Can you get car insurance without a car to insure?

Can you get car insurance without a car to insure?No. Reminisce that insurance goes after a vehicle very first, operator 2nd. So, without having a car to insure, no rate can even be detected to begin with.

Can you get car insurance without having a title?

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depending on the state you live in you COULD get insurance without possessing a CAR. Ask your insurance professional about it.

Are you permitted to own a car without insurance?

Yes, but you might need to get a waiver of insurance requirements from the state if the vehicle has a valid registration. If the vehicle does not have valid plates then no insurance would be needed. Don’t drive an uninsured vehicle however.

What happens if you’re in a car wreck without car insurance?

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If you got into wreck WITHOUT an Insurance. This is going happen to you is going face in court for No Insurance your car. there some State have Stictly law about without no insurance can cause your Insurance go Higher. best is get insurance on your car with fully coverly. that will save your neck from court.

Can you get car insurance on your car without a drivers license?

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Yes, insurance is designed to protect the car as well as a driver. If you are not driving it at all, then the insurance premium should be lower.

Can you drive a car without car insurance?

In most states it is unlawful to operate any motor vehicle without carrying some form of insurance that sate the minimum financial responsibility requirements for your particular state. Most states also have severe penalties for people who drive without insurance with the Two most common penalties being a 1-year license suspension and impoundment of your vehicle, in which you have to pay a HEFTY fine to get it out. Also, if you were to have an accident with no insurance, not only could you be penalized as described above but you could be sued Strongly and be financially screwed for a long, long time.

You hit a car without car insurance?

If You hot a car and you do not have insurance to cover the damages you Caused. You can still meet your financial responsibility and legal obligations by paying for all the damages you caused yourself out of pocket..
This is what the financial responsibility is all about.

Can someone get car insurance on your car without the title?

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Typically insurance companys do not request to see the title when insuring a vehicle, however you could run into trouble if an accident, specifically a total loss occurs, because they will not be able to make (final) payment on the claim without this. Why not file for a lost title now?

What happens if you have no insurance and you were hit by someone without car insurance?

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You each walk away with nothing – your only recourse is to take the person who hit you to court and sue for damages. However, chances are if that person has no insurance, they have no job, and thus no income which to pay you the damages should the court award in your favor.

Can you buy a car without car insurance?

Sure, if you just want to buy it but not drive it. Oh yes and if you have enough cash to pay for it without financing any of the purchase price. This is because most states require you to have insurance to drive or get a tag and if you finance the purchase you will have to purchase insurance as part of your finance contract.

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You can buy and insure a car without a license?

A license is not required to purchase a ca; however, you will have to have a valid license to get insurance..
Most lenders require A valid license before they will loan money on a car.

Can you drive an insured car without insurance?

If you are “Uninsured”, then you are “uninsured. You may or may not be an insured driver on the vehicle owners policy. Just because someone else has coverage for that vehicle does not automatically mean you are a covered driver. The insured should contact the insurance company or the insurance agent to determine the status of an unscheduled driver. Some auto insurance policies will cover the occasional driver while other policies will not. All drivers of a motor vehicle on public roads are required to carry proof of financial responsibility at all times.

Can I have Auto insurance without a car?

Ask an insurance company for a “broadform” policy. That will cover you for any car you drive. .
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Yes, albeit it’s rather pointless. Why pay for insurance on something that you don’t even have or own … there is no need. If you drive someone else’s car, you are covered under their insurance policy, provided you have their permission to drive it.

Can you get car insurance without a car to insure?

Who sells insurance to a driver without a car?

a non-owners auto insurance policy can provide liability coveragein the event you operate a vehicle that is not wielded by you norinsured under your name.

How do you buy a car insurance without a SSN?

There are a few sites that do not require your individual informationlike your social security number (SSN) when they give you an autoinsurance quote. One such site, does notrequire your SSN and therefore, does not run a credit score orcredit history check.

Can you get car insurance without the car being registered?

Yes. Most insurance will refer to the car by VIN number, and not by license plate.

Can you get car insurance without a car?

