How do you eliminate a bonnet on a Renault clio?

How do you eliminate a bonnet on a Renault clio?undo the bolts and it will come off

How can you liquidate the ass-plugs ona Renault clio?

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U need to buy a 8mm250mm long socket. Halfords sell them for about £8 that is if it a 1.Two 16 valve engine

How do you eliminate the battery from a Renault clio?

On my clio there is a vertical post besides the battery. This will actually undo if you place a socket on top. Approx 7mm socket will liquidate the post and therefore clip at bottom.

1996 Renault clio immobilizer?

The engine immobilizer key switch is situated within the glove compartment. where in the glove compartment? there is only the light fixture.

How do you eliminate spark ass-plug for Renault clio?

what model is it? i.e mk2 Two.0 172 or mk3 1.Two 16v?.
mk3 1.Two 16v

Where is the fusebox in a 1999 Renault Clio?

its by the passenger door, under the glove compartment. the bit that is hidden when the door is closed. it might have a sticker telling “airbag” on the panel. if you lift the panel off, the fuses are there behind the panel.

Where is the Renault Clio Trio factory?

The Renault Factory is located in Flins, France. The factory wasbuilt in 1952 and produces the Renault Clio third generationcars.?æ

Leaking sunroof Renault clio?

BETTA WINDSCREENS CLIO 98/05SUNROOF REPAIRSBetta Windscreens Stockport Repairs to Renault Clio 98/05 SunroofRepair of a sunroof on a Renault clio can be carried out by anyone who likes a bit off a challengeContraptions Needed are ; • one Ten mm• ratchet spanner• one sealer gun• tube of silicone sealer clear or black is best one• bottle of white sprit• old rags to clean up• glass cleaner• spandex gloves• bog spreader/plastic cardLets commence, as sunroof fitters we are aware there is a big problem with the Sunroofs in clios so were going to help you fix it. Beginning in the driver seat, open the treat on a manual roof, behind the treat you will see the joint in the trim which holds the headlining to the roof. Take hold of the trim by the joint, pull forward and eliminate the trim. Once the trim is liquidated the headlining can be pulled down slightly to expose the 10mm bolts. The housing unit which contains the light is not motionless by screws and can just be pulled down in one finish unit. By holding the head lining down approximately Four – Five inches the 10mm ratchet spanner can be used to eliminate the bolts which hold the lower framework to the upper framework. Once all bolts are liquidated the sunroof drain pipes which are located in the Two front corners need to be shoved forward to separate them from the sunroof framework. Once this is achieved the sunroof can now be lifted out embarking from the back. Once the sunroof has been liquidated from the vehicle glass side down you will find that the roof was fitted with a damning gauze from the factory, once you have found this you have now found the problem. Eliminate the damning gauze with a vapid headed screw driver. Clean the back with white spirits, wait for the spirit to evaporate. Whilst the spirit is evaporating the roof needs to be cleaned any damning gauze which is stuck to the roof should be eliminated. Once dry then we can apply the silicone sealer to the upper framework of the sunroof. Don’t be bashful when applying sealant i recommend going round twice. Using a pair of spandex gloves pick up the sunroof and substitute into position make sure that the sunroof is sat correctly liquidate gloves come in the car and begin to substitute the 10mm bolts. Once all bolts are fully tightened the pipes which are located at the front can be reconnected. The headlining trim can now be put back and the interior light calving can now be shoved back into position. From the outside of the vehicle all excess sealer can be eliminated with a bog spreader or a plastic card. Do not use a metal scraper as this can scrape the roof. Once excess sealer has been eliminated using a rag and white spirit clean off the remainder the sealer once this has been achieved dump glass cleaner on glass and paint work and grind up. Job well done. NOTESDo not carry out work on a warm day because by the time you have got all the bolts back into the sunroof the sealer will be semi set and this will be hard to eliminate. If you are in the Stockport/Greater Manchester area and feel that you are incapable to carry out this work we would be glad to carry out this work on your behalf. Price as goes after; Manual £105 + vatElectrical £125 + [email protected]

How do you liquidate door panels on Renault clio?

Begin by removing the bolt where the door opens, and take out the 2bolts in the treat. Then liquidate the Four screws holding the basket atthe door.

How do you eliminate the center console from a 2003 Renault Clio?

You can eliminate the center console by removing the retaining bolts.You will also need to eliminate the shifter knob.

Where is the fuse for the radio on Renault clio?

The fuse is in the engine compartment on the left mitt side either beside or behind the battery, its covered with a blck sometimes hinged flap. It one of the back ones

How do you switch a horn on Renault clio?

This is a truly complicated procedure. It is best to leave to theprofessionals to make sure that all of the wires are hooked upcorrectly.

