Where can one find cars called Renault Clio?

Where can one find cars called Renault Clio?This car is a model from a manufacturer in France. A common one at that. If one desired to buy one of these cars he could look on car-trading websites, or if he wished, may travel to France himself to buy one.

Renault clio spare key starts car but decent key does not you have lost the spare?

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call a dealer, or the web site. have the VIN ready they will need it. The vin and key patterns are kept. usually you can order one from the company. hope it helps. duboff

How do you liquidate the battery from a Renault clio?

On my clio there is a vertical post besides the battery. This will actually undo if you place a socket on top. Approx 7mm socket will liquidate the post and therefore tweak at bottom.

1996 Renault clio immobilizer?

The engine immobilizer key switch is situated within the glove compartment. where in the glove compartment? there is only the light fixture.

Where can you find a fuse box diagram for Renault Clio?

On the fuse box door you can see a pictorial representation of what the fuse is for, for a more detailed description refer to your car manual (downloadable from https://www.pdf-search-engine.com/renault-clio-service-manual-pdf.html) or buy a copy of the Haynes manual from your local Halfords.

Where will you find the headlight relay in a Renault clio?

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The only headlight relay I can find is for the Clio II from 1998 onwards.
This is in the fascia relay box, relay no8.
This controls the low slat with the daylight running lamps.

Where is the fusebox in a 1999 Renault Clio?

its by the passenger door, under the glove compartment. the bit that is hidden when the door is closed. it might have a sticker telling “airbag” on the panel. if you lift the panel off, the fuses are there behind the panel.

Where is the Renault Clio Trio factory?

The Renault Factory is located in Flins, France. The factory wasbuilt in 1952 and produces the Renault Clio third generationcars.?æ

Renault clio sensor for central locking told it is by the interior light in the front of the roofi cant find it clio 1.Two year 2001?

it should be in the same casing as the interior light, slide a credit card inbetween the casing and the roof lining to unhook the catches… then it is a puny board fastened by about Four wires…
looks just like a miniature camera, youll know when you get it

Leaking sunroof Renault clio?

BETTA WINDSCREENS CLIO 98/05SUNROOF REPAIRSBetta Windscreens Stockport Repairs to Renault Clio 98/05 SunroofRepair of a sunroof on a Renault clio can be carried out by anyone who likes a bit off a challengeDevices Needed are ; • one Ten mm• ratchet spanner• one sealer gun• tube of silicone sealer clear or black is best one• bottle of white sprit• old rags to clean up• glass cleaner• spandex gloves• bog spreader/plastic cardLets begin, as sunroof fitters we are aware there is a big problem with the Sunroofs in clios so were going to help you fix it. Beginning in the driver seat, open the treat on a manual roof, behind the treat you will see the joint in the trim which holds the headlining to the roof. Take hold of the trim by the joint, pull forward and liquidate the trim. Once the trim is eliminated the headlining can be pulled down slightly to expose the 10mm bolts. The housing unit which contains the light is not immobilized by screws and can just be pulled down in one accomplish unit. By holding the head lining down approximately Four – Five inches the 10mm ratchet spanner can be used to liquidate the bolts which hold the lower framework to the upper framework. Once all bolts are liquidated the sunroof drain pipes which are located in the Two front corners need to be shoved forward to separate them from the sunroof framework. Once this is achieved the sunroof can now be lifted out commencing from the back. Once the sunroof has been liquidated from the vehicle glass side down you will find that the roof was fitted with a damning gauze from the factory, once you have found this you have now found the problem. Eliminate the damning gauze with a plane headed screw driver. Clean the back with white spirits, wait for the spirit to evaporate. Whilst the spirit is evaporating the roof needs to be cleaned any damning gauze which is stuck to the roof should be liquidated. Once dry then we can apply the silicone sealer to the upper framework of the sunroof. Don’t be bashful when applying sealant i recommend going round twice. Using a pair of spandex gloves pick up the sunroof and substitute into position make sure that the sunroof is sat correctly liquidate gloves come in the car and begin to substitute the 10mm bolts. Once all bolts are fully tightened the pipes which are located at the front can be reconnected. The headlining trim can now be put back and the interior light calving can now be shoved back into position. From the outside of the vehicle all excess sealer can be eliminated with a bog spreader or a plastic card. Do not use a metal scraper as this can scrape the roof. Once excess sealer has been liquidated using a rag and white spirit clean off the remainder the sealer once this has been achieved dump glass cleaner on glass and paint work and grind up. Job well done. NOTESDo not carry out work on a warm day because by the time you have got all the bolts back into the sunroof the sealer will be semi set and this will be hard to liquidate. If you are in the Stockport/Greater Manchester area and feel that you are incapable to carry out this work we would be glad to carry out this work on your behalf. Price as goes after; Manual £105 + vatElectrified £125 + [email protected]

How to stop Renault Clio hazard warning lights coming on when not required and car is parked?

take out the fuse for indicators. open the passenger door to access the fuse box on the lhs of the facia. the lid unclips and shows embossed icons which identify the fuses. you will have to use palm signals if you drive the car.