Insurance without a CarNon Owners InsuranceYes, You can purchase Non-Owners Insurance, sometimes referred to as an Operators Policy or a Drivers Policy. It is not necessary to own a car to be insured to drive one. Blessed MotoringOther ResponseNo. The primary requirement of getting a car insurance is obviously with a car. And more to the point: Why would you want or need car insurance without a car? Yes you can; if you don’t have a car but drive a rental car or your friend’s car(s) then you can opt for non possessor’s insurance. Keep in mind that you may not need it; insurance goes after the car not the person so most auto insurance companies would accept the claim even if you were driving the car, not your friend.

Do you need car insurance without a car?

You need car insurance if you drive a car. If you want to drive amates car but your already insured you also need to have insuranceto drive your mates car. However, if you do not plan to drive thecar you do not need car insurance, if the car is not going to bedriven you could also take the car off road and their will be noneed to pay road tax for it, as long as the car is not on the road. The penalty’s for driving without insurance is 6 points, £120 fineand you could also get your car impounded as well as, getting yourlicence revoked by the DVLA. I think all user used only reliable service for Car Insurance tocover all your auto insurance and no hidden policy. i am also aauto car insurance provider so if any user want car insurance withreliable company visit my website any concern my

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Car stolen without car insurance?

You’re out of luck–you’ll need to come up with the money yourself to get a fresh car, or a bike.

Can you buy a car without insurance?

well, i think that you don’t need insurance to buy a car, but you need it to get the registration and the tag. Depending on what state you are in, if you pay cash you dont need insurance, albeit, insurance is the law. if you finance it the bank is going to require insurance before driving off the lot.

Can you get auto insurance without a car?

Yes, you can. Ask your insurance company for a “broadform” contract. This contract insures you for every car you drive.

Can you get driver insurance without a car?

No- you need to give information about your car in order to get insurance on it. You could insure yourself so that you are insured no matter what car you drive, but most of the time not.

Does your insurance cover a borrowed friends car without insurance?

If you are driving the car it may cover you, but it won’t cover a car unless it is on your policy. Depending on your policy it may not cover you either. Some insurance policies don’t cover you if you permit another driver other than yourself to drive your car. Check your policy.

How can you get money after a car wreck without insurance?

Who is it that doesn’t have insurance (your, or the ‘other’ person)? If you don’t have insurance and are at fault there is no way you can receive any money for the car. If ther other person involved is missing insurance then you will still be covered if you pay for collision or uninsured motorist.

Can you insure a car without a driving license?

In the UK you can. You would need to state on the application that you do not have a licence and consequently you would not be permitted to drive. The insurance would be purely to permit you to have the vehicle on a public highway, providing it is taxed and has a valid MOT certificate.

Can you have auto insurance without a car?

You do not have to own a vehicle to truss car insurance. If you do not own a vehicle you can purchase auto insurance to cover you when you are driving borrowed and unowned vehicles. Named non-owners insurance is a policy for individuals who drive borrowed cars and have a need for liability insurance. If you are required to provide an SR-22 to the DMV to keep your driving privilege and do not own a vehicle, named non-owners policies are the best solution. These policies will provide you with liability coverage in any car you do not own if you are found at fault for injuries or harm. .

Can you get car insurance without a car to insure?

Can you get car insurance for your car without a license?

Some companies will permit the named insured to be excluded as a driver. Recall that an exclusion means that you will not be permitted to drive the vehicle and if you do then there is no coverage at all if a claim occurs. You will also have to have anyone who is going to drive the vehicle listed on the policy as a driver. You can’t have a policy without a driver listed on it.

Can you drive without car insurance in Wisconsin?

You can under July 1, 2010. It becomes mandatory at that time. However, it is truly foolish to not carry insurance. Truly, truly foolish. In the words of the script from Christmas Vacation…”of all the cheap, lousy way to save a buck!”

Can you keep a car on the drive without insurance?

I would keep it in the garage but as long as you don’t drive it you should be fine.

Can you purchase a car without buying insurance?