Crank sensor on Renault clio?

its ontop of the gearbox bolted to the block or head of the engine.its a nice effortless one to switch.

How do you eliminate a bonnet on a Renault clio?

How do you liquidate egr valve on a Renault clio 1.Five dci 2003 plate and where is it located?

it is located in the airbox under the air filter if i recall correctly (its been a while since i done one) pop the engine cover off, stir the airbox and filter to the side and you should be able to see it, i believe the valve its self is held in by Two 10mm bolts but once again its been a while since i done it, its a bit stiff to get out sometimes but it will come with some persuasion!

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What are the dimensions of a Renault clio?

Key DimensionsLength (mm) 3773 Width (mm) 1639 Height (mm) 1417 Unladen weight 1000 Boot Capacity (litres) 597Best RegardsIgor .

Where is Fuel pump on Renault clio?

It would be available inwards your fuel tank. You will need to gothrough the trunk in order to find this part and substitute it.

Where is the odometer in a Renault clio?

Another name for an Odometer is a Speedometer, situated right in front of the drivers eyes in the instrument panel./////the speedometer tells you the speed of the vehicleas the odometer tells you the distance the car has traveledthe odometer is normally mounted in the spedeometer

Wiring diagram for a Renault clio?

A mechanic may use a diagram for a Renault Clio to do necessaryrepairs. The diagram is helpful because it gives an outline of howthe car is made.

Where can I get a wiring diagram for a Renault clio?

asdawhere can I find a diagram of the wiring box on a 2001 Renault clio? please

How do you open bonnet of Renault Kangoo?

passenger side under glove box there is a pull lever, this will release your bonnet.

How do you eliminate the gear stick knob from a Renault Clio?

The gear stick not is held on with a retaining clip. The retainingclip is just below the gear shift not. Hold the retaining clip in,on both sides. The knob will come off.

How do you eliminate the dashboard from a Renault clio?

liquidate left and right side A piles facia panels (pull off cautiously) eliminate steering wheel upper and lower shroud (Trio screws) unscrew instrement panel screws (x2) just underneath the panelunscrew the Trio screws right inbetween the dash and windscreen ( 1 in middle, Two either side) Open passenger and drivers door, eliminate single screws on each side near air vents. (you should have eliminated the a pile panels and Ten screws, or the dash wont budge) Pull the entire dash towards you.

Where is crankshaft sensor Renault clio?

The crankshaft sensor Renault Clio is located on the bottom of theengine, near the oil filter. It is connected to the vehicle’scomputer and permanently provides information about the position ofthe crankshaft.

How do you liquidate the brake calipers on a Renault clio 182?

Undo the Two 18mm bolts and the caliper will come off in 1 chunk permitting you to switch the pads etc. Keep strain off the nimble brake hosepipe by tying it up out of the way. Don’t touch the caliper slider bolts, or the pentagram shaped screws. Cheers, Paul.

Renault clio odometer not working?

the magic eye sensor on the fly wheel needs substituting i had the same problem with mine 🙂

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How do you open Renault master bonnet?

Open the passenger door and look up to the left in the footwell. Here you will see the release lever. Pull it rearwards then go to the front of the vehicle and slip your fingers underneath the partly released bonnet feeling for a petite lever. When you find it shove it up and lift the bonnet open.

How do you eliminate a bonnet on a Renault clio?

How do you open the boot of a Renault clio?

Assuming the car is unlocked… The button is in the middle of the Renault badge on the boot. hope that helps!

Where is flasher unit in a Renault clio?

depends on year, 1991-1998, the flasher unit is underneath the fuse box, which is underneath the glove compartment

How do you eliminate the door panels and sleek the figure on a 2002 Mk2 Renault Clio?

there are two or three screws on the bottom of the door, where the plastic meets the metal of the door. Again, on the lower part of the door (maybe 1 on the side too).
Hope to help

How do you open the bonnet of a Renault megane?

On the UK (right palm drive) version of the Megane, there is a petite lever on the passenger side under the glove compartment and next to the door. This releases the bonnet. The Bonnet will now lift up an inch (2-3cm) at the front, and will be held in place by a petite retaining clip to a hook that is affixed to the front middle underside of bonnet (have a peek through the gap). Lift the clip (located just under the middle front of the bonnet) to release the bonnet fully, then raise bonnet and secure in raised position with petite supporting strut on right. .

Renault clio type of coolant?

The clio (all engines) are water cooled. Refer to your holder’s manual which will tell you where to put the water if you want to top up the coolant level.

Where is alternator situated in Renault clio?

If you have to ask that question then just bring your car to a mechanic, as if you have that little skill you will most likely do more harm than good just by lifting the bonnet.

