Is car insurance higher in the state of Fresh York than most of the rest of the country?

Is car insurance higher in the state of Fresh York than most of the rest of the country?On July 30, 2012, CBS News released a report on this subject in which they ranked the Top Ten Most Expensive states for car insurance, and the Top Ten Least Expensive states for car insurance based on income percentage of drivers. The state of Fresh York ranked as the 8th most expensive state for auto insurance behind Delaware, Arkansas, Mississippi, West Virginia, Kentucky, Louisiana and Michigan, with Michigan being the most expensive.

Where can you get a title insurance primer for Fresh York State?

Title insurance is regulated in NY by their Department of Banking and Insurance. Check out their website at: Go on the website of any of the larger title companies or their local agents. They usually have an FAQ section explaining title insurance and what it covers.

Is insurance higher on a crimson car?

No. The color of the car has absolutely nothing to do with the cost of the insurance.

In Fresh York State can a lender repossess a car if it’s not delinquent and has decent insurance even when you are in default on an unsecured loan with the same creditor?

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You need to contact your Attorney General about this one. You will get the correct response based on NY law..
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Read your contract it should state if there is any “linkage” inbetween the loans.

In Fresh York state can the reposses your car if you have no insurance?

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Im not from ny but in tn.,ohio and mich.they will for sure you see there collateral is in jeppordy and they have to pertect their interest..
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Yes you must have insurance in NYS.The rates have skyrocketed so in alot of cases it costs more for ins. than your car payments.You can in NYS havea friend register the car in their name to get lower rates and pay the ins.for him.

Do you need a license to insure a motorcycle in the state of Fresh York?

You do not need a license to insure a motorcycle in Fresh York State. I just bought a 2009 Vulcan 900 Custom-built, and have insurance through Progressive. I do not have a total license yet even however I have taken and passed the BRC from the MSF.

Can you register your car without insurance in fresh york?

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NO it is illegal..
The above response is incorrect. It depends on the state. Some states do not require insurance to register or drive a vehicle.

Will it be cheaper to insure a car in Charleston South Carolina than it is in Long Island Fresh York?

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That depends on a lot of factors. Driving record, address, type of car, claim history, etc, etc, etc.

Is Fresh York a renters insurance state?

If you are asking in there tenants policy to be purchased in NY the reaction is yes, simply call and ask your agent.

Is it mandatory to have boat insurance boat in the state of Fresh York?

In many states it is mandatory to have boat insurance. However, itis not required in the state of Fresh York.

Is insurance higher on a manual car?

Depends on the manufacturer of the manual transmission car. If it’s a Lamborghini, well yes it will be higher. If it’s a 1967 VW Beetle, well it will be pretty low.

Why is identity theft insurance not available in Fresh York state?

This is because NY state’s Insurance law does not permit for insurances that provide coverage for incidental and remedial expenses while the victim restores his/ her identity. .
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When bought car what will be rest of insurance?

Please restate your question so that I can be of better assistance in answering your question. As it is listed, I do not understand what you are asking. Sometimes if the internet is translating a question asked in a language other than English it may not put the words in order that they should be so it misstates the question. I don’t know if this is what happened but I hope you understand my intention to help you.

Is car insurance higher in the state of Fresh York than most of the rest of the country?

Your daughter was driving your car out of Fresh York State and a deer hit the car the car is registered and insured in Fresh York Sstate should you have to pay the deductible?

Yes. The deductible is applicable regardless of fault, location, or anything for that matter. You agreed to pay a portion of the damages when you signed your policy contract. The deductible is your portion. It’s sort of like a co-pay.

Is Fresh York a country or state?

Fresh York is a state in the country called the United States of America, and is located in the continent of North America. It is also the name of a city in that state. It has an island to it called Long Island. It also has many cities, including Manhattan. Broadway is also located there, and that is a place where actors from everywhere desire to be.

Why is boys car insurance higher than women car insurance?

Insurance rates are based on what they call ‘actuarial tables’, which are basically statistics on accidents people get into and associated with various factors such as age, gender, the type of car, and so on. Masculines are statistically more likely to get into an auto accident, especially under the age of 25 (and especially if driving a powerful car that is difficult to control or a car that is more joy to drive recklessly in), and therefore their insurance premiums will be higher. The insurance company is taking a thicker risk in insuring a masculine driver, so they charge more money to offset the possible cost of having to pay a claim. Actuarial tables are not intentionally biased. They are based on empirical evidence — observed facts. The fact that masculine drivers are more likely to crash a car is not the result of someone determining they don’t like studs. It is an observed statistic in reality.