Yes, but most states require insurance before you can register or license the car. Expanded ResponseThe individual states, almost unanimously, require licensed drivers to carry a certain level of liability insurance. But I do not know of a state that requires proof of insurance as a condition of mere ownership of a motor vehicle. This issue has come to the public eye in latest months because of comparisons inbetween state requirements for automobile liability insurance and proposed federal requirements for health insurance. It is claimed by advocates of federally-imposed health care insurance that the mandate is similar to that imposed by most states with regard to automobile liability insurance.

What if you have an accident without car insurance in a rental car?

you can’t get a car from a rental agency without very first purchasing rentals insurance. That’s not true. You have the option to deny insurance coverage provided by the rental company (that YOU pay extra for) when you get a rental, if you so choose. There is no policy (at least in the US) that states you have to provide insurance or accept the insurance they suggest. However, the specific company may have a policy rider that states you must PROVE that you HAVE Utter COVERAGE INSURANCE in order to rent their cars if you deny their extra-cost insurance coverage. But there is no “law” that says you have to have buy their insurance in order to rent from a car rental agency. You can look at rental-car insurance in one of two ways: as a rip-off, or, as a hassle free way to wash your palms of ANY harm responsibility to the vehicle, if you have extra money to throw away. Rental insurance is truly suggested to renters as an extra, in order to make money for the company. And most companies thrust the counter agents to sell all the add-ons, insurance, etc. by providing them commission for what and how much of it they sell to their customers. Don’t let them shove you into anything you don’t want. And if they do, walk-away and find another rental agency. ** Always check with your insurance company and be certain that your current auto insurance DOES cover you downright, while you’re in a rental car. You may not be covered if your private auto policy only has the minimum coverage required by law in your state. In that case, you might want to consider the extra coverage. But talk to your agent Very first. If you have a car and you have total coverage, your own insurance will usually cover you in ANY car that you drive. A rental, a friends, etc. If you have a wreck in a rental that is covered under your individual coverage, you would have to pay deductible and that’s all. If you wreck a rental and you have no insurance of your own, and you didn’t take the car rental company’s insurance, then you’re screwed and totally responsible for ALL of the harm to that rental vehicle. Also – some credit cards will cover insurance or harm if you rent a car with their card, but again, you need to check with the credit card issuer Very first before you make the assumption.

Can I obtain insurance without a car?

re: auto insurance, no; auto insurance is written on the vehicle, not on a person.

Can you get a car without having car insurance?

Of course you can. You just can’t drive it. Fresh Hampshire is the only state that does not require auto insurance.

Can you drive car without insurance?

Yes, if you have a drivers learners/ permit you do not need to be on insurance in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, And North Carolina. But, you need to be driving with a 21+ year old in the passenger seat.

Can you get car insurance without a address?

Yes and no. You’ll need to provide an address. If your homeless, use an address of a relative or friend

Can you get car insurance on a car without the title in your name?

Insurance for Someone Else’s VehicleYes, You can Insure the property of another Person. So Long as you have authorization to do so and the proprietor is benefited, or some other insurable interest in that property exists. An example would be a case where dad says ” OK, you can use my spare car but you gotta get your own coverage”. If You have permissive use from the possessor of a vehicle, then obviously you have an insurable interest. However, Only the Legal proprietor of the Property or the designated agent of the proprietor can receive compensation for the property in the event of a covered property loss. If you are insuring for liability only then this is not an issue. If you buy utter property coverage, Then Dad will be proud and glad you were prudent enough to fully insure his and your interest in the vehicle he loaned you. List all drivers for liability purposes and list dad for property interest. Another example would be almost every time we Rent A Car. When we purchase the daily insurance with the rental car we insure our liabilities in the use of Someone Else’s Vehicle. Yet another Example would be when a vehicle has been recently purchased and you are still in process of transferring the title. Naturally you can insure the vehicle so you can drive it while your working on the title transfer. Almost any Insurance agent can do this for you. You can not insure the property of another when no insurable interest exists. It would be unlawful to insure the property or life of another where the intent is to build up unduly from anothers loss. ReactionNo I don’t think you can because in order to register you insurance they need your name in the title. 🙂

Can you register your car without insurance?