What are the car stereo wiring colour codes for a 1993 Renault clio?

The crimson wire is the positive wire. The black wire is the groundwire. The green and yellow wires are the speaker wires. The whitewire is the auxiliary wire.

Where is the fuse for the radio on Renault clio?

The fuse is in the engine compartment on the left mitt side either beside or behind the battery, its covered with a blck sometimes hinged flap. It one of the back ones

Where can one find cars called Renault Clio?

How do you switch a horn on Renault clio?

This is a indeed complicated procedure. It is best to leave to theprofessionals to make sure that all of the wires are hooked upcorrectly.

Where is Fuel pump on Renault clio?

It would be available inwards your fuel tank. You will need to gothrough the trunk in order to find this part and substitute it.

Where is the odometer in a Renault clio?

Another name for an Odometer is a Speedometer, situated right in front of the drivers eyes in the instrument panel./////the speedometer tells you the speed of the vehicleas the odometer tells you the distance the car has traveledthe odometer is normally mounted in the spedeometer

Wiring diagram for a Renault clio?

A mechanic may use a diagram for a Renault Clio to do necessaryrepairs. The diagram is helpful because it gives an outline of howthe car is made.

How do i switch car battery Renault clio p reg?

If you look cautiously there is a long steel rod which it vertical tot he battery. There is a tweak at the base of the battery that holds the battery down. This long steel rod is linked to the clip. The top of the rod is shaped to take a spanner (I use pliers on mine). You unscrew the long rod (which is the same height as the battery) and when it unscrews the tweak stays fastened to its bottom. Pull the unscrewed rod out, and the battery will now lift out.

How do you liquidate the dashboard from a Renault clio?

eliminate left and right side A poles facia panels (pull off cautiously) eliminate steering wheel upper and lower shroud (Three screws) unscrew instrement panel screws (x2) just underneath the panelunscrew the Three screws right inbetween the dash and windscreen ( 1 in middle, Two either side) Open passenger and drivers door, eliminate single screws on each side near air vents. (you should have liquidated the a pole panels and Ten screws, or the dash wont budge) Pull the entire dash towards you.

Where is crankshaft sensor Renault clio?

The crankshaft sensor Renault Clio is located on the bottom of theengine, near the oil filter. It is connected to the vehicle’scomputer and permanently provides information about the position ofthe crankshaft.

Renault clio odometer not working?

the magic eye sensor on the fly wheel needs substituting i had the same problem with mine 🙂

How do you open the boot of a Renault clio?

Assuming the car is unlocked… The button is in the middle of the Renault badge on the boot. hope that helps!

Where is flasher unit in a Renault clio?

depends on year, 1991-1998, the flasher unit is underneath the fuse box, which is underneath the glove compartment

How can you find fuel isolator on Renault clio 02?

Daughter has a Clio 1.Two 2002 model , 8 valve. Battery is fine but engine won`t begin. Gives the effect of a poor battery. Have been told something about a fuel sensor ?.
Many Thanks to anyone who can help..

Renault clio type of coolant?

The clio (all engines) are water cooled. Refer to your possessor’s manual which will tell you where to put the water if you want to top up the coolant level.

Where is alternator situated in Renault clio?

If you have to ask that question then just bring your car to a mechanic, as if you have that little skill you will very likely do more harm than good just by lifting the bonnet.

Where can one find cars called Renault Clio?

Where can i find a turbo kit for Renault clio 1.Four?

u cant just add a turbo to any engine, you’d have to buy an engine that has a turbo as standard, normal enigines are strong enough to take a turbo worthless u spend big £££ on it

What is a Renault clio scuttle cover?

Its the cover that is under the front windscreen covering the wiper mechanism. hope that helps!!

Where do i find spare tire to switch Plane tire on Renault clio p reg?

its under the rear of the car on my Renault clio R reg, so I would say the same? anyone know how you get the thing out from under there?

How do you recode a Renault clio key?