Adding minor to Fresh york state car insurance?

Simply call your insurance company up, and tell them you need to add your minor to your policy.

Is Fresh York a country of a state?

Fresh York is a state in the country called the United States of America. It is also the name of a major city in the state of Fresh York.

Can you insure a car with learner’s permit in fresh york?

If you own the vehicle in question, you do NOT have to wield a drivers license or permit in order to registrer your ownership of it.

Is Fresh York a country or a state?

Fresh York City is a city in Fresh York State. Fresh York State is number 11 of the 50 states of the United States of America. The U.S.A. is a country that is on the continent of North America. Fresh York City is made up of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. Fresh York City is located at the southern peak of Fresh York State. It is sometimes called, “The City of Southern Fresh York.”

Is Fresh York a city state or a country?

Fresh York is State in the eastern part of US , fresh york city is its Capital City

Is Fresh York a city a state or a country?

It’s a continent actually. Sabrina Rasheeds reaction: Fresh york is a city that’s why they call Fresh York Fresh York City.

Can a car be registered to one person and insured by another in Fresh York State?

No. The insured must be the holder of the vehicle. You cannot insure something that you do not own. This is in any state. You don’t want to find this out when you have a claim. The insurance company cannot pay a claim on a vehicle where the holder of the vehicle is not the insured on the policy. As a matter of total disclosure, I own and operate a petite Independent Insurance Company in Central Georgia and have for the past 22 years. Prior to that I worked as an agent for a direct writer of insurance for Trio years.

Are home mortgages rates higher in Florida than the rest of the country?

I do not believe that home morgages are higher in Florida as they are in some other states, because the rates in Florida can be as low as two percent and maybe go as high as four percent. and there are other places that are higher because they have higher costs of living.

Is Honda motorbike insurance higher than the average car insurance?

When looking to buy insurance for your Honda motorbike, keep in mind that the price for insurance will vary depending on which insurance company you choose.

Is life insurance higher in Europe than it is in the United States?

Depending on the insurance company life insurance rates in Europe can be the same or higher than rates in the US. The individual case also has a lot to do with how much the annual rate turns out to be.

Is car insurance higher in the state of Fresh York than most of the rest of the country?

Is there a car insurance company who works in Fresh York?

Many of the major companies off car insurance in Fresh York. These companies include Progressive, State Farm, and Nationwide. Other local companies exist for insurance in Fresh York.

Are any Fresh york car insurance policies good?

There are several Fresh York can insurance policies that are good, but if you want the best coverage, you need to go with places such as Progressive and State Farm.

Is there affordable car insurance in Fresh York?

Affordable car insurance can be found in every state. Safe Auto is a company that specialises in mininum coverage, so it will be cheap and legal. But it may not cover as much as you would like.

Is it expensive to purchase car insurance in Fresh York?

Average car insurance rates in Fresh York are difficult to give a ballpark number for, not because its expensive, its just the prices vary dramatically depending on where you live and what agencies available to you. for example the aver price of insurance in Queens ranges from 400 to 1500$ on average and the average cost of insurance in Manhattan in 1100 to 1900 $. The best advice I could suggest for getting the best rate is to shop around alot for the best quote.

Are the mortgages in Michigan higher than in Fresh York?

In any area, there will be a sliding scale of housing options. Fresh York generally has higher mortgages than Michigan, but depending on the area one is looking, you may find cheaper housing in either state. Keep in mind, one may have to lodge for an older or smaller home than they would like in order to get the price they can afford.

Is homeowners insurance mandatory in Fresh York State?

Mandated by Law, No, not in any U.S. stateMandated by your mortgage contract on penalty of default and foreclosure, Yes. All mortgage companies require that the buyer maintain adequate coverage until such time as the note is paid off.

Where can you buy insurance in Fresh York State?

“Depending on what type of insurance you are seeking in the state of Fresh York, Progressive Insurance and Nationwide Insurance may be in your best options, if you are seeking life insurance on the otherhand I would begin with Colonial Life Insurance.”

What company has Fresh York state insurance code 994?

994 means the vehicle is self-insured by the company it is registered to. Example : the NYPD uses 994 to indicate that they are self-insured.

Can you insure a car in Fresh York with a permit?