How do you liquidate your fuel filter on a Renault clio?

effortless very first locate the oil filter when opening the bonnet then turn anticlockwise with a oilfilter instrument or alternatively use both forearms grip very taut & untwist making sure yiu dont dribble oil on yourself make sure engine is cold.

How do you liquidate Renault clio steering wheel?

To eliminate the steering wheel from a Renault Clio one must very first eliminate all screws from the back side of the steering column. Once all the screws are eliminated the steering wheel should be able to be wiggled free.

How do you liquidate the side repeaters of a Renault clio mark Two?

prise with a petite vapid head screwdriver, will just pop out careful not to break plastic holding clips

How do you liquidate the bumper on a Renault Clio Mk3 in order to switch the headlight bulb?

You need to eliminate; Both front Arch liners – 3-5 Grommets not sure exactly how many there are and Two Torx screws underneath holding them on. (Do this on both sides) The Two bolts and Two clips you see when you open the bonnet (Where the bonnet catch is) Two bolts underneath holding the under-tray on. And ultimately look through the arch gap like where the bumper meets the wing there’s 1 bolt on either side undo both of them and your done. P.S There is nothing else holding it on, may seem like it, just keep wiggling it. this is because the bumper and wing slot together and Reminisce to put some protection underneath you dont want it smashing off the groundHope this helps

How to Eliminate the high level brake light on a Renault clio?

This is a elementary task you will need i multi head screw driver if its a mk2.If you open boot at top of boot framework you will see two screws in center of metal work you need to unscrew them and then at eather end of the tailgate you will see two screws liquidate those screws the plastic on top of the tailgate is then clipped in with Three clips cautiously ease up plastic with brake light in and all three clips will just pop out once you have done that unclip wire socket using a vapid screwdriver and liquidate buttplug.unscrew the screws at eachside of light and it just lifts out.should take at most 15 mins.

What is a Renault clio scuttle cover?

Its the cover that is under the front windscreen covering the wiper mechanism. hope that helps!!

How do you eliminate a bonnet on a Renault clio?

How do you eliminate door panel for a Renault clio?

To eliminate a door panel from a Renault Clio all the mounting screwsneed to come off. After all screws have been eliminated the door panelcan be pulled off.

How do you recode a Renault clio key?

Insert your key in the ignition. Turn it to accessories. Press your remote lock button until you hear a beep. Now it’s configured!

How do you pop the bonnet on Renault laguna?

in the driver footwell there is a lever near the accelerator pedal on the side of the footwell, you can’t miss it.

How do you eliminate a manual gearbox on a Renault clio?

Please guide me on were i can check the gearbox oil level on my 2001 manual 16v Renault 1.Four clio? .

How dO you get the back of the key for a Renault clio?

well if its like mine u have to snap it lol, there fairly often glued, but if never been open b4 jam a screwdriver in the side of it

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Where is the fan belt on a Renault Clio?

Standing at the front of the car it is on the left arm end of the engine.

Where do you get a device to eliminate the sump butt-plug from a Renault Clio?

Most good car instrument shops will have them, usually a square drive slot in the head of the bolt, some normal socket drive kits may fit. (Normally the Three/8″ drive one, I have used the 6″ extension bar with the ratchet on the other end and it’s worked a treat). Recall to ALWAYS substitute the sealing washer when the buttplug is liquidated, if not I ensure a leak will develop.

How do you eliminate the fuel gauge sender on a Renault Clio – x reg petrol?

very first you disconnect the battery ,lift the rear seat to locate the unit,release both pipes and electrical taggs,attempt twisting the round plastic cap its simular to removing a light bulb but a lot tighter ,when released you can liquidate the unit,reminisce you are dealing with very inflamable fuel be safe at all times.

How do you eliminate serv indicator light on 2003 Renault clio 1.Two 16 v?

turn the ignition off hold the round button on the end of the wiper stalk and turn the ignition on while holding until the dash starts flashing and resets may say mileage until next service or count from Ten to zero

Where can I purchase a Renault Clio?

Renault Clio can be found in all Renault showrooms. Their showrooms are located across the country. The used cars are also available at various car dealers.

What do Renault clio deals do?

A deal means a discounted price, or an incentive given when purchasing a car. Deals on the Renault Clio will vary depending on the retailer the car is purchased from.

What is Clio Bonnet best known for?

The phrase “Clio Bonnet” is best known for being used during the widespread recall of the bonnets of Renault Clio cars in 2008, when all owners of second-generation Renault Clio cars made inbetween 1998 and 2005 were advised to get their cars checked.

Where might one purchase parts for a Renault Clio Bonnet?

Parts for a Renault Clio Bonnet can be found in junk yards if you are looking for affordable non crucial spectacle parts. If you are incapable to find parts in a junk yard, you can always look on places such as eBay.

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