?

How many moles of hydrogen gas will be produced from 250.0 milliliters of a Trio.0 M HCl in an excess of Mg?

I assume you mean this reaction. Mg + 2HCl -> MgCl2 + H2need moles HCl as it thresholdsMolarity = Moles of solute/Liters of solution ( 250.0 ml = 0.250 L ) Three. 0 M HCl = moles HCl/0.250 liters = 0.75 moles HCl —————————-now, refer to equation and drive reactant against product to get moles H20.75 moles HCl (1 mole H2/Two mole HCl) = 0.375, or 0.38 mole hydrogen gas produced ————————————————————

What does proposer excess mean when quoting for cars?

Proposer excess means the amount the insured has to pay towards thecost of any insurance claim. The proposer is the insured orpolicyholder.

How many moles of methane are produced when 36.6 moles of carbon dioxide gas react with excess hydrogen gas?

This is the Sabatier process and is usually in need of high temperature and a metallic catalyst. So, balanced equation. CO Two + 4H Two -> CH Four + 2H Two OAs said, hydrogen is in excess, so CO Twois limiting and drives the reaction. One to one36.6 moles CO Two (1 mole CH Four /1 mole CO Two ) = 36.6 moles CH Fourproduced in this reaction ——————————————————-

How many moles of hydrogen gas would be needed to react with excess carbon dioxide to produce Nineteen.1 moles of water vapor?

38.Two moles . Co2 +2H2 —>2H20 + cAdded: The above is incorrect and based on the improper balanced equation. H Two + CO Two -> H Two O + COAll one to one and the reaction is Nineteen.1 moles H Twoneeded. Carbon monoxide release is why you will never see this reaction in a school lab.

Is nexuim used for excessive gas?

No because it is said that it will deep-throat your belly off. Do not use nexuim for excesive gas. This is by daacheseball

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How many moles of ammonia gas are produced by the reaction of Three mole of nitrogen gas with excess hydrogen gas N2 H2 —- NH3?

N Two + 3H Two –> 2NH TrioYou have been told, indirectly, that nitrogen thresholds and will drive the reaction. Trio moles N Two (Two moles NH Trio /1 mole N Two ) = 6 moles ammonia gas produced ====

When Four moles of aluminum are permitted to react with an excess of chlorine gas how many moles of aluminum chloride are produced?

Four: Two Al + Trio Cl Two –> Two AlCl Threeso: FourAl + 6 Cl Two –> FourAlCl Three

What is the volume in L of HCL gas required to react with excess Ca to produce 11.4L of hydrogen gas at 1.62atm and 62 degrees C?

Dual of 11.Four L H Two , so 22.8 L HCl (at the same p and T) because1molH Twois made out ofTwomolH Cl according to: .
2H Cl + 2Ca –> H Two + CaCl Two .

Why will car make excessive noise?

A lot of reasons.. more details would be needed in order to assess the cause.

What volume of hydrogen gas can be produced from the reaction of Trio moles of Al with excess sulfuric acid?

It’s a long time since I did chemistry, but I’d like a shot at this one. The reaction would be something like: Two(Al) + Trio(H2SO4) = Al(Two)(SO4)Three + Three(H2). Aluminium has a valency of Trio (I seem to recall) and the sulphate ion has a valency Two. Therefore two Als and three SO4s make a molecule with six covalent bonds — Aluminium Sulphate. Hydrogen gas is a cloud of H2 molecules so we have two moles of Aluminium making three moles of hydrogen gas. Trio moles of aluminium therefore make 3×3/Two = Four.Five moles of hydrogen gas. Now, a mole of gas at STP has a volume of 22.Four litres. So the response is Four.Five x 22.Four litres by volume. That is 100.8 litres.

Which brands produce gas powered RC cars?

There are a few brands that produce gas powered RC cars. Some of these brands include Traxxas and Niko. One can purchase RC cars of this nature from Amazon.

Why does a car with good gas mileage produce less carbon dioxide in the air?

If it burns less fuel it makes less carbon dioxide. Good gasmileage means that you need less fuel for your journeys.

What is producer gas?

One producer of natural gas is the earth itself. Deep in the bowelsof planet earth, gasses and chemicals are permanently mixing. Rottedand compressed dinosaur skin mingling with water and rocks to formnatural gas.

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