Yes. In the US you can get a one month permit in NY or any other state. I would infer that the person goes to DPS online to make sure that the driver and vehicle can be permitted to drive in that state.

Is car insurance for women lower or higher than for fellows on average?

Women face paying higher car insurance premiums from today due to fresh European rules. But fellows, particularly youthfull drivers, should see a fall when they come to renew policies.

Is insurance on a minivan higher or lower than on a car?

Insuring a minivan can be much cheaper than many other vehicles, including cars. The reason for this is that thicker cars generally cost less to insure.

Which car insurance is needed for driving a cab in Fresh York?

Standard automotive insurance is required for driving a cab in Fresh York City. The driver must also have public hire insurance and have a medallion which can be very costly.

Is car insurance higher in the state of Fresh York than most of the rest of the country?

What are the best prices for car insurance in Fresh York?

The price of insuring ones car in the state of Fresh York will depend on many factors. Age of both car and driver, model of car, purpose of ownership and the area in which one lives all have a bearing on the price.

Which car dealership sells the most Fords in Fresh York State?

According to their own website’s description, Sayville Ford is the largest selling independent Ford dealership in the state of Fresh York. It has been in operation for over 50 years.

How much higher are Fresh York automobile insurance rates than Atlanta rates?

Automobile insurance rates are not higher in Fresh York than in Atlanta. In fact they are lower. In Fresh York the average rate is $1369 whilst in Atlanta it is $2155.

Is Fresh York state fatter than the country of France?

No. France is over Four times larger in area, but Florida is larger than England (just).

What companies suggest car insurance in Fresh York City?

There are several companies which suggest car insurance in Fresh York City.Nationwide auto insurance offers insurance and includes a written assure on repairs, a choice of repair shops and the capability to see your repair online.Mercury Insurance notes that Forbes called it “One of America’s most trusted companies” and offers several options within it’s car insurance service including liability insurance, collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, medical insurance, private protection insurance and uninsured driver insurance.

Where can one find a car insurance in Fresh York City?

One can find car insurance in Fresh York City by looking into some of the top car insurance companies. Some of the more popular companies that suggest car insurance at a good price are Progressive, State Farm, or Geico.

Is it necessary to have gap auto insurance in Fresh York State?

In Fresh York state it is necessary to have gap auto insurance. It is the seller’s legal responsibility to include gap auto insurance in the cost of leasing the vehicle.

Where can one find cheap car insurance in Fresh York?

Car Insurance in Fresh York must be purchased from a legally authorized company within the state of Fresh York.Authorized companies included Geico and Nationwide Insurance.

How many cars can one driver insure in Fresh York?

As long as you pay the insurance premiums, there is no limit to the number of cars one driver can insure. The insurance companies will be blessed to do business with you.

What is the current rate for Fresh York State unemployment insurance?

The current rates for Fresh York State unemployment insurance grants about $100 a week for people. These rates will hopefully be less needed in the future.

Where can one find information on Fresh York state car insurance?

There are many places to find information on Fresh York state car insurance. You may go to a large chain insurance source such as Geico, State Farm, Allstate, or Progressive. You may also visit the Fresh York state Department of Motor Vehicles.

What companies suggest car insurance in the state of Fresh York?

There are several car insurance companies operating in the state of Fresh York, such as Fresh York Motor Insurance. Alternatively, one could attempt Manhattan-Insurance, for example.

Can you buy a car with learners permit from dealers in Fresh York state and get car insurance with learners permit?

Property OwnershipYes, you can buy. Anyone can buy a car. You don’t need driver’slicense to buy a car. But you will need a license or permit to legally drive it. Inexperienced DriversYes, you can buy auto insurance with a learners permit. It would beillegal to drive the vehicle uninsured. You will just have to paymore in premium as an inexperienced or youthfull driver. and you mayhave to contact more companies to find the right one that will alsoexcept you as a fresh driver. If you are incapable to find a company on your own. All 50 states havean assigned risk pool for high risk drivers, all will accept anapplication from a permitted driver. If you choose this routethough you will need to contact an insurance agent who offerscoverage through your states risk pool. Standard agents ornonparticipating agent will not be able to help you process anapplication there and will likely not know what is being offeredthrough the plan. Most states risk pools are accessible on-linethese days and suggest a list of agents and contact information nearyou. Youthfull DriversIf you are a minor, then you will need a legal guardian tocountersign your insurance application due to the legal limitationson minors coming in into a contract.

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