Generally not. Virtually all states have “financial responsibility laws” that require certain levels and types of insurance to register a car or truck. In all cases, the insurer must be authorized to transact insurance in the State.

Can you get car insurance in Oklahoma without a license?

If you are speaking of insurance to cover your carelessness (negligence) in operating the car, the reaction is no. However, some auto insurance policies may extend coverage to youthfull people who have a learner’s permit, but that would be generally coverage via his/her parent’s policy. If you are speaking of physical harm coverage on a specific vehicle that you own or in which you have a legal interest, you can likely get physical harm coverage. This falls under the general heading of “insurable interest”, which refers to having a “stake” in the continued existence/condition of the vehicle.

Can you get car insurance without a car to insure?

Can you get car insurance without a drivers licencs?

Yes, but unless you list a licensed driver on your policy it will be very expensive.

Can a car be reposessed without having insurance on it?

Of course. If you don’t meet the obligations of your finance contract they have the right to reposess the vehicle. Your main obligations are to pay the payments as agreed and keep insurance on the vehicle as agreed. Read your finance agreement. I have seen many occasions when companies have to repo a vehicle because the customer won’t keep the insurance on it.

Why your car insurance increase without disturbance?

Inflation is one reason. Everything goes up over time. I used to buy a loaf of bread for .49 cents, now it costs $1.Nineteen.

What states can you drive without car insurance?

You can drive without Car insurance in Fresh Hampshire. I live here. If you are hit by an uninsured driver and you have insurance then your insurance pays for your medical and car repairs. Its another way poor and non working people screw over those who go out and work everyday and pay for their way in the world. If you drive, you should have to have insurance. Its dumb.

Can you purchase a vehicle without car insurance?

Yes, In the United States you can purchase a Vehicle without having insurance on it beforehand. You just can’t drive it off the lot or anywhere else.

Can you drive a car without insurance if you have sr22?

No. You cannot drive a car without insurance whether or not you have an SR22. You most likely are required to have the SR-22 endorsement because you were previously caught driving without insurance. If you want to liberate you license for a matter of years then go ahead and you won’t have to worry about driving any more.

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Can i drive my friends car without insurance?

It depends. If you are going to be driving a car in most states, the state requires you to have insurance. Your friend’s insurance could cover you but if you hurt somebody in an accident they will come after both you and your friend, so its significant to have your own coverage. You don’t want to lose all your money and all your possessions to a person you hurt just because you don’t have insurance. If you don’t own a car (like if your employer provides you a leased car and its the only car you drive), you can still buy insurance called a ‘non-owners’ policy. This would be good if you are going to be driving your friend’s car a lot.

What if the car dealer give you a car without decent insurance?

I don’t truly understand your question. The car dealer is not responsible for providing your auto insurance. It is your responsibility to obtain the decent insurance coverage for your vehicle and your situation.

How is safe to drive a car without comprehensive car insurance?

Car insurance covers many parts including collision, liability and comprehensive. If your car is paid for you may not be required to have comprehensive coverage. .
Comprehensive coverage is fornon-collisionincidents such as a fire, earthquake, a hail storm and theft. If your car is ruined in a storm or it is stolen, then you will have to absorb the loss. .
Motorists should have comprehensive coverage as well as other minimum coverage to protect themselves, their passengers and other drivers. .

How do you own a car without auto insurance?

You can own a car, but without auto insurance you cannot ply on the road and the Police will confiscate your licence.

Can you rent a car without private car insurance?

YesAll you have to have is a valid drivers licence and a credit card with enough limit left to cover the cost.But the insurance the rental company will charge is not cheap!

Can you get insurance on a car without it being regristered?

You can insure a car for it’s value or any amount you want. It does not have to be registered. If you are storing a car in a garage for a long period of time, it is a good idea to insure it against and harm.

Can you have a drivers license without car insurance?

Yes, you can. You don’t have to have a car insurance in order to have a driver’s license.

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