Insert your key in the ignition. Turn it to accessories. Press your remote lock button until you hear a beep. Now it’s configured!

How can you find pictures of a Renault Clio dashboard?

search google which clio i have a mk1 i will take pics if you want send me a message

Where will you find the fuel pump relay in a Renault Clio?

hi affter one week attempting to begin car i paid out for diagnotic test on car .was told the problem was my fuel pump/ and crank censor /and low battery /substituted them car still wouldnt embark took( petrol pump relay )out cleaned both of them still didnt begin so got two relays from scrap yard .i notist some corosion on the relay block ceaned it with screwdriver and sand paper put relays in and yes it worked so what could of cost two pound ended up costing 150 substituting parts . in reaction to your question the relays are under fuse box on left forearm side of engine you have to lift the black block out to see them

How dO you get the back of the key for a Renault clio?

well if its like mine u have to snap it lol, there fairly often glued, but if never been open b4 jam a screwdriver in the side of it

Where can you find the window washer to put window cleaner in on a Renault clio?

the washer filler cap is at the top right forearm side when you are looking at the engine, its up on the trim panel

Where is the fan belt on a Renault Clio?

Standing at the front of the car it is on the left arm end of the engine.

Where do you find power steering oil in a 2004 Renault clio?

clio 2004 does not have oil pump or belt, it has an electronic ecuand motor affixed to steering column buried deep under the dashboard.

Where can I purchase a Renault Clio?

Renault Clio can be found in all Renault showrooms. Their showrooms are located across the country. The used cars are also available at various car dealers.

What are the Five best selling Renault Clio cars?

Renault Clio is a specific brand that doesn’t have submodels. It is a smaller car that has the functions and look somewhat of a Ford Prius but a little larger.

Where can one find cars called Renault Clio?

Where can one find a Renault Clio sale outside of Europe?

Renault sales are not restricted to Europe. Europe only accounts for a petite percentage of their sales. They have offices in India and South Africa as well.

How does the Renault Clio compare in terms of money to other cars similar to it in the current economy?

The Renault Clio is considered one of the most fuel-efficient puny cars available. In the current economy, purchasing a Renault Clio will save many individuals money.

What do Renault clio deals do?

A deal means a discounted price, or an incentive given when purchasing a car. Deals on the Renault Clio will vary depending on the retailer the car is purchased from.

Where can one find Renault clio for sale?

Renault Clios can be found through used car websites and used car dealerships. Auto Trader is a website that has this information, and possibly your local used car dealership as well.

Where can one rent a used Renault Clio car?

One can rent a used Renault Clio car at a car rental place that has used Renault Clio cars. One can also rent a used Renault Clio car from places such as Auto Trader.

Where can one find a Renault Espace car for sale in or around Syracuse NY?

An individual can find a Renault Espace car for sale in or around Syracuse, NY by simply visiting a specific car dealership. The car can also be found for sale on online auction sites.

Where can one find used Renault Escape car for sale?

There are a number of sources for information about used Renault Escape cars for sale. Auto Trader and Mega Automobile are suggested as online resources. If one is searching for a used Renault Escape car in the UK, one could refer to Motoring Friday and Exchange and Mart to obtain information concerning used cars that are on the market.

Where can one get Renault Clio car parts online?

Parts for European made cars like the Renault Clio can be found at a bevy of sites on the web. U.K. based Car Site and 24/7 Spares as well as Breaker Yard and Mick’s Garage are all viable options.

Where can one find Renault Clio car parts for a reasonable price?

By searching on the internet for this, one can find many options to compare prices. Some of the options are Breaker Yard, AEP Direct, and Carsite. Each suggest a different way of obtaining spare parts.

Where can one purchase alloy wheels for a Renault Clio?

One can purchase alloy wheels for a Renault Clio from various websites like Amazon or eBay. One could also visit a local car dealer and ask if they have any for sale.

Where might one purchase parts for a Renault Clio Bonnet?

Parts for a Renault Clio Bonnet can be found in junk yards if you are looking for affordable non crucial spectacle parts. If you are incapable to find parts in a junk yard, you can always look on places such as eBay.

Where can Renault Clio cars be found for sale in Idaho?

There are a number of places that one can buy a Renault Clio car in Idaho. These include Right Price Auto Sales, Used Cars Idaho and the classified ads of local Idaho papers.

What product is the Clio Renault?

Clio Renault is a mini car, that was produced by the French automobile manufacturer Renault. The car was originally launched in 1990, and it is presently in its fourth generation of modeled cars